Heather and I Go Bi-Bi!


Our sex life had been fantastic, from the moment of our very first coupling! At least once a month, we would rent some porno’s and spend nearly the entire night, watching the films and performing better than any of the participants in them. We often commented on the actor’s bodies, about whether we found them attractive, or (like Ron Jeremy!) should never be seen naked! I had also bought a subscription to Playgirl, for Heather, and she often told me how much nicer my body is, then the guys in the amateur section, as well as some of the paid models. On one particular night, we were watching a video, that featured a lot of 3-way action, between two beautiful young women, and one lucky guy. I had often talked with Heather about the possibility of inviting another woman into our bed, but she had always seemed a little cold to the idea. Heather would usually ask, "Aren’t I enough woman for you? Do you really think you could handle another woman in our bed, too?" I would explain to her how it wasn’t about the other woman pleasing me with sex, but Heather pleasing me, by seeing her with another woman. I thought this was a very good contention for a second woman in our bedroom. But, that was as far as it got. Heather had told me about a few minor lesbian experiences she had participated in, while she was in college. She was also in a sorority, while in school. The Delta-Delta-Delta’s, made famous by Saturday Night Live. She affectionately referred to them as the "triple nipples", due to the Greek letter D appearing as a triangle, and that, times three, looks something like this, ^^^. (Sorry, delts, but that is as close as I could get!). And apparently, on several occasions, she and a few of her sisters, did a little experimenting! (Another set of stories. ) So, up to this point, there would not be another woman invited to our bedroom. A couple of weeks later, when we had decided to rent some more adult films, Heather asked me, "JJ, you know how you always choose the movies? How about tonight, I get to come pick a couple out?" This was a bit of a surprise to me! Heather had always asked me to pick out whatever I wanted to see. But tonight, she came along, to the adult video store, to pick out some videos.

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   Well, I was even more shocked, when she took me into the gay section for the vids! I wasn’t completely appalled. I have been in the restaurant business for quite a few years, and have known, and even befriended, several gay waiters. Heather picked out one bi-male movie, and another that was a gay orgy. I then asked if we could also get at least one "straight" show, in case I couldn’t take the all male stuff. "I have watched the shows you pick every week, for I don’t know how long. So tonight, it is my turn to choose what we will watch!", was her rather coquettish reply. When we arrived home, we took our usual shower together, as we always did on these nights. She did appear to pay special attention to my member. She assisted me, more than usual, in my bathing that night. She asked me to close my eyes while she soaped my stiffening shaft, and whispered, "Now, just open your mind. Pretend that someone else is stoking your nice cock, getting you nice and hard. " She continued to slide her well lathered hand up and down my rigid shaft. She then said, "Now, just pretend that this hand belongs to Jason. " I opened my eyes and looked at her. She knew that Jason was gay.

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   He was a waiter, that I used to work with, who had moved here from New Orleans. He had been to our apartment, with other friends, for drinks and dinner before. But, I had never thought of Jason stroking my cock in the shower! "Heather, you know that is a little weird for me!" "I just wanted to plant the thought in your head, since we are going to be watching his kind of movies", was her reply. I then reached over, slid my finger between her smooth pussy lips, and bluntly replied, "But Jason doesn’t have anything I want. And, nothing nearly as sweet as your tight pussy!" We finished the shower, with no more talk of Jason. Heather put on one of her sexiest outfits. It was a skimpy little white camisole. I had bought it for her at Victoria’s Secret. It sort of reminded me of the First Communion dresses, that my sisters had worn at Catholic School. I put on a tank top, that made my sensitive nipples available for her to pinch and bite. As well as a pair of the silk boxer shorts, that she had given me. Heather put the first tape in the VCR, in our bedroom. She was kind enough to start off with the one with the two bi-men, and a woman! At least, I figured, I would get to look at some pussy, while these guys did their thing. And, I could distract myself with Heather’s luscious body. The movie really wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated.

