Not quite Mrs Robinson


I might be almost fifty and way past my prime, but it wasn’t always so.   Once it was 1974 and I was sixteen.   I played sport all the time and I was tall, fit and reasonably good looking.   That’s changed too.
I remember one particular summer’s day, towards the end of the school holidays, when I decided that swimming at the local lido was the best way to stay cool, keep fit, pass some time and possibly, just maybe meet some girls.   As trying any of those things is best done in company, I went to call upon a friend, John, to ask him to join me.
John lived about a mile away and the walk took me up a steep hill.   By the time I got to the top I was very hot and sweating.   I took of my shirt and walked up John’s road in only my shorts.   I was proud of my well muscled physique back then and my tanned skin and I seldom missed a chance to show off.   The arrogance of youth.
Knocking on John’s door brought no response so, thinking he would be in the garden, I reached over the six foot gate, unlatched it and went down the side entryway.   As I reached the end I was about to call out when something stopped me in my tracks.   There in the garden, lying on a sun-lounger, was John’s mother.   She was wearing only the bottom half of a bikini and I found myself staring at her incredible breasts.
As I stood silently gazing at her the unthinkable happened.

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    She sat up, swung her legs down and looked at me, smiling.
“Hi Paul”, she said.   “If you’re looking for John I’m afraid he’s not here.   He has gone to London on business with his Dad”.
I still didn’t speak, I just stood very obviously staring at her chest and feeling stupid.   She laughed and gestured for me to come over.
“It’s ok Paul.   You can come in.   Come over here and have a cold drink, you look really warm”.
I managed to walk forward and muttered some kind of response but still I stared.   I knew I shouldn’t and I hated myself for it but I was mesmerised.   They weren’t the first breasts I had seen.   I had had sex four times in the last couple of years, but she wasn’t a school girl, she was a mature and very sexy woman.   I should perhaps mention at this point that John’s mother wasn’t anything like my mother, or any other mother I knew.   She was younger to start with, about thirty- five was my guess and she was red hot.

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    All of my mates fancied her and John used to get upset about it if anyone said anything.   And here I was looking at her almost naked.
She handed me a glass of iced water from a chill box and laughed again.
“Would you like me to put some clothes on Paul?  Would that make you more comfortable?”
“I think you look great as you are Mrs Reynolds”
Where did that came form?  What the hell was I saying?  Oh my god she’s going to be furious.   She might tell my mom!
But she wasn’t furious.   She smiled again, but differently somehow.   Then she put a finger on my chest and slowly moved it down across my hard stomach.
“You really are sweating aren’t you.   And those shorts look very uncomfortable. ”
Well of course they were uncomfortable.   Feeling her touch me and seeing her perfect body so close had my erection almost bursting from my shorts.   And what she did next simply blew my mind.
Mrs Reynolds sat back on the sun-lounger and lifted one foot onto it, her knee high and her thighs parted to show the thin strip of blue material which only just covered her pussy.   She lay back and closed her eyes and her hand began slowly and deliberately rubbing the blue strip while her other caressed her breast.   She moaned softly and then opened her eyes to look at me.

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I was once again mesmerised.   I stared at her lower hand and as she moved her fingers up and down I saw the thin material turning a darker colour.   Oh my God!  She was getting wet!  When she was sure I was looking, she slowly ran a finger along the side of her bikini and pulled it aside, showing me her pussy.   Still holding the bikini clear of her lips, her other hand came down and she inserted a finger inside herself, moaning loudly.   I thought I would cum then and embarrass myself, but I didn’t.
“Have you ever tasted a woman Paul?”
I nodded wordlessly.
“Then kneel down here and show me how you did it. ”
I dropped to my knees and leaned forward.   My right hand strayed automatically to her large but very firm breasts and my left took over holding her bikini to one side.   I put out my tongue and very slowly and softly licked along the very edge of her lips, from the very bottom, all the way up to her clitoris and back down the other side.   She cried out at my touch and her hands grabbed my head, pulling it hard against her.
I had learned about what to do in situations like this from a friend of my sister.   She was a year younger than me but sex mad.   She taught me a lot before dumping me for an older guy.   I used what I learned now.

