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  • Jessica reviews 23-09-2018
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    2018-09-23 2 hours Athens
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    Jessica - escort review from Greece Mergi la profil
    Good evening to all. I am writing this review due to the negative impression it left me with after reading all these positive past reviews from other players.

    Starting at the beginning:
    I had been wanting to meet with Jessica in over a year now. I decided to do so yesterday 22/9. I text her and she agrees to meet tonight 23/9 for two hours incall at her hotel 22:00-00:00. She agrees and I ask her about her hotel and room number. She replies saying that she would provide me with this info tomorrow after we re-confirm. On the 23rd 19:45 I text her asking whether we are confirmed and get no reply. I thought that she may be working and that she would text me later so better I get ready anyway. 21:00 still no reply and I am driving towards the general area she said her hotel was located in. I arrive and park at 21:50. I text her again saying that I have arrived and I am awaiting for hotel name and room number. At 22:20 I realize that no meeting will be happening and I text her again saying I didn't expect this from her and I did not believe she would cancel without informing first.

    As I write this I am at home while I should only now be getting ready to leave her room. What pisses me off is that I booked her having read all these reviews and what happened is really unprofessional. It just gets to me because she didn't even say sorry. Hope it doesn't happen to anyone else.