Camryn: C10


----- 10 --
I opened my eyes to the familiar bright fluorescent hospital lights.   The warm wet indention of someone’s eyes were pressed into my left arm.   I wiggled it a bit.   Camryn popped her head up and looked to my face.   She had the happiest smile I had ever seen her with.  
I squinted under the sound of her chair scooting across the tile floor and closer to my head.   She looked at me for a minute.   It was as if she was searching through a million things to say to me to find the right one.
“Corey’s awake!” she blurted out.   I smiled.   “She woke up two days ago, the same day you came here.   About two hours before you arrived and we found out. ”
“Is she ok?”
“Yeah, just a whole bunch of bruises and several broken bones.   She’ll be good as new in like nine months. ”  I frowned at that.   “She’ll heal all along though, so in a month or two, all her bruises will be gone and most of her body will be pretty decent, just healing bones and physical therapy after that.

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I smiled.   Then thought some.
“I thought we weren’t allowed to be around each other?” I said, waiting for an answer.
“Dad changed his mind,” she paused.   “When Corey woke up, he was really happy.   When he heard about you, he went away for the rest of the day.   In the morning, he woke me up and asked me how I felt about you.   I said everything, I loved you, you were my life.   He said we could be together than. ”
“What about your mom?”
“She was really mad when I first told her.   But when daddy found out and went crazy, she started protecting me.   She said it was ok after that. ” 
I was so incredibly relieved.   Being in love was the worst nightmare someone could ever have.
“Oh, I never told Corey about, about,” I glided my hand onto her tummy and looked into her eyes.

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    She smiled.
“We have time; mom and dad don’t want to tell her right now. ”
“Well, she ought to know, she is the father,” I smirked.
We both smiled.
“We have to be careful about saying that though,” Camryn said, “otherwise, my parents will wonder how she got a hold of your sperm in the first place. ”  My entire body shivered at that.   I would definitely be killed by her father than.
--- ** ---
I ran from my front door, across the grass and to Camryn’s door.   Corey was already opening the door.   She must have spotted me through the window.   I scanned her nude body as I walked in.   I love nudists.
Her thirteen year old body looked not much different from when I first went inside her, but from how we grew together, her body could have been anything and I would molest every square inch of it.   Only a few permanent discolored patches over the side of her body remained in her still tight as ever skin.
I kicked my flip flops off as I unbuttoned my shorts.

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    I stopped at the little bed set up in the living room and bent over to kiss Kyle.   He shifted in his sleep under the blanket.  
I looked out the back patio glass door and met Camryn climbing up the ladder out of the pool.
Her naked fifteen year old body was maturing more perfectly than I thought ever possible.   Water poured from her hair and down her body.   Her small breasts jiggled with each step up she took.   The growing forest between her legs clumped into spears as water fell down her mound.   She smiled with the most amazing look to me.
I pulled up from our perfect baby and floated to her body.   Corey followed, pulling at my shorts and boxers.   The pair fell down my legs and I marched out of them.   I walked onto the back patio and pulled Camryn into my body and kissed her.   I smooshed her face into mine.   Her bare breasts and stomach soaked the front of my t-shirt.   I let go and pulled back.

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“One year ago on this day, you raped my butt and turned all our lives upside down. ”
“I didn’t rape you butt,” I defended.
“You squirted your cum inside it without my consent. ”
“I didn’t put it inside you. ”
“You went inside me!” Corey spurt out in pride.
“Now, she raped me!” I broke.
Corey pushed all her weight into me, past Camryn, and to the edge of the pool.   I misstepped and lost my balance, falling into the water.   Corey jumped in right behind me.   I regained balance in the water, standing on the concrete ground, and reached under to pull my shirt off.   The dying waves broke just below my newly bare chest in the semi-shallow side of the pool.   As soon as the shirt left my hand into the air, guided to the side of the pool, Corey was wrapped around me shifting her hips under the water over mine.
I felt my hard penis slip into a tiny fissure just before the little girl pushed up into my armpits.   Her body swallowed my hardened organ instantly.   Both our eyes bugged out in the sudden fulfillment.