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    I fought against her strength to pull back a little and she relented, obviously wanting me to do more.
I licked around her a few times and then pressed my face to her, using my lips to work inside hers as my tongue lapped at her moist inner flesh.   She was rising up to met me now, lifting her hips and murmuring encouragement.   I probed deeper and pushed my tongue into her until it ached.   I moved it around just inside her pussy and I began slurping as her juices flowed.   My face was soaked and I was actually swallowing what felt like a lot of her hot musky cream.   It was like a drug and I couldn’t get enough.   I think it was concentrating on pleasing her, and proving myself, that kept me from cumming.
After a while I moved up to lick at her clit and I pressed my lips over it.   Sucking hard and working at it with my lips, I drew it from it’s hood and felt it actually swelling into my mouth like a miniature penis.   I squeezed it between my lips, licked it’s tip and sucked on it and all the while I was rapidly thrusting two fingers into her wet and open pussy.   Mrs Reynolds screamed long and loud and bucked from the sun-lounger, her hands grinding my face into her until I could no longer breath.
Finally, after such a long time I was beginning to panic, she relaxed and fell back, releasing her incredibly strong hold on me and allowing me up to take in a gasp of cool air.   I could still feel her hot cream on my face and I licked my lips as she looked up at me with eyes that were glazed over.
“My god Paul, that was marvellous!  Where did you get so good at that?”
I smiled down at her, pleased at her praise almost to the point of sticking my chest out.

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    Before I could answer she spoke again.
“Never mind.   But are you as good with that thing bulging your shorts?”
She reached out and had my shorts unfastened before I knew what she was doing.   She pulled them down and gasped and I did stick my chest out with foolish pride.   Like all young men I had measured it and I knew that just under ten inches was big.   I had been told it looked good too.
“Oh my god!  You are going to fuck me Paul.   You \re going to use that monster to make me cum again and again and I am going to blow your mind.   Don’t plan on going anywhere because my men wont be home until late tonight and we are going to fuck like wild animals all fucking day!”
I stood there, my shorts around my ankles and my cock stood up in front of my hard stomach and I knew I was a lucky boy.   Then Mrs Reynolds took hold of it and lowered her mouth over t and it was my turn to cry out loud.
I had received blow jobs before but nothing like that.   She licked along my length, nuzzled her face under it to lick my balls, sucked softly and sucked hard, she even bit it. After a while she made me step from my shorts and lie on the grass and she pulled my legs wide apart.   She sucked on my balls till they hurt and she wanked me furiously, stopping before I reached the point of no return three times, with the expertise of someone well practiced.
I was in heaven and I wanted it to go on forever, but that isn’t the way the body works.

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    Mrs Reynolds asked me if I had ever cum and then fucked again and I told her yes.   It was easy back then but it’s something I can still mange today.   She began sucking the head of my cock as her hand wanked me with a tight grip.   I knew I was close and I told her so.   Then she made me almost scream with pleasure.   She pushed a finger deep into my ass and I exploded.   My cock throbbed and I heard her moan and then it was pumping, sending spurt after spurt into her hot wet mouth.   Her finger still deep in me and her other hand still masturbating me, she sucked hard until I was drained and it began to hurt.   Then she sat up and smiled.   She crawled forward over my prone body, rubbing her lovely body over me until she was lying full out on top of me, then she kissed me, gently at first then harder, opening my lips with hers and pushing her tongue into my mouth.   Then I felt it. , my own cum oozing from her mouth into mine.
She leaned up on her arms and I saw her swallow.   She spoke then,
“Mmmm, so good.   Go on darling boy.

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    You swallow it too.   God, you have so hot I need you hard again right now.   I need to fucked!”
The idea of swallowing cum, even my own, would have totally freaked me out back then, but happening the way it did it just made me even more excited.   In answer to her demand for a hard cock, I glanced down at myself and back to her yes and smiled,
“That’s not a problem”.   I told you I was arrogant.
She looked down at moaned in a voice that seemed to come up from her stomach, more vibration than sound.
“Oh fuck!  Stick it in me Paul.   Shag me you horny little bastard.   I’m going to be your whore and I will do anything your filthy young mind can come up with.   Let’s go inside and get dirty!”
She stood up and put out a hand to me.   I scrambled to my feet and followed her through the French doors into the cool lounge, watching her body as I did so.   She was shorter than me but at around 5’ 10” she was tall for a woman and her body was slim but curvy.   Her hips were wide and her breasts very big but they didn’t sag one little bit.   Her legs were long and well shaped and her ass was simply perfect.
She walked straight to the sofa opposite and knelt on it, looking over her shoulder.

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“Come on Paul”, she said.   “Fuck me hard”.
I stood behind her and placed my hands on her lovely bottom, squeezing the soft but firm cheeks and pulling them apart as my cock touched her pussy, still wet and burning hot.   As she moaned and began encouraging me, I thrust in and slammed my cock all the in up to my balls with one motion.   There was no finesse, no teasing and no technique, just a savage plunge which almost knocked her forward on the sofa and which made her scream.
“Yes!  Yes you dirty little bastard.   Use me you bastard.   Fuck me like a whore.   Hurt my cunt!  Do it!  Yes, fuck meeeee”
I had never heard a woman use that kind of language but as it shocked me it excited me too.   I could feel her pussy squeezing me and throbbing and I knew she was cumming over and over again as I mercilessly banged into her.
I was just sixteen, fit and more turned on than I had experienced up to that point.   I had already cum once and I could keep going for a long long time.   On and on I ploughed away.   On and on she kept cumming, all the while mouthing the foulest obscenities I had ever heard.   Finally she fell forward and I slipped from her, her juices quickly cooling on my cock and balls and running down my thighs.

