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Topic: Needed. . a sampleIn every school noticeboards let students know about events that are coming up and posting lists, rosters and various items that are of interest to either a selected few or to everybody.   In one college there was a second board that very few people knew about officially but everybody looked at (do you get my meaning?) under the stairs away from the inquisitive eyes of teachers and of people in authority.   One of the notices read "Science Experiment-important research, need virgin male who has never masturbated". This at first seemed to be a curious kind of request, however young William, read the notice with great interest.  William was a pretty normal sort of kid who enjoyed his sport as much as his study. His parents brought him up in a very strict way however and they were particularly conscientious in avoiding questions about sex, relationships and about the mechanics of reproduction. This was because they themselves felt very threatened about sex, and they did not want their boy or their other children to experiment with sex as a result of being told things that they were not old enough to understand. They often had conflicts with teachers who were responsible for personal development and who felt that they were depriving children like William of important knowledge. On top of that, William was a late physical developer, he was thin with small muscles and did not have many pubic hairs as of yet, and the only times he was conscious of intense sexual feelings was when he may have woken up after a wet dream where he may have dreamt about touching or looking at girls or women; he would remember a intense and pleasurable experience happening to him while he was asleep and would be puzzled at seeing and feeling a wet stain, often cold and uncomfortable on the sheets or in his pyjamas. He sometimes wondered what it would feel like to have that happen when he was awake.  William had at long last become more interested in girls, having just gone through the latent stage and discovering in himself a need to at least get a peek at females, especially when a girl reached down for something; he’d try and look down her cleavage and wonder what more was down there. William started to stroke his penis or rub it on the sheets before going to sleep; he got a lot of pleasure from that but was never able to make himself cum; it got him rather frustrated because his pleasure was not resolved by an orgasm and yet he had had the experience while being asleep and he knew that his friends were able to jack off successfully because they had told him so.  He really did not have much of an idea and thought he might find out something by volunteering for the scientific experiment advertised on the secret noticeboard behind the door under the stairs. He turned up for the experiment the next day and found out that he was the only volunteer; well, at least the only one for that particular time.

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    He walked into a darkened room which had been in the past a chemistry lab but now not used for anything much. When his eyes got accustomed to the dark he said hi to two girls who were sitting behind a desk to conduct the experiment; he knew them quite well although they were two years older than he was and did not normally mix with them, being older, and felt that they would not want to have much to do with him, being so young and inexperienced. On top of that, they were the prettiest two students in that class by far. However, to his surprise they were very pleased to see him. One of the girls he knew, Anny Cosgrove whose father was a commercial pilot, had a pen and scribble pad, and looked very academic behind a pair of glasses which he had never seen her wear before.   "You\'re William aren\'t you? It\'s a nice name but it sort of sounds a bit as though you come from royalty; do people call you Bill or Willie or just William?"  “No just old William he replied, but I’ve got plenty of nicknames, and I\'m not going to tell you any of them" That\'s okay William; Teri and I want to do a simple experiment and it\'s very important that you fulfil two of our requirements; the first is that you must be male and the second is that the only way that you\'ve ever experienced sex is in a wet dream; that is that you\'ve never masturbated by yourself or had sex with anyone. Have you, ever?”“No”, said William, “but I have tried to masturbate and I\'ve never been able to complete it. A few weeks ago me and my friends got together, took all  our clothes off after sport in a locked room and decided to have a whacking competition helped by a sexy nude picture on the floor; Jared and Dan didn\'t seem to take long at all, Jared started spurting first and Dan started too before he had finished, we all cheered and then after a fair bit of effort Phil sent his spunk all over the picture; they all had an ecstatic look on their face when they were cumming and seemed to forget that there was anyone else in the room, cheering them on. Then they all looked at me, telling me to try harder and make myself cum for them. They slow clapped me;  I had a hard on but just couldn\'t make myself come and I felt really embarrassed, I didn\'t feel like a real man and am left wondering whether I will ever make it with girls at all.   I don\'t know what you girls think about me I don\'t know why I\'m telling you all this, and I want to know the reason for your experiment, whatever it is"Well William, said Anny “even though you tried to masturbate but have not been able to ejaculate you fulfil our requirements of a male who is sexually healthy but hasn\'t experienced an orgasm while being awake. We are amazed your friends did this together, but bound by confidentiality we wont reveal their names to the teachers. “We want to establish in a scientific manner if a male who has never caused himself to have an orgasm while awake produces more sperm in his body than boys who are sexually active”  Anny broke in here and said "Well William, maybe you\'ll find out when we do the experiment. We believe you can give us lots of semen, but It\'s important that we catch whatever you produce in a special container which we can weigh and measure for volume; we may even send it away to have tested for a sperm count to see how fertile you would be" “I would like to get that going, said William but I don\'t really know what to do to make it happen, and I don\'t how whether I can do it at all. I certainly can\'t do it by myself or in front of other boys.