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I reached my hand down to her butt and slid my index finger down her crack.   She gave me the hottest look of ‘no’.   She wanted it.   At the meeting of my fingertip to her wrinkly tiniest of tiny holes, I shoved inward.   My finger broke into her rectum, sliding all the way up through her opening ring.  
Her mouth popped open with a yelp.   She pushed her face into my chest.   Her mouth gripped the top of my pecks and she bit into me.   Her feeble mouth squeezed shut as I curled my finger inside her and felt around the most moist and smooth tissue her body had to offer.
As her weak jaw clamped onto my chest, she moaned maniacally.   She was drooling all over me.   As she sucked in, my chest chilled from the retreating cool air, but when she exhaled, a hot humid stream of gas pounded from her throat, seared into my skin.
I pulled my finger out of her anus to the top joint; then I pushed back in.   She bit harder into me.   Now it was starting to hurt a bit.

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    I pushed my finger into her as far as possible and then with help from my other hand, I pulled her off my penis.  
Her mouth let my chest loose as she kicked away to the wall.   I stopped her.   I curled my finger in her and retracted.   Her body was ripped from one direction, into another, all from the force of the object penetrating her butt hole.   She yelped out again.
I then pushed the palm of my free hand into her vagina and pushed her back to the wall as I unlocked my finger inside her.   Slowly, it pulled out from her behind.   Corey moaned wildly.   I let go completely and she floated back into the wall.  
She turned around and looked to be getting ready to pull herself from the pool.   I walked behind her and grabbed at the sides of her belly.   Instinctively, she stopped what she was doing and pushed her hips back into me.   I glided my hands down to her hip bones and dipped myself down a little while pulling her hips further out into the pool.   I felt the tiny crevice again and pushed up into it.

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    Corey grunted into the side of the pool.
I looked to Camryn laying on a deck chair staring at us.   With the brightest smile on her face, she ground her fingers up and down her slit.
I retreated from Corey’s vagina and then slammed back in.   She grunted again as the wave I made splashed immediately into the back of her shoulders.   Her arms were crossed in the overflow trap separating the patio from the water.   I held her body completely suspended in the almost weightless making liquid as I pounded my penis straight into her hovering body.   She bounced back and forth moaning and twisting in pleasure.   This was wearing me out fast.   The water really wanted to work against me.
Corey though was loving every second.   She was floating almost parallel to the ground in the water with a boiling hot pipe pounding into her vagina.   Her legs were spread wide, her toes were curled.   All she was doing was squeezing and twisting various parts of her body in order to last longer than she could bear.  
I was working my entire body out, fighting the water.

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    The stimulation slaughtering my penis gave me all the motivation I need though.  
“Should I cum inside this itty bitty vagina of yours, or should I pull out and let you eat me while I fill the itty bitty hole with my saliva?”  I asked through my panting.
“Ooohhhhh!!”  That did it.   She wanted both so bad.   I was on the verge of cumming right there inside of her.   Questions like that had pushed her into orgasm every time I had used them.   She hated it.   She wished I could do both to her at the same time, but instead, she could feel as my penis inside her flared in heat while she imagined shoving it down her mouth to suck everything out of me.   Her imagination combined with her vaginal onslaught always pushed her beyond her limits when she was close.
Her butt began bucking up and down in the water as she broke past her point of no return and began spasming her girl cum down my penis.   Her inner muscles rolled over my shaft and squeezed me like nothing else.   I immediately thrust one last time into her floating body and shot my searing sperm up her.  
Her hips began convulsing.   I could feel the water around my balls warming from her leaking girl cum and lubrication.   Jolt after jolt of my sperm pounded into her exploited vagina.

