Swimming Pool Surprise


The local swimming pool had always been a favourite haunt for me, i knew that it was a great place to meet guys, and had been lucky enough to meet a few highly active ones during visits there. Today, however was different. I normally headed down there on a Sunday due to my busy weekly schedule, but now i found myself out of a job and with time on my hands. I had taken a decision after a dreadfully boring Monday at home to head off to the pool, first thing Tuesday to see if there was anything I could pick up to fulfil the rest of my mundane week.
I should of course have been out looking for work, but when I needed cock, I needed cock and today I needed it.
On entering the centre I did notice that it was very empty, Sundays were always so busy, there was always someone to hit on, and although not always successful, when i put my mind to it, i normally always left with a something to fill me up for Sunday lunch. Tuesday morning however was clearly different.
I looked around, just an older guy out for a refreshing swim today. I got changed and jumped in the water to do some laps. I quickly got into a rhythm but couldn't help but wish I could find a new man today. I thought about some hunky stud coming in and being up for it, and what he could do to me, my cock rising in my swim pants and felling nice as the water pushed up against my hardening cock.
I decided to take a break and sat at the end of the pool, with no one else around i started to stare at the older guy swimming. I had never been with an older guy before, I had always been more interested in the beef stud cake type, but now suddenly I had an urge. . . .


  could i pull a mature guy?
I sat watching a bit longer and to my joy he got out of the pool and headed for the showers. . . . so here was my chance. I followed him in and went under the spray a few blocks down. He seemed oblivious to me, but I watched as he soaped his body, I become quite turned on watching him. He was quite hairy and had a body that clearly needed a few extra laps. . . . but he looked good. . . .

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  . defiantly good enough to raise the sprits in me again.
I had to make my move. . . . . .
"Do you mind if I borrow some soap please, I seem to have run out"
I pointed to my now empty bottle, (a trick I always used!).
He looked across and clearly noticed that it wasn't a shampoo bottle in my trunks.
"ahhh, oh yes, sure, here you go"
He handed me his bottle of soap, almost embarrassingly trying not to look at what I wanted him to see.
"Many thanks"
I grabbed the bottle and soaped my chest
"Always nice to get a swim in first thing in the morning isn't it?"
"huh,,, yes it is, puts you in a good frame of mind for the rest of the day" he stuttered
"Sure does, only thing is the chlorine gets everywhere, really annoying as well, i have to get it all off otherwise I come out in a rash. . . .

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  . "
That was my line, it always seemed to work, and as I said it I soaped my chest and turned away from him so I could drop my trunks and soap between my legs. Then I provocatively bent over as I lathered my legs, knowing full well he would see my bare arse. I glimpsed over to the other side and could see in the reflection of the tap that his eyes were fixed on me, so it was working.
I stood up, rubbed some more soap into my hands and bent over again to wash my backside for him. I rubbed over my cheeks, and then in-between, making sure I gave it a good scrub. He was trying not to look, but I could tell he was stunned.
I stood up again and went to wipe my head that was when I got soap in my eyes.
"Arggh. . . bloody soap in my eyes now" I screamed lightly
This gave me the opportunity to turn around fully facing him but of course with my eyes shut, (or so it seemed!). I started to rinse my cock now and i could see him just starring at me, I turned around again so I could get some spray to rinse my arse, and couldn't resist poking a finger inside my hole to give it a clean. He saw me jerk as I poked. .

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  . i don’t think he could quite believe it.
I stood up again, all the soap now gone. I looked straight at him and he couldn't move his stare at my cock quick enough. He was totally embarrassed. . . . . I handed him his soap bottle back
"Thanks for that" I said
"oh, er yes, no problem, sorry i must get going"
"hey no problem, I’m not bothered it you were looking, like its only natural you know"
"umm no i wasn't I was just err"
"Yeah right, I could see you peeking out and next you'll be telling me that you always get a hard on in the shower"
He looked down and tried to cover himself
"It’s alright honestly, in fact I am quite honoured, that’s got to be the best sight I’ve seen for a long time"
I smiled at him and he seemed to relax a touch
"sorry but i couldn't help it, after all it's not often a 60 year old gets to stand next to a young lad naked in a shower"
"60!, blimey, I took you for 40 at best" charm always worked and he laughed.
"You know that you should make sure you wash it now, don’t want that chlorine getting in where it hurts"
I moved towards him. . . . .