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    I thought she was finished but I was wrong.   I might have been half her age but she could keep going too.   She stood up and told me to sit.   The moment I was seated she straddled me and sank back down on my cock, riding me with a frenzy.
As young as I was, after a while I began to wonder how she could keep going.   I also wondered how long she go on for.   My cock was still hard as iron and I was still turned on, but it was beginning to get sore.   Mrs Reynolds seemed to be a machine.   She was still dripping wet and still riding me hard, cumming and relaxing only to cum again.   I wondered whether she waiting for me to cum again but all I could think of was how it was starting to hurt.   Finally, after what must have been over half an hour of continual fucking, she screamed louder than usual and sank down onto me, slumped forward to lay her head alongside mine.
As young and horny as I was, I was actually thankful that she had finished.   I was wrong.   After a moment’s respite, she stood and then kneeled on the floor facing me.   She blew cool air onto my red and swollen cock and it cooled her juices to give me some relief.

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    Then she began sucking me again, thirstily lapping her own cream from my shaft, my balls and my thighs.   I enjoyed it and I actually began to sigh softly again, my thoughts of ending it fast disappearing.   Then she raised her head and looked into my eyes.
“Come and kneel behind me Paul.   I want you to fuck my ass.   I want to feel that gorgeous big cock stretching me, hurting me.   I want you to cum in my ass Paul”.
Now I had heard of anal sex, of course, but that was something I hadn’t tried.   I quickly took position behind her and placed my cock head against her opening.   She told me to push into her pussy again and to move it around to get it really wet.   I held it my fist and rammed it in, moving it in a circle and making her moan again.   Finally I brought it out and she told me to push it into her slowly.
I pressed it against her anus and after a little resistance and a squeal of pain from her, I sank in suddenly.   She had reached between her legs and held me back, not allowing me to drive all the way in.
“That’s it baby, oh that’s it.


    But be patient.   Let me relax and get used to having it in me. ”
I remained still, revelling in the new sensation.   Then she slowly began easing herself back to me, sliding her incredibly tight bottom over my aching cock.   As she came to me she felt a little less tight and then, wonderfully, her perfect bottom was pressed against my stomach and I was all the way in.   She paused again and told me to wait.   I obeyed her willingly and within moments she began moving again, going forward and back just a little at a time.
As her body became used to the intrusion, she relaxed and her movements got faster, giving me my cue to join in.   I started thrusting, gently at first, to meet her as she pushed backwards.
“That’s it Paul.   Oh god baby, do it now.   Fuck my ass. Use it hard and fill me with your cum”.
It was unbelievable.   I was banging her ass and it felt so intense.

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    She was tight red hot and to me she was the Orgasmatron from Barbarella (for those of you who remember that classic movie).   I kept it going for as long as I could, ignoring my burning cock and finally I was there.   My fingers clawed her bottom and her back and moved under her to grab her breasts.   I sank my fingers into her yielding flesh and squeezed her nipples, pulling them so hard it must have hurt.   I was past caring.   I pumped my seed into her bottom and I roared with primitive lust, slamming my whole body weight against her, stretching and pounding her ass just as she wanted.
Mrs Reynolds screamed too.   Her whole body shook and her muscles went into spasm.   Sweat flew from both our writhing bodies and we finally slid sideways to the floor, to lie quietly, still locked together.
I don’t know how long we lay there, but eventually we moved apart and she rolled over to kiss me.   Our mouths made love softly as our bodies had fucked savagely and she said we should shower the sweat and fluids from our skin and relax over a drink.
We helped each other in the shower, turning each other on but too drained to follow it through.   She fixed us both a glass of whiskey and lemonade and despite what we had done it gave me a flash of pleasure to be drinking alcohol, I was still sixteen after all.   We lay on her bed and drifted to sleep.
I awoke an hour later to feel her soft mouth on my cock.

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“Time for more my young lover.   What shall we do next?”
It was nine in the evening before I left and I had never been so exhausted or so happy.
We saw each other every chance we got for almost two years after that and only stopped when she moved away for Mr Reynolds work.   John never found out I was fucking his mother and I have never forgotten the woman that taught me everything I know about sex.   Well almost everything.

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