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  ” “We\'ll help you”, said Anny. “What we would like you to do first is to actually take all your clothes off, even your underpants. At this stage, a wave of embarrassment came over William at the thought of becoming stark naked in front of two older girls, or any girls for that matter.   " promise you won\'t laugh at me” “No we won\'t” said Anny very sincerely, “this is a scientific experiment and it is to be done properly and not in a childish way”.   When William did get his clothes off he felt a sort of stirring in his groin but his penis did not get hard like it did the times he secretly put on his sister\'s panties and bra when no one else was home; he remembered the pleasure of getting hard and seeing his penis sticking out from  his sister\'s panties. He would stroke himself, but nothing would happen.  Teri said to Anny  “I can see that William will need some help in our experiment; we need to take off our clothes as well to give him a hand; maybe we can explain a few things to him at the same time; he obviously needs some female encouragement”Anny thought that was a good idea. To tell the truth both girls couldn’t believe William’s lack of experience; the fact that they might be able to show him things that he had never seen before gave them an excited feeling; neither of them had steady boyfriends but both of them had enough experience to know what it was all about.    Anny started. She first slowly opened and removed her blouse which unbuttoned from the front and then unfastened the hooks of her lacy pink bra.   When she took off her bra and pulled back her long tassels of red hair from her shoulders William was fascinated to see real breasts for the first time ever.   He thought her nipples were amazing.   They were so much bigger than boy’s were even though the points of them were not very developed.   He was enthralled by the shape of them and the way that the tiny blue veins showed out under her milky freckled white skin somehow leading towards her nipples. Suddenly William looked down and realised that his penis was getting hard and starting to rise without his even touching it.

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   It was only halfway up at this stage but because it seemed to point straight at whatever girl he was facing it was enough to make him extremely embarrassed and he felt like pulling out of the experiment, covering  himself with his hand so they couldn’t see his arousal.   But the girls didn’t laugh, and the next thing that Anny did helped William to forget about his embarrassment. “We’ve asked William to show us his body, now we can show him ours too, so we’re all even. ” Anny unbuttoned her skirt then, dropped it to the ground and slowly pulled her panties down and leaned over to extract them from under her feet to make her completely naked. When she stood upright again, and faced him with a really nice smile William became totally fascinated at what he saw. He just could not come to terms with the fact that he was actually looking at a wide gap between Anny’s legs and could just make out a mound under her dark red pubic hair and an upright slit that continued down and curved away from him making it all the more mysterious.   Teri said to William "what you\'re looking at is Anny\'s vagina, although you can\'t see it unless she opens her legs more and pulls apart what we call the lips or labia. ” William, pretty well totally overwhelmed at this stage, nervously said "well it would be nice to see it if you would show me. ” Anny obliged by jumping up on the old lab bench, opening her legs wide, and pulling apart her labia to reveal her dark vaginal hole, surrounded by ribbons of beautiful pink flesh that looked to him like rose petals.   Teri also began to take off her clothes; Anny was a redheaded, light skinned girl with lots of freckles on her face and around her neck and arms. She had a few freckles on her small breasts and one mole just above her pubic hair.   Teri, being a darker skinned girl didn\'t have any freckles but an interesting purplish birth mark beneath her left breast which only served to make her look all the more fascinating with absolutely nothing on.   William noticed that Teri’s nipples were very dark and even larger than Anny’s; Teri’s pubic hair was nearly black, so William could hardly make out any sign of a similar slitted opening between Teri’s legs because her pubic hair was thicker and such a dark color. William summoned up some courage to say " Wow, it\'s great to see you girls and how you look with no clothes on and to see what is and is not between your legs Teri felt sorry for William and said she would like to show William where a male puts his penis into a female.   Anny said "hang on Teri, this is supposed to be a scientific experiment not a sex education class"“Oh I don\'t know said Teri, it\'s not really fair to ask William to be part of an experiment where he gives his sperm over to us without showing him what it\'s for and where it normally goes"“I guess you\'re right” said Anny.