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"Mind if i make sure it's all clean for you"
He was speechless, and I moved my hand over to the increasing bulge in his trunks. He breathed in as I touched him and started to rub his hard on.
"Umm no, I shouldn’t do this, sorry I must go"
I grabbed him harder, "its fine, don’t panic, no one can see, here this will make you feel better"
I took his hand and guided it onto my stiff prick
"Have you ever felt a 19 year olds cock before?"
"errrm no, never"
"Well now you can, I mean it's you that made it stand out so why shouldn’t you get the benefit of it"
With that I started to feel my way into his pants, his cock was hard and felt quite thick, I was instantly up for him in a big way.
I let him feel his way on my dick and he was clearly enjoying it, I started to realise that this was not going to be an average pull for me, i had always in the past been the submissive one, letting others do what they wanted to me, but this guy seemed like he was going to be in that role, and possibly my first chance to dominate someone.
"Do you like the feel of my cock?"
"Well yes, I’ve never done this before"
"That’s nice. . . . I bet you have dreamt about it though"
"Errrm yes, a few times"
"Listen, why don't we go where it's a bit more private then"
 "Urmmm, well. . . err"
"You don’t have to you know, but I can see you would love to spend a bit more time touching me"
He smiled and I held his cock and led him towards the toilets, they were quite big in there and easily accommodated two people (past experience!!)
We went inside and I picked the end disabled cubicle as it was furthest from the door and had the most room. We went inside and I locked the door behind me.
"Now why don't you sit down and relax"
He was still transfixed by my cock hanging down, I pushed his legs closed and stood either side of them, my cock pointing towards him.
"Now it's all yours to play with"
I handed him my cock and beckoned him to rub it
"It feels lovely, it's a really nice cock you have"
"I’m glad you like it, how about giving it a kiss then"
"noo, I’m not sure I want to do that"
"Why not, you said you liked it"
"No, I think I better go"
He went to get up, but there was no way i was going to get a bum deal now
I pushed him back down
"come on, you know you want this, I bet if I was some sexy blonde with tits you wouldn't be walking away would you and besides your mouth might say no.

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  . . . certain other parts say a big yes. . . . . . . now take my cock in your hands"
He looked up at me in a panic, the thing was I knew he wanted it, and he knew he wanted it.
"Now kiss my cock, don’t be afraid, you always dreamt of a horny 19 year old standing in front of your face with a hard on, so don’t miss your chance"
He moved towards me and started to kiss my knob, tentative his lips meet my purple head and he tasted my sweet pre-cum.
"Bet you like that now, don't you"
His continued kissing gave me the answer. By now I was starting to really like this dominant mood of mine. I grabbed his head with one hand and my cock in the other and started to slap his face with my cock.

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"There you go, you like that don’t you, feeling my cock on your face, now lick it for me"
"No please I’m not sure. . . . "
"Oh come on daddy, give your son a lick"
He seemed to like that; it was the age old father and son bit for sure
He put his tongue out and started to lick my wet head. Slowly at first, but clearly he was getting a taste for it
"ohm that’s it daddy, taste your sons cock, i bet you always wanted this didn’t you"
He uttered a simple yes
"Come on daddy open wide and let me in, let your son fuck his daddy’s mouth, I know how much daddy wants to feel his boys cock inside his dad’s mouth"
He was doing as he was told, and he opened wide, I thrust my cock down his throat and started to face fuck this 60 year old man.
"ohhh daddy yesss, you suck good, hmmmm, I’ll have to tell my school friends about you. . . "
I shoved a few inches back and forth and he lapped it up, now he started to put his hands on my arse, helping me to force more, he wanted more cock
I let him feast for a while, getting more and more worked up, he too was getting very excited.
"Ohhh daddies good, i can't believe you've never done that before"
I took my cock away and he looked disappointed
"Did daddy like that?"
"Oh yes son, you taste so sweet, I never had that before, can I suck some more please son"
"Ohhh daddy, well of course you can, but first lets see how it really made you feel, stand up for me"
He did as he was asked. . . . .

