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Etnička pripadnostEvropljanin (beo)
Visina167 cm (5'6" ft)
Težina58 kg (127.87 lb)
Tip sisaSilikonske sise
Stidne dlakeTotalno obrijano
PušenjePovremeno pušim
Jezik: Engleski  English English English English
Dolazak    Odlazak: Hotelske & Kućne posete
Seksualna orjentacija: Heteroseksualac 
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O meni

Hello, I’am Vivien

This year I finished university (economics) and I don’t feel to go directly to some work when I spend the rest of my life. Basically because I don’t know exactly what to do in my life and I don’t want to make a wrong step. I would really appreciate a smart, mature man who can help to orientate in current world, give me an advise what could be better for me and what to avoid it. I’d like to meet someone who genuinely wants to see me succeed and want’s best for me.

What I can offer its my youth, my energy, support and companionship. I am curious person and listener, ready to hear. If you’d like to share things with me I won’t be your advisor (I assume your professional problems would be too complicated for me) but you can count with my support and understanding. I’d prefer to meet someone from business sector and hopefully I will use your advice in my career. I am sportive girl, but I know how to use proper cutlery in good restaurant ???? and I can also walk in high heels. I like to travel and I am not hidden in the corner on Party. It give us a wide range of activities we can do together.

I expect some honesty level. You don’t have to tell me anything you don’t want to share.

If you have any question or interest to chat with me then feel free to contact me.


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Bazna zemlja:Slovačka 
Bazni grad:Bratislava 
Telefon:+421910626326 (Nema skrivenih brojeva) 
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