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    Teri offered: “William, come over here and I\'ll just stand in front of you with my legs apart, and I\'ll let you actually put your penis into my vagina for a short while so you can see what it feels like" “I\'d really like that” said William “you don\'t mind do you?”“Well, only this once” said Teri. William was starting to shake and tremble at this stage and when he looked down, he saw some clear liquid on the tip of his very hard, erect penis which by now pointed to the ceiling. He didn\'t dare ask what was that slippery liquid that had just leaked out of his tiny slit, as before he knew it, he was standing chest to chest and belly to belly with Teri who reached down, dabbed his wet pee hole with her finger, and playfully made his precum mucus stretch about 8 inches before it broke away; then she put her hand right round his penis, and looking William straight in the eyes pulled it down and eased it slowly back and up into her vaginal hole.    They both stood stock still for a minute, noses touching, eyes locked. “How does it feel right now, William?” Anny asked, breaking the silence.   At this stage Anny and Teri were not behaving very scientifically; in fact they was getting very excited themselves at seeing this boy\'s amazed expression at the moment of first ever feeling his penis going up into a girl’s vagina; an expression which gradually changed into one of rapture and joy at the intense feeling of closeness and intimacy that he was now sharing with this girl, with another totally naked girl watching on and looking just as fascinated.  William, who failed to answer Anny’s question, realised that the intense feeling was even stronger and better if he moved inside Teri a little bit. So as he started to move around in there, up and down a little, and experimented a little with having his hard upright dick inside a girl\'s dark secret hole, Teri began to be a bit concerned even though she was getting very excited and wet inside. “William, we …are…going to have to stop this. ”“Why?” said William. “Well, for two reasons” Anny chimed in (Teri was not able to gather her thoughts very well). “Firstly, if you lose control and semen accidentally comes out of you while you\'re inside Teri\'s vagina it could easily cause her to get pregnant; we certainly don\'t want that to happen while still at school even though we’re not sure of how fertile you are at your age. ” “The second reason is because we\'re doing an experiment and we need to carefully measure the volume of your semen, so I\'m going to ask you to slowly pull out of Teri; not too quickly because we don\'t want you to come before we are ready for you. ” “Okay” William said as he reluctantly lowered his hips so that his penis would come out of Teri\'s vagina. William felt an amazing sensation as his dick moved through her inner flesh which was so tight and held him inside so strongly.

