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My name isn't really all that important. Make one up for me if you want. What IS important is that when this all happened I was 17 and a virgin. My parents sent me to stay with my sister for a long weekend (Thursday-Monday) at the State University. My sister was a nearing the end of her freshman year and living in ahuge dorm room with 2 other girls who were rarely ever there (they had boyfriends with houses off campus). Anyway,my parents both graduated from this college and they wanted my sister and I to as well. So they shipped me down to see what college life was like.
When I got there Sis greeted me and grabbed my stuff "you can have either of those 2 beds" she pointed. "those cunts won't even notice. I wanna go to a party tonight so pick out something super cute to wear cuz a lot of the guys down here are pretty hot!!" we giggled over boys for a sec then she looked at her cell phone- "ah,shit. I'm meeting a friend for a quick coffee then I have a class,think you be ok here for about 2 hours??" "yeah! I said,just point me to the tv!" she tossed me the remote and left "stay outta trouble!" she shouted over her shoulder.
About 15 minutes later there was a quick knock on the door followed by it being opened. "what'd you forget!" I said. But instead of my sister walking in it was a tall,tan guy about 20 years old. "uh,hi! You must be the little sister,is your sis here??" "no,she left for a class,um,who are you??" I replied. "I'm a friend of hers.

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  . " "ah,I know who you are now" I interrupted. "oh yeah?" he said "what'd she say about me?" "nothin really ,just that she met a guy" I told him. "hm,ok. . so what're you doin?" he was obviously noticing the contrast in my clothes: I'd started to pick out clothes to wear for the party but I'd only gotten as far as trying on tops so I was wearing a silver backless shirt with light pink sweatpants. I explained to him and after I did he asked "so are you gonna wear jeans?? Can you model for me?" "um. . ok. . ?" I replied. So I walked to the closet and grabbed my hottest jeans and put them on,I walked back out knowing I looked hot. "well?" I asked. "nice. Damn,won't your boyfriend mind you going to a college party withou a bra on looking so hot?".

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   "ha. Ha. " I answered. "I don't have a boyfriend,thank you""what?" he said "you're really cute,why not?". "thanks for the flattery,but I just don't want to waste senior year on a high school guy" I told him.
"but why?" he pressed. "well,if you MUST know,I'm a virgin and I've made a vow that I won't lose it to some little dick high school guy. I want real meat,big dick" I said confidently. "shit,well that's good enough I guess. So how or where will you find this dick?" he wanted to know. " I dunno. I mean,I give blow jobs and hand jobs so when and if I find a dick I want,I'll ask him to fuck me. Simple. " I shrugged. "well uh,I'm kinda,uh big" he said ,adjusting himself in his basketball shorts.

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   "yeah,well you're also uh,kinda dating my sister,so,no thanks. Oh,and lotsa guys say they're big when they're not" I told him. "first off," he started, "I'm not dating your sister. An secondly,I AM big,wanna see?" "how bout this,if it is as big as you claim,I'll let you pop my cherry,if not I tell my sister on you" "fine by me" he said "but you gotta get it hard first""ok" I told him and imediatly took off the silver top revealing my 34D tits proud and perky,then I peeled off the jeans and stood before him in only a black sheer thong. "damn,you have amazing tits"je said as he reached for one and started caressing it. I could see the bulge growing in his shorts. I started to touch my own pussy and as he watched his dick got harder. "I wanna see" I told him. "get on your knees" he replied. And I obeyed. Once I was on my knees in front of him sitting in the desk chair,he pulled down his shorts and his glorious dick bounced out. I looked at it in awe. I'd sucked at least 10 dicks and none were like his. It was probably 10inches long and so thick around. "suck it.

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  " he ordered. And I complied,happily. I took as much of his cock in my mouth as I could and he was moaning and loving every second. And so was I. This was the dick I wanted breaking me in. No doubt. "I want you to fuck me" I said between slurps. "yeah?" he said "you want me to break that little virgin pussy?""mmm yeah,I want your huge cock" I told him. With that he lightly pushed me off his cock and onto my back on the floor. He pulled my thong off and begn pawing at my little shaved pussy. "that's nice" he told me "nice,fresh little pussy. You want my big meat in your pussy?" he asked. "yes,god yes!" I was getting so wet. He started nibbling on my little pink nipples and rubbing his dickhead on my pussy lips. "you want that? Want it in your litle hole?" he taunted.

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   "please,yes!" I begged "fuck me!" he slowly started to put pressure on my little opening and then I felt it pop in. It didn't hurt like how girls said it would,only a little sting. He pushed more and I moaned "good?" he asked. "mmm yes" I told him. "more!" and with that he thrust all the way causing me to squeel out in pleasure. Then he started thrusting,in and out,harder and faster. It felt so amazing. We were both watching his big thick cock go in and out of my tight little pink pussy. "you fuckin like that?? You like gettin fucked,don't you?" he was saying. "yes! Yes! Fuck my sluthole!! Fuck me!" I shouted. He pulled out and flipped me onto my stomach. "get on your hands and knees" he ordered. And I did. Before I knew it his dick was so deep in me I felt like it was in my stomach. "oh.

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   God. Yessss!! Fuuuuuck mee so fucking haaard!!" I was panting to him. "yeah,slut,you fucking love it" he said as he pulled my ass in harder and faster. I could feel his balls slapping my pussy lips each time he thrust. Finally he shouted "turn around,I'm gonna cum on those round ass little titties!" I turned and he started squirting hot cum all over my chest and neck. It was amazing. When he was done he kissed my pussy and said "thank you,you're amazing". "no,thank YOU" I said "I'm glad I waited for just the right dick! Now let's not tell my sister!!".