Callie's Adventures Part 1


Topic: MattMy name is Callie I am 15 years old and I have a great story for you.
Lets start with my looks. I am 5’6’’ with an athletic body. I have honey blonde hair and big blue eyes. My skin is always tan all over since I tan by my pool in the nude. I have 36C breasts and a perfect-waxed pussy. I live in a mansion left to me by my parents. My aunt takes advantage of me being an orphan by convincing the court to let her stay with me. She doesn’t really watch me and pretty much lets me do whatever I want in exchange for me letting her have the beach house in Fiji. She only comes home twice a year to trick child services into thinking she lives there all the time. The mansion has 12 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a huge kitchen, and 4 great rooms in the basic parts of the house. The Mansion also has a huge movie room with 16 theater chairs and a huge TV with about a 5,000 movies to choose from. There is 2 huge identical pools inside and outside with a water slide and a high and low diving board. The mansion also has a tennis court, Indoor basketball court, and weight room where I stay in shape. I have 2 butlers, 4 maids, 3 amazing cooks that make me what ever I want, and a bunch of people taking care of the property.
The summer I turned 15 I was alone in that big house everyday.

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   I didn’t have many friends because all the people I meet just want to take advantage of me being a 15-year-old Multi-Billionaire. I had one friend named Alexis that I have known since before my parents died but she was in Florida with her grandma all summer. I haven’t had many boyfriends for the same reason that I don’t have many friends. I am still a virgin but I broke my own cherry through masturbation I believe I used a cucumber. I have a room I call my pleasure room no one goes in but me. In that room I have a huge bed and about 50 assorted toys. I love to use my fuck machines like my Sybian. But lately I have been craving the real thing. Little did I know I was about to get it. One hot day I was lying by the pool completely naked. I heard someone walk towards me. I love to tease the butlers so I just laid there on me stomach with my perfect tight golden ass exposed to the world. I looked over and saw Matt my older butler coming towards me. I have two butlers one is 25 and one is 37. They are both hot (of course I only hired hot staff).

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   They both have hard bodies and I have seen both of them naked since I put cameras in the service house. They both have about 10-inch cocks and tight asses. Anyways Matt was walking towards me.
“What would you like for lunch today miss?” asked Matt.
“Pizza sounds good” I replied.
“Yes miss” he replied and started to walk away.
“Wait Matt” I yelled after him.
“Yes miss?”
“Would you rub some tanning oil on me I just cant reach. ”
“Of course Miss. ” he walked over and picked up the bottle.
I asked him to rub it all over my back. He started at my shoulders and worked his way down my back when he got to my ass he asked if I wanted him to continue.
“Put it all over!” I said in a sexy voice.
He replied but slowly massaging my ass. I spread my legs giving him a clear view of my waxed pussy now soaking with my juices.

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   He slowly rubbed the oil into my ass and slowly down my ass crack. He hesitantly put the oil on my pussy lips.
“Don’t miss a spot!” I told him in a sexy voice.
He slowly rubbed my pussy lips with his oil and pussy juice soaked fingers. He then parted my lips and slowly rubbed my slit. I let out a small moan giving him the go ahead. He started to slowly rub my clit while at the same time moving his finger in and out of my pussy. I told him to go faster as I got close to my orgasm. His expert finger touched my g-Spot as I had a wild orgasm. I squirted all over my finger and let out a loud moan.
“Would you like me to do your front now miss?’’ Matt asked.
I let out a low moan and rolled over. He started to slowly rub the oil on my shoulders moving down my arms and the sides of my breasts. He teased me by skipping my breasts and rubbing my stomach and legs. I told him to rub it all over and he slowly moved his hands from my feet up my body sending a shiver through me.

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   He passed over my pussy and up to my breasts. He slowly massaged my breasts already hard and erect. I looked down and saw a huge tent in his pants slightly wet with pre cum. I told him to take of his short and pants. He did and I looked over his rock hard body. I sat up and pulled down his boxers watching his 10-inch cock spring up. I took it in my hands and slowly started massaging the shaft. I picked up his balls and examined them they were perfectly round and hard which I knew meant they were filled with cum.
I leaned forward and took his fat cock head in my mouth and slowly started licking in circles. I took my mouth of and licked the sensitive under side of his shaft. I then slowly and teasingly took his cock in my mouth one inch at a time pulling out after every inch. When I got to about six inches I started going faster and deep throating him he let out a loud moan and told me he was cumming. I felt him cock spasm in my mouth and he shot about a gallon of salty cum into my mouth which I swallowed completely savoring every drop. I told him to lie down and I got on top of him. I slowly slid his huge cock up and down my dripping cunt.

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   I was itching to have him inside me. I put the head of his cock by my pussy and slowly sat on it inch by inch just like the blowjob I slowly took his whole cock into my tight pussy until his balls were touching my bare ass. I didn’t like the position so I got of and told him to get on top. He did and started to slowly fuck my tight pussy with his massive cock. He went in and out as I moaned loudly hardly being able to stand the huge cock causing my immense pleasure.
I orgasmed squirting my juices all over his cock as he climaxed filling me with his milky cum. I told him to keep going as I went into multiple orgasms screaming until the orgasms subsided as I herd his wet still hard cock pulling out of my pussy. He went to wipe of his member when I told him to stop. “Don’t let me suck it” I demanded. He came over and I put the length of his cock in my mouth tasting our delicious juices. We both stopped as we heard someone coming we look toward the sound and saw….