It comes to later


This is when I was a school girl, I was coming up to thirteen, lived with mum and dad and my older sister, it was at this time my sister who was jest fifteen was sent away,as she had got pregnant, there was a lot of talk about that no seemed to who the farther was or when it happened
Sam been gone a month, it was the start of the school summer holidays, I was Bord one day watching TV in the afternoon, and dad came home, he came and sat with me, we chatted, I felt his hand on my knee, it then moved up under my skirt , I tried to push his arm away but his fingers where touching my crotch by then pulling at my panties
I straggled he was telling me to keep still, I fort him kicking till I got away, and ran to my room, he came after me
Mum had jest come home she had seen what had happened, there as a hell of row, out side my room, mum screamed you leave her alone, look what happened last time, mum came in to see me and make me feel better cuddling me, saying dad didn't mean it, and I was never to tell any one
The next week I over heard them both talking about, one time I heard my mum say you know you never try that, all you do is put her off, and up set her dad was saying she is ready her tits have formed nicely, you said she started a periodmum replied she only had the one, we leave it to the end of the week, and we can see if she be any trouble
on the weekend, as the weekend got nearer mum spent more time with she was very nice we chatted about all sorts of thing, I felt very grown up, on the Friday night, there was jest me and mum she run a bath and asked me to get in with her, it was nice like we did a long time ago
We in the front room lated, we only got dressing gowns on, we had a cuddle on the sofa, she gave me a drink, had some of her vodka in it as she was having one as well, she had to get mine from the kitchen, after a few minutes
I felt very relaxed but my head heart, smiled and told me it go away it did slowly, about half an hour later she asked how I felt, felt a lot better but real relaxed , she said you be okay, we wait for your farther to come , she then phoned him , he was home soon after that, I remember them talking, and mum saying I gave it to her over an hour ago,she looked at and smiled, you are fine darling, I think I nodded, dad seemed keen to go upstairs, mum helped me up
We went to there bedroom, I was a little shaky as I worked, mum lay me on there bed, I could see dad taken his close of till he was naked, he was pulling and holding his dick in his had mu dropped her dressing gown, so she was naked as well, she has really large tits the nipples stuck out a lot, she got on the bed with me, asking me to sit up I did and she slipped my gown offmy shoulders, then pulled it out from under me, as dad watched
He then lay one side of me with mum on the other, it was her first she ran her hands over my body, feeling my breasts then down my tummy, I nipped my knees together, I felt dads hand on my thigh he gently parted them, as mums hand went down over my crouch between them, her finger where touching me, funny it felt sorter nice, one of her large warm beasts lay on me as she did this, she looked round smiling, asking is that nice, I must of nodded
She pushed the other leg out a little, as if to give her hand more room , dad started to suck the tit near him, I started getting a warm nice feeling inside me, some thing made my legs open wider, when I did that mum moved down me, dad move and started sucking my other tit holding the first one in his hand, I also remember dad saying, how is she and mum say she getting wet, I was starting to get a tight feeling inside me, as it got stronger, I gasped, mum was right over my pussy with her head , her face very close to me, then some thing slip into me, gently push in and
what must of been mums tongue licked the top of my slit, know I gasped then
T he feeling was wonderful, it got stronger, mums finger hooked up and touched some thing, I gasped for air as she moved it, couldn't help it I lifted up my body twitched, a warm wonderful feeling came from my tummy down I jerked on mums finger, dad had sat up watching, mum looked at him and said she is ready now Tom
He moved tween my legs holding his cock i his hand pointing at me, mum moved up with her arm round me, saying you be fine as she watched, his thing looked massive it was huge, touch me,I tensed, it pushed I cried out
I started to heart, it felt as if it was parting my pussy, forcing it open, I cried out I felt it go inside, mum held me tight
I t moved I got a sharp pain he pushed it was like I riped open and I was being stretched, there was a dull pain
Mum asked are you right in, he said thing so dad was right over me, the pain had gone it felt uncomfortable, I could feel the thing going back then slowly go in to where it was, it did it again the again till he got faster, I started getting that nice tight feeling back then I had to jerk I did that a few times the feeling I got was lovely, then dad pushed right in me, he seemed to go stiff and jerk he jerked lots of time he grunted a lot as well and was breathing heavy, his thing slipped out of me, I felt very wet some thing run down out of me over my arse cheeks onto the bed that was wet
The both seemed very pleases, mum was asking if I was all right I now know my mum help my dad take my virginity and it was the start of years of them using me I soon became a willing partner in this