He kissed her while he let a finger slip inside of her tight pussy, she moaned as her removed his finger. The merchant could feel her nipples hardening against his chest. He reached around her with his other had and grabbed her firm ass. She moaned louder as they fell to the floor she ended up on to and she hovered over his rock hard cock. She gasped as the head of his dick pushed deeper into her. Once he was completely inside of her she began to move up and down harder and harder until he climaxed. She screamed and orgasmed with him at he shoot his cum deep into her. He closed his eyes enjoying the moment as she fell onto him. His opened his eyes to find the alien creature on top of him. Those big black eyes stared at him. He was in shock his dick remained inside of this tall grey creature, soon he screamed and ran out to his waiting caravan. The man returned to the nearest town and tried to tell his story, of course no one believed him and they never would. . . 1700 AD The metal orb lay in the desert still but, this time the orb and all the tubes were empty, across the Atlantic however a grey creature walked on to the beach and toward te colonial village of Williamsburg. In the woods the creature met up with seven other aliens.

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   Together they moved to the village with the purpose of producing children. Some took the form of woman and others took the form of men. But one alien took the form of a 13 year old boy. His goal was different, he was to test the age at which humans could produce children. The young boy waled into town and into the first house he saw. Once inside he was approached by a man and his wife, two younger girls presumably his daughters stood behind them. “Are you lost boy, this is not your house” the man asked. Without a second thought the young boy punched the father in his through and the man fell to the ground lifeless. The three woman cowered in a corner of the house the older one was crying holding her two children who were still in shock . “what do you want”screamed one of the girls. The young boy walked over to the wall and took the rope that was hanging there, he worked fast and soon he had one mother tied to a chair legs spread and rope tied around her moth to keep her from screaming. The younger girls were tied together back to back and made to sit on the floor. The boy walked over to the woman tied to the chair and began to remove his clothes. Standing about 5 feet tall with short black hair and brown eyes her was very handsome, his dick came into view as he took his pants off and as it fell out into the open its full 7 inches were shown. Without a word her walked up to the woman and ripped her clothes off one piece at a time, soon the woman, who was quite slim with firm supple beasts.

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   The boys penis grew to a amazing 91/2 inches as he moved closer to her without a word. While the women’s children looked on he pinched her nipples before pushing his dick into her. Once he was completely inside of her he began to slowly fuck her in and out. She tried to scream but the gag was to tight. All she could do was sit there while this young boy fucked her deeper than anyone ever had. And the boy orgasumed the woman let out a final muffled scream as he shot his load into her womb. The children looked in fear as the boy approached them. The older child was about 13 with barley noticeable breasts and blond hair. And the other child was about 9 with no womanly features at all. The boy picked them up one child under each arm he carried them to the bed room and locked the door. He untied them and began to strip the younger one ans the older one watched in horror. Soon there were two naked girls on the bed afraid to move. The younger one was first as the boy pinned her to the bed she began to cry. He held her down while he kissed her nipples on her flat chest she continued to cry when he moved his head down to her bald crotch and began to lick away letting his toung penetrate her virgin cunt. Once he had lubricated her pussy he wasted no time attempting to fit his huge dick inside of her.

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   She wiggled around when he stopped at her hymn, with on quick thrust he broke through it, blood trickled out around his dick as he worked in deeper. The girl cried harder as her sister watched on afraid to move. After half his cock was in this tiny girl he felt the head of his dick pop into her womb. The boy began to thrust harder and harder until with a final shove he unloaded his semen inside of her she froze as she felt his cum fill her up. When he pulled out blood and his juices mixed together on the bed spread she walked away his cum running down her leg. She unlocked the door and ran to her mother most likely. The boys dick was still had as he turned to the older girl “I have already done that, and I like it, you don’t have to force me” she said with tat she climbed onto the bed and stripped naked her tiny tits bouncing around as she danced erotically for him on her parents bed. She ended by getting on all fours and telling him to take her from behind, she bent over and her pussy, with only a few hairs on it showed below her ass through her legs. The boy walked over and placed his dick at the entrance to her pussy, she moaned as his full length slid easily into her wet cunt. He began to pump faster as she screamed and moaned “ OH daddy don’t stop OHH GOD oh YES YESSS” she came once her pussy clenching his dick and he continued to fuck her. She came four more times before he shot his load into her she rolled over and licked his dick clean catching her breath to say “Your better than daddy” with a smile. The alien returned to his normal form outside the room and walked past the mother and little girl as they stared in shock at the grey alien that had just fucked them. The aliens left the town in together and header for the next village. Exactly nine months later the three woman gave birth to three health normal looking children, strange there were fourth five children born that day. And they all had black eyes.

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  Present Day The infestation has reached its pinnacle there are few true humans left as the real humans were replaced by us, a hybrid race created to prepare the world for the final invasion. Do you know who your parents are???.