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   It felt so velvety, warm and wet, and he was sorry when he saw his erect member back in the half-light, glistening wet and nodding up and down as though it was not sure what to do next. It was a slight feeling of frustration but that was remedied by something else that Anny began to do.   William didn\'t notice that Anny was now wearing a bright red glove, much redder than her long hair, made of smooth synthetic material and which she had soaked with olive oil.   Anny said "William I am going to stroke your penis very gently. I want you to stand right in front of me, standing with your feet as wide as possible apart, so you are on my level.   I need to stroke you with one hand, and will rub your testicles gently too. While I\'m doing that you can put your hands anywhere on me that you like, because it’s our untested theory that the more sexually excited you are the more sperm you might produce. So I\'d like you to feel free to touch me on my tits, feel my nipples, hold my small breast in your hand, and maybe with your other hand you can touch Teri; maybe you can touch Teri down there, if you like you can stroke the insides of her thighs or even see if you can find her vagina again and put your finger as deep as you like inside her. ”  William obliged as best he could although he was very nervous and fumbling.   He eventually managed to hold Anny\'s left breast and rub over her nipple with one finger as well as feel the beautiful bounciness of her flesh behind the nipple. He noticed her nipples were beginning to feel harder and were bigger than before.   Even he knew that her milk glands were developing behind there and that this was a very special part of a girl’s body; but not as special as between a girl\'s legs. William was able to get his other hand around, down, then up into Teri\'s vagina; it didn\'t feel as good as when his penis had been in there but he was still able to get a feeling of how the skin, smooth and wet, felt inside that dark mysterious vaginal cave as his finger explored freely. The fact that Teri seemed to enjoy it so much was not lost on William and it made it all the more fascinating for him.  While he was busy feeling and experimenting by touch with these two girls, Anny was continuing to stroke his hard penis with her glove, up and down, up and down and occasionally simply rubbing the underneath of his glans in a circular motion as though to lovingly coax out the seminal fluids that were busily getting ready to leave Williams body.

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   Where did she learn this?William didn\'t really need much coaxing as his scrotum sac tightened, and his balls seemed to move around underneath him as though to say "We’re trying to get ready for something really big here".   Anny suddenly realised while she was stroking William that nobody was holding a glass receptacle to collect his semen. “Teri, reach over to the lab table and pick up the beaker and bring it over near William’s dick while I try and hold it in the right direction;  I want you to hold the beaker at the correct angle so that his sperm won\'t shoot over the top of the lip but go straight in, but don\'t hold it in such a way that it will spill out while he’s in the middle of ejaculating; the bottom of the beaker has to be more or less level so that we don\'t lose any. That\'s a bit difficult because William\'s penis is pointing up and outwards rather than down, because it\'s so hard right now. I’ll try and point his cock down as much as possible while he ejaculates, without hurting him. Maybe we should have got a more suitable container but this will have to do"Teri removed William’s two fingers from her vagina,  reached around and picked up the beaker; Anny started to stroke the hard young dick a little bit more quickly with her oiled gloved hand, while she caressed William’s small testicles with the other.   She was watching William\'s face as beads of sweat started to form on his face and his eyes were darting all over the place; either looking at both girls’ young smooth tits, or at the red hand that was moving up and down his penis making him feel more intensely pleasured than ever.   Nothing was happening however, and William started to tremble all over from embarrassment and possible frustration at not being able to succeed. Anny looked at William, and said “you’re trying too hard, try and relax a bit. She looked into his eyes, now wild with pleasure and said “you are not far from giving me your semen now William, just take a deep breath, relax your ass which is so strained from too much effort; just  keep staring at my breasts, and we will aim your penis into the glass beaker when you seem ready”. Meanwhile, Teri who was feeling frustrated after having had William’s penis and his hand in her for such a short time, as well as enjoying William’s new discoveries and his looks of amazement at his new found feelings turned her on.    She began to rub her clitoris furiously with her free hand, wanting to rub her stiff dark nipples with the other hand but it was holding the glass beaker. She put her back to them both so they couldn’t see what she was doing to herself. She began to feel an orgasm coming in her and tried to stifle her inward groaning. William could feel something inside him was about to happen too,  and looked down at Anny’s gloved hand still stroking his penis.

