I walk into your bedroom as you undress yourself, unaware of my presence as I sneak up on you and grab your arms, pinning them behind your back.   You scream in surprise and realize it's only me, although something about my eyes still cause you to feel afraid.   I leave your panties in place, the only thing you have on, and pull you down to the floor with me.    I pull a pair of handcuffs out of my pocket and handcuff your hands behind your back, causing you to flinch in the small pain as they press against your skin.   I run my hands across your marble skin, enjoying the brilliance of your breasts in the lighting, your supple looking nipples standing upright, ready for every bit of attention I could ever give you.   I gently graze my fingertips across them, causing you to shiver in delight.   I throw off my jeans and my t-shirt, my erection apparent through the thin, loose fabric of my boxers, begging to be touched.   I press my stiff cock against your panties, noticing the growing wet spot as your juices start to flow from your mound.   I lustfully rub my stiffness through both fabrics, grinding into your pussy.   You grind back loving the feel of the warm, hard cock pushing between your swollen pussy lips. As I pull away your panties stay pressed into your wet cleft, your thighs visible all the way up to your pubic bone, hiding only the slick, juicy interior of your pussy, your swollen lips visible on either side of your panties, driving me insane as the lust inside of me grows.   I grab the waistband of your panties and pull them down, the feeling of me pulling the fabric out from between your lips and the air hitting your most sensitive parts causing you to whimper in passionate desire. You push yourself closer, wanting to feel my hard cock against your bare skin, but I push you away.   I prop your legs up and lean my head until the smell becomes unbearably intoxicating, and I dive into your juicy cunt, lapping up your sweetness, my tongue flowing into the contour of your virgin pussy, pushing into every space, and gliding over every surface with unbridled passion.   I soon find my way to your lovely clit and busy myself with making you cum into my awaiting mouth.   You push with all your strength against my mouth as I devour your clit, sucking at it until you can't take it anymore and then gently again running my tongue across it, back and forth between pure lust and gentle caressing.

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    You start to get frustrated as I hold you over the edge, and keep you from plummeting over.   Finally my aggression pushes forth and I plunge my fingers into you, pulling out and pushing in as hard and as fast as I can, causing you to squeal in delight, and pushing your body farther across the floor as I push and push into you, my mouth still attacking your clit, my face clenched between your thighs, my one unused hand gliding its way back up to your divine breasts begging for attention. As you get closer and closer to the relief of the pent up energy inside you, you allow a groan to escape your lips, and I take that as a sign to continue my quest.   I pull off my boxer, unleashing my long, hard cock, and place it at the opening of your shuddering pussy.   I push in slowly, the intrusion causing you to moan in primal delight, as you buck into me, pushing me farther.   I reach the point of your intact flower, and pull out, making you whimper before I drive through it, the pain causing your muscles to clinch as tight as a vice on my pulsating stiffness now inside you.   I wait until you gain control of your tears and nod at me, and I push farther and farther, filling you up inside.   Your juices flowing from you, mingled with the presence of your broken virginity, I find it easy to glide in and out, pushing into you as you grind back, wanting to feel the pleasure building up in you hit the peak so close to you now.   I grab a hold of your hips and pull you closer to me as I pound into you, the whimpers of pain now replaced by moans and grunts of desire.   I reach behind you and remove the handcuffs, and flip you over on top of me, allowing you to steady yourself and set your own pace.   You pound down on me, feeling even more filled up than before as my hand finds your clit and circles it and my other hand pull your neck down to me, allowing me to nip at it and suck on the delightful pounding below the surface of your skin.   You can't take anymore as your juices explode out of you, causing you to  shudder on me and pushing me over the edge as well.   As we both explode all over each other, I pull out of you, the air flowing in and causing the juices coating your skin to tingle.   I kiss you deeply, and pull you close to me, an unspoken promise to give in to your every need, whenever you so desire. .

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