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    Only a pill protected her from a pregnancy.   A chance her parents were not willing to take even though she was still sexually inactive to their minds.
Sperm and lubrication gathered and alloyed together inside the still developing pressure dome her cervix capped off.   The little girl’s body never got used to all the sensations.   She writhed all about in the water like a scared fish.   But she was a girl, a girl impaled on my penis.   My penis pouring massive amounts of boiling cum inside her reproductive organ.
My prostate cooled down and stopped its release.   It had to hold a reserve for someone else.   My cum stopped pouring.   Corey’s writhing slowly died down.   I was so worn out.  
I dropped back into the water.   My penis followed me pulling out from her abused girl hole.  
Corey seemed very happy, very energetic now.

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    She pushed off the wall and swam into the deep end.   She dunked under the water.   I inhaled a deep breath and dropped down to view her.
Under the clear dreamlike liquid back dropped with a reflecting blue wall and floor, I watched Corey’s young naked body flip forward under the water as she swam to touch the bottom of the pool.  
She curled her body at the bottom of the pool and twirled before pushing back up.   A stream of my milky white liquid seeping from her vagina, curled and twirled with her.   The trail of overflowing sperm Corey left behind her slowly disbanded into the water.  
Her head poked out of the water and I watched just a bit longer as my cum clouded between her kicking legs.   Reluctantly, I pushed up to get some air.
“Like the view?” Corey called out to me.
“Stop teasing him,” Camryn jokingly yelled to her sister.
“I’m just preparing him for you. ”
“I think I can do that on my own. ”
“Yeah right, if it wasn’t for me, you two would still be uncomfortably eyeing at each other when the other wasn’t looking.   You two would be a lost cause if it wasn’t for me.


She had a point.   She had a way with destroying everything, but after all the destruction, happiness tenfold would bloom.  
I waded to the edge of the pool and pulled my worn body out.   Both the girls looked down to my half limp penis. “Looks like you didn’t prepare him too well,” Camryn mocked.
“What do you expect after like two minutes?”
I crawled onto the warm concrete patio and rolled onto my back to rest.   Camryn climbed out of her deck chair and walked to me.   She stood over my legs and dropped down to her hands and knees.   Corey swam to the side of the pool to get a better view.
Camryn pushed her lips down to my ball sack, stuck her tongue out, and pulled it up the length of my shaft.   Like a little cat, she kept licking up the skin, almost purring.   My penis responded very quickly and very positively.   She stopped licking me and turned to Corey.
“Only two minutes. ”
I looked to Corey, she was watching intently, studying her sister.

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    She wanted to steal that technique.
Camryn went back to licking and purring into my penis.   Slowly she crawled up my body, lapping up the taste of my stomach, up my chest; she stopped for a while at the fainting teeth marks between my nipples and neck.   Gently, she rolled her tongue in small circles over her sister’s bite.
Continuing up my neck, over my chin, and onto my lips, she dropped her soft furry mound onto my penis.   She slowly gyrated her hips into mine as she purred over my lips.   Then she went back to lapping at my lips with short kitten like strokes.  
I pushed my tongue out and began licking back at her.   Before long, our licking retreated into our mouths as Camryn pushed her lips into mine.  
Camryn reached over her butt cheeks and grabbed a hold of my penis.   I felt contact with her slit.   This is what I lived for.   I just had sex with her little sister three minutes ago maybe, she was tighter than Camryn, but Camryn, something about her made my heart skip a beat when she touched me.  
I was about to have sex with her.   I have had sex with her countless times before, but, Camryn, every time, every time I felt myself about to go into her – she was soo amazing.

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    Every time was the first time to me.   I got giddy if I knew I would get to do her in advance.   The way she looked at me, it was like she felt the same exact feeling.
She pushed back.  
The End
e. l. hanes
This is the end of this story but feedback is still and always appreciated at [email protected]. com.   Your comments and critisisms will help me to write better on my next story and help me determine if I should even bother with another one.   I thank everyone who has left feedback so far on the other chapters as those were the ones that kept me posting this in the first place.