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   Suddenly a large bolt of white creamy liquid shot straight up and out of his penis while Anny watched and stroked.   This was the first time anybody including himself ever saw the liquid that had been forming in his body, now shooting out into the air. The feeling was the same as he felt when he had been having wet dreams, that unbelievable electric pulsing throbbing in his groin in the act of causing fluids to race through his sexual organs producing unbelievable pleasure as it passed from one stage to another before it shot out into the room. There was not just one shooting, there was then another, and then another and another. William was overwhelmed with a feeling of total loss of control as this process took over his body completely and he could do nothing except watch and feel the spasms as blobs of this mysterious creamy liquid kept firing out of his cock. “Will it ever stop” he thought, “will I die from this?” Anny kept on holding his scrotum tightly now, she knew his balls were giving up their load for her important experiment.  But Teri didn’t have the beaker ready in time, she was too busy furiously rubbing her clitoris.   She started to climax herself, bucking up and down and shuddering while trying to hide from Anny that she was having a secret and unofficial orgasm.  This was supposed to be a scientific experiment. Teri realised that she missed the first installment of William\'s sperm which shot out of his penis straight past her, only to land on a photo of the school deputy headmistress about four feet away and it then started to run down the glass face which was beginning to look even more disapproving than usual.  Teri, despite her unexpected orgasm somehow managed to position the beaker for the next ejection while Anny held the throbbing penis as far down as possible. Teri managed to catch his liquid so that it squirted quietly into the glass container and gathered thickly at the bottom in a creamy swirl. William was groaning uncontrollably as the liquid kept shooting out of his body and causing unbelievable feelings of pleasure in his groin. An explosion which seemed to keep going on and on was ending up in a glass which started to fill, as Teri felt the warmth of the seminal fluid coming through the glass to her fingers.  Anny darted an ugly look at Teri, watching her with disgust beginning to masturbate herself again in the hope of having a quick second climax, having thrown scientific seriousness right out the door.

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   "Teri you incompetent twit, you were supposed to catch all of it not just some. See how much you can rescue from the photograph, while giving Teri’s ass a big loud smack leaving another red hand on her lovely dark skin.   Teri fumbled about, collecting herself somehow,  her naked wide ass now revealing labia swollen and wet with sexual excitement; her lovely young olive tits pointed down towards the floor and swung as she leant over scrabbling around for a rubber squeegee and then she tried to get as much of William’s first shooting off the teacher’s photo as she could. Then she with her other finger coaxed the globule into the beaker where William’s semen was safely contained. In the process she found another white spray of cum on her dark left nipple and had less success transferring it to the container.  William said “What was that incredible feeling? I’ve never felt that before except in my dreams, and you girls made me feel it and caused me to have my first cum. You really are the greatest for doing that for me”Then he noticed Teri collecting his stray jet of cum: “Maybe you could do it again to me if it didn\'t go so well the first time. ” Anny said "nice try William, but that\'s like practicing for a pie eating competition; it just doesn\'t work that way; you\'ve given us most of your semen already and any future collection today would not be an accurate representation of what you are producing.    I guess that\'ll have to do. ”  Anny wrote on a label, dated it, and adhered the label to the glass, and covered the top of the beaker with wrap. “Anyway, I guess we’ve shown William a few things about sex and about young women’s bodies and about his body too. We now going to go away and measure the volume and consistency of his sperm and present our findings in an academic report. We hope this will go a long way to our aggregate marks for the end of the year”“I\'m glad I\'ve been able to be of help to you” said William, as he began to look for his clothes.    Teri took the beaker over to William and tried to squeeze any residual drops of the precious fluid from his now limp and tiny penis and her hand working his now ultra sensitive cock made him squirm. “Sorry, but even though we have the biggest sample from you we still need to get every drop, and we don’t want you to feel messy afterwards”  In fact, when she gently squeezed his now small limp dick with forefinger and thumb, a whole glob more came out of his opening, adding even more to the very large sample they had collected.

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  “My vagina feels wet now too, and I need you to give me a gentle wipe so I don’t feel squishy all through the next class. William gladly helped Teri and Anny in turn to wipe themselves underneath with tissues, and he could see the wetness of their sex; Teri still had some fluid running down inside her legs which he also gladly wiped off. He was only too pleased to help, and hoped he could line up for another experiment pretty soon.  .