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  . she moaned a little as i continued to slide it in. i asked her again was she ok and she was fine but she still wanted me to fuck her harder. i started slowly pushing against her until i started getting harder. i couldnt believe how much she would take. she kept moaning and shouting for more as i trust harder. i thought she was great for a virgin to take so much. lil did i know this wasnt her first time. i pushed harder as harder as her juices started flowing everywhere. i was trying to hold on really hard as i really wanted to cum but i wanted to make her cum first. i was holding really hard near the peak wen she came. her lil pussy muscles grabbed my dick even harder as i couldnt hold on any harder and i blew into her soft lil pussy. she screamed in delight as i continued to trust. that night her parents came home and i got the good old A+ report from shell. her parents though i did so good that now i have become her babysitter every week.


   we did try anal last week but that story is for another time ;).

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