Naked in a Muslim country


This relates to an experience we had recently on a vacation to the Maldives. As you know it is a Muslim country and topless and nude bathing is prohibited. We enjoyed an exclusive private villa which had its own walled garden and private pool. My wife who has few reservations about me photographing her topless went a little further this time and so we enjoyed a very liberated and private time in our villa, where we swam and spent our time totally naked. I took literally hundreds of photographs and on a whim decided to upload them and make a slide show of them n our laptop PC.

Each evening as we left for dinner, I set the slide show off, knowing that our house boy would arrive later, turn the bed down and (I hope) see my wife in all of her intimate glory.

After several nights of this routine, I became aware that during the day as we went about our luxurious villa, we had observers, hidden in the trees overlooking the walled garden. Eager to make the most of the situation I encouraged my wife to go naked, and engage in outdoor sex. When I was sure we were being watched, I'd guide her hand and fingers to her pussy and she would masturbate until she came, thrusting her fingers deep inside her. If only she knew she had an audience.

as a parting gift I left a Key drive with the best and most reveal ling of her photographs behind. I can never be sure if whoever found it was able to see the pictures it contained. I can only dream.

I can now imagine her pictures somewhere on the Internet, her hard nipples and open wet pussy available for all to see. The fact that she shows her face throughout is also abuzz, will she e recognized?