The Neighbor Lady


My mom, sister and myself lived in the apartment upstairs. Some nights I would hear Michelle downstairs with her on again off again boyfriend, or when the kids spent the night at their grandparents (which they did at least twice a month) some guy that had brought her home from the bar. Many a night I dirtied a tube sock pretending I was the man making her moan and yell like that. Here she was standing in front of me like in the wettest of my wet dreams. She had the tan lines that perfectly accentuated her breasts and barely trimmed bush (mind you this was 18 years ago). She turned around and went straight into the bathroom adn shut the door. I stood there petrified. Would she tell my mom, what should I do? I should just turn around now shut the door behind me and apologize later. But here was the opportunity that I had always dreamed about. I shut the door behind me hoping that none of the other neighbors heard the scream and went and sat down on the couch. I told myself that someone as obviously sexual and horny as Michelle might at least consider what I was to propose. She came out of the bathroom with a fluffy pink robe on that looked so feminine it almost was as arousing as seeing her nude. She said that I had given her quite a start there. I apologized and said I hadn't realized she had been in the shower. She fidgeted as she stood there across the room from me. I told her that I hope she wasn't mad at me and that I wouldn't tell anyone what had happened.

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   She had a crimson tinge to her face and I wasn't sure if it was from being mad or embarrassed. I took the chance and said that she shouldn't be embarrassed she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen and that I hoped my wife someday would be half as beautiful. Remember this is coming from a 15 year boy who is trying to think on the spot! She said that that was very sweet but she was sure I was just being nice. I picked up one of the Frederick's catalogs on the coffee table and opened it to a page with a woman clad in crotchless panties and said look you are way more beautiful than any of these girls! She smiled and seemed to relax a little. She walked over to the little kitchen reached in the cupboard and grabbed a bottle of red wine and proceeded to pour herself a full glass. She walked back over and I said come here and look at these girls and tell me you don't look better than them. She sat down next to me and looked at the picture I was pointing to and giggled when she said I have those panties. My cock that had been struggling inside my under wear started to push harder against the flimsy tighty whiteys I was wearing and tent out my soccer shorts. She looked down at my obvious excitement very casually and said well I guess I know where all my old catalogs are disappearing to. I sheepishly admitted she was correct. She turned the page to another woman in a pushup bra and garters and asked me if I thought she was prettier than her. I looked at her and told her she was more beautiful than any of the women in this catalog. as she leaned towards the catalog I held to get a closer look at some article of clothing her robe opened up just enough for me to see her beautifully tanned thigh and the lower edge of some stray pubic hairs from her pussy. She caught me looking and asked me what I thought what was most beautiful about her. I looked up at her and told her that her eyes and smile were what turned me on the most.

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   She smiled at me and said what else. I told myself it is now or never, be a man or go home! I reached out my trembling hand and placed it on her knee and slowly moved it up her naked thigh and said that her legs were incredible. The smile kind of left her face and a look of confusion came over her. She seemed to not be sure how to react. Michelle placed her hand on mine as it got closer to her crotch. She looked at me and said we can't do this. I asked why, didn't she think I was cute and attractive. She said that wasn't the point. She stoodup gulped down the rest of her wine and walked back towards her bedroom. Do I follow do I leave, am I in trouble. I stood up and followed her in to her bedroom where she had sat on the bed and was looking down at the the empty glass in her hand. I stood before leaned down took her head in my hands and tried to give her the most romantic kiss I could imagine. She held it for a moment and then pulled away. No we can't she sad, I would never be able to look your mom in the eyes again. Now I knew I had my chance.

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   I held her chin up and said please teach me how to please a woman. I promise no one will ever find out. She looked away and just shook her head. I got down on my kees in front of her, put my hands on her thighs and started to kiss them. She didn't move so I started to part her robe more until I could fully see her womanhood in front of me and there seemed to be a few beads of moisture cliging to her beautiful lips. I slowly ran my hands up and she slowly opend her legs until I was touching the treasure I had so long wished to hold. She looked away still as I put my mouth on her and started to lick like I had seen in one of my friends dads old porno movie. She slightly moaned but then pushed me forward and stood up. If we are going to do this lets teach you the right way to please a woman. She stood before me and took off her robe and the towel out of her wet hair. She helped e take off my t-shirt and slowly slid my shorts and underwear off. My cock sprung out as my underwear slid over it and she took it in her hand and slowly stoked it as she looked down at it. I had never felt so incredible and nervous in my life she turned around with her hand still on my cock and gently pulled me onto the bed with her. She lay down with her legs spread open and told me to place my head between her legs. .

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