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"Hmmm, that’s a might fine hard on you've got there daddy"
"Yesss son, I’m very hard and very wet"
"Are you now, well let’s see then, take you trunks off and give them to me"
I stood back to give him some room and he took his pants off
I snatched them from him, and held the crouch to my nose
"Hmmm, you are very wet daddy, have you seen the state of your swim trunks". . . . I shoved them under his face
"Yes son, you made me wet"
"Good, now lick them clean for me, lick you own precum from your pants for me"
He looked up, some what surprised but too excited to argue.
"Lick them daddy"
He proceeded to lick the inside of his trunks sapping up his wet juice.
“now daddy turn around I want to see your arse"
He was totally in my grip now, as he turned around
"Bend over and stick your head in the pan"
He bent forward and rested his head on the seat.
"I said inside" . . . . and with that I pushed his head into the bowl.
Moving to the side I grabbed his arse. .

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  . . .
"Daddy needs to learn that he must do what his son says, doesn't he?. . . . . . . . . . WELL!"
"yessss son, I will do as you ask"
With his arse sticking up and started to spank him, hard slaps across his arse while holding his head in the pan to muffle the sound.
"ohhh daddy needs spanking, bad daddy,, bad daddy"
I spanked a few harder strokes and could hear his screams of delight.

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Now I wanted him.
"Now daddy, keep your head there, I want to look at your arse, spread your legs and pull your cheeks apart so I can look at you"
He did exactly as i told him, pulling his cheeks apart to reveal his virgin hole.
I stuck my nose up his crack and sniffed him, and then I stuck my tongue out and tasted his rim.
"urmmm daddies got a nice tight arse, I like that"
He said nothing as I spat on his arsehole, and then rubbed it in with my fingers. suddenly I inserted a finger into his hole, he jerked forward, and went to speak, but I just shoved his head back into the bowl
"just stay there daddy, let your son do what he wants with you".
I forced my finger harder, and could hear him gulp.
I needed some lube, spit was not enough, sticking my finger back up him again I grabbed the soap bottle with my other hand, flicked the lid open and squirted some around his arse.
"Now daddy is a bit free for his son, I can explore more now"
I withdrew my finger and grabbed my rock hard cock and placed it on the entrance of his shit hole.
"Can daddy feel that?, do you know what that is daddy"
"Yesss son, i do"
"So does daddy want it"
"ohhh god son yes"
"What do you want?"
"Son please, I want to feel you inside me"
"Better than that daddy, tell me you want my cock"
"sonnnn pleasssse yes, put your hard cock in me, stick it up my arse and fuck me, fuck your fathers virgin arsehole. . . . "
"Good daddy"
I pushed my knob into his hole, he was fucking tight, and clearly wanted to move away, but with my hand on his head, he was stuck and I forced my cock past his tight rim.
He garbled from the pan, but I didn't care, I was inside and now I was going to fuck him like a bitch.
"shitttttt fuckkk it hurttts ahhhhhh"
"Shut up daddy fuck, let me ride your arse like a whore"
I pumped harder and faster ignoring his muffled screams, thrust after thrust trying to force more young cock into his shitter.


The tightness of his arse brought me to cum quickly
"Fuck yessss dadddy feel it, feel your son shoot his load inside you. . . take it all"
I shot my load deep inside his arse and pumped until I was empty. . . . . .
I let his head up from the bowl as I withdrew my cock
He turned to me looking in pain
"Ohhh daddy did you like that"
"Yes son, it was great, son your great, you can fuck me like that any day"
"any day. . . . ? Well daddy, today might just be that day. .


  . . after all it's only morning"
I smiled at him; with a glint. . . . . the day was young yet.
End of Part One.
If you want to read more let me know and I will post chapter.