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   The guys did perform oral on each other, but the young actress was so beautiful, I barely paid attention to the men. Heather and I were doing our usual, cuddling, touching, feeling, and groping. All of the foreplay we usually did, during these movie sessions. The only real difference was that Heather would comment about how good one of the guys looked when he was sucking the other guys cock. I would mutter a reply like, "Yea, as good as a guy can look, when he has a cock in his mouth!" As the movie was coming to its ultimate "climax". Heather moved down on the bed, stoked my cock to it’s full 7 ¼", and took it into her mouth. She lifted her head after a few minutes of great cock sucking, and said, "OK JJ, what is the difference between a woman’s mouth and a guys mouth?" I didn’t have a reply. I had just been enjoying the sensation of her sucking me. "Well, maybe the biggest difference is that a guys mouth is on a guy!", was my eventual response. "But really, JJ, a mouth is a mouth! "When you close your eyes, you wouldn’t know if it was a guy ,or me, sucking your dick. " "You know how you always ask me to invite another woman into our bed? You always tell me, "It’s about pleasing you!" Well, how about I make you a proposition?" I was all ears now! "I know how you told me you loved it when I asked you to model some of your undies for Susie. And she told me how lucky I am. She told me how much she would love to jump your bones. It was right after that little fashion show you gave her. " I thought back to that drunken afternoon, when Susie, a co-worker of Heather’s, and another gorgeous woman! Had asked Heather how I looked, in the new Calvin Klien briefs that she had bought for me.

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   I don’t remember how the entire eventunfolded, but eventually, I was modeling the 3 pair of new briefs that Heather had purchased for me. "Well" Heather continued, "How about I invite Susie to join us. " "But, there is only one stipulation. " I sat and wondered where this was going. Heather had removed her camisole and was gently fucking my cock with her nice round, 34D cup breasts. "The only stipulation, for you to get your fantasy, of seeing me with Susie, is… I get to watch Jason give you head. " "Ouch, some stipulation!" I blurted out. "How do you know that either of them would go for that?" I asked. "Well, I know that Susie would love to do you. And, she and I have talked about doing some girl stuff together. If you wouldn’t mind sharing me with her. She is bi, you know?" This was news to me! But, very exciting news! "And I suppose you have already talked to Jason, too?" I questioned. "JJ, Jason told me a long time ago, that if you weren’t married to me, he would be all over you!" "He said his "gaydar" told him that he could get you naked. " "So I called him last week, and told him about my plan. He is more than willing to suck you off, and is waiting at the bar, up the street, to hear about your reply .

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  " "You can just pretend it is me. Close your eyes, and don’t even think about Jason. Just pretend it is my mouth on your cock. I want to see your dick in his mouth. And then, you get Susie and I next week. " "It’s a done deal. If you agree to that one little stipulation. " I was in a quandary! I had fantasized about seeing Heather with another woman. The thought of seeing her, and the beautiful, sexy, Susie, naked together, in our bed, was more than I could handle! "How can I be sure that if I let Jason suck me, that Susie will really join us? I asked. "I told her I would be giving her a call on her cell phone tonight. " Heather stated. "You can listen to me ask her again, and verify it with her. " "OK" I responded. "Call her, and after you ask her, let me talk to her. " "JJ, I know she is going to jump all over the opportunity to get into bed with you.

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   And ME! She tells me all the time how she loves my body!" "Can I call Jason first?" Heather asked. The next thing I know, Heather is calling Jason on her cell phone. They don’t speak long. She then hands me the phone to talk to Susie. "Susie, has Heather told you about the deal she is working out with me? And are you willing to do what she is saying will happen? I ask. "JJ, not only am I wet thinking about feeling you fucking me, I have been lusting for Heather’s pussy since she first let me touch her tits at work one day!" was Susie’s astonishing response. "And if you don’t mind, I told Heather that I would love to be there right now, and make a foursome of this. That is, if it is OK with you. Heather and I can do our thing, while we watch you and Jason. Then Heather and I can join you! You don’t even have to wait until next week. " My cock was throbbing uncontrollably, thinking of fucking Susie tonight, and watching her lick Heather’s tight pussy! And the very probable fact, that my lovly wife, would bury her face in Susie’s luscious pussy, too! "Get here as soon as you can!" I requested. "I just got out of the shower. I had planned on going clubbing. But this will save me a lot of time! I’ll be there in 10 minutes!" Was Susie’s breathy response. It was then that I noticed that Heather had gone downstairs.

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   I heard a gentle tap on the door, and knew that Jason had arrived. To be continued…Be sure to check out the forums for more great stories http://www. sexstoriespost. com/forums/index. phpor our new story site http://www. bluestories. com/forums/index. php.