My 'friend' the window cleaner


Sat in my room cock stirring no girl friend no nothing.   No one in the house, I wander into my parents room slide open my mothers underwear draw and smile, hand roaming through all the materials from silk to cotton back to silk, wrapping some silk panties round my semi hard cock. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM this feels nice, put them back and search around some more black lace thong, wow too sexy for mum.   I check the door is locked and no one is home.   Coast clear, I go back into my room strip and slide on the thong, pulling it tight up between my ass cheeks.   My hard cock will not go into the tight thong I just cup the lace over my balls cock sticking out.   Mmmm this feel good I thing to my self as I pull the back further up my ass.   I feel I need more I walk back into my parents room and find a pair of black stockings and carefully slide these on.   Feels good I comment to myself, pulling slowly on my throbbing hard on.   Walking around the house like a little girl.   I check myself out in the full length mirror. Well im 5”10 med build hairy, stubble on face and short shaved hair, I defiantly look nothing like or will every look like a girl.   I don’t care, im just enjoying the feeling.   Searching again and finding a matching bra put it on, bit tight!!!  I then put a pair of socks into the bra and look into the mirror again stroking myself.
I walk back into my room, I sneak a look out of my window to check the coast is still clear, it is.   I  clear my bed of my quilt etc and lay on my back head on my pillow looking down at myself.

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    I close my eyes and start to wank my cock rubbing my feet together, loving the feeling of the stockings wanking faster enjoying myself other hard tickling my ass hole as I wank.   I hear a noise that startles me, I stop and look outside nothing again. I open my window a little so I will hear any noise better.   Walk back to my bed, I stop at the side of bed and kneel down, I put my face on the bed and stocking my ass out to the air reach round with my hand and probe and tease my hole, my cock hard now.   I put a finger in and push my ass back onto it, I can feel the breeze on my ass I quicken with my finger.   I hear a faint knock and jump up looking round, at my window there is a guy in his mid 50’s 18 stone in a dirty white vest cleaning my window.   I grab my quilt and wrap it round me.   “What the fuck do you want I shout?”  “need a hand?” he says.   “no fuck off” I shout.   “ill see your dad when he is back then, im sure he would be very interested?” he mutters cockily.   “What do you want?”, “well your dressed like a girl I want to treat you like a girl let me in or I will tell your parents”.   I look at him, “come on” he says “open the fucking window, so I can get in”.   I open and he climbs in and walks towards me, I can spell his sweat his clothes are dirty.   He pulls the quilt away, strokes my legs, “nice stockings” he smiles.   “Look you little bastard I haven’t got long get on you bed and just take it” he pushes me on the bed face first and pulls my ass and spreads my ass cheeks and spits on my hole, slides a finger in and start to fuck me with his finger, I start to protest and he slap my ass hard, he then puts another in, it starts to hurt but the more he fucks me the easier it gets.

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    I start to move my hip in turn with him, “ you’re enjoying the you little bitch, well get ready”  I hear is trousers being unzipped “ no please I cant” I protest. He slaps me hard again and I feel the head of his cock rested on my hole, I push back a little on his already hard cock, he needs no encouragement he forces the end into my hole and feel it enter and stretch my virgin hole.   My face pushed into my bed to mask my pain. He pushes further in slowly, I can feel it filling my ass. He stop and start to slowly pump it, getting faster, my pain stops and is replaced my intense please as I push back onto him.   His big hands grasping my ass and rubbing up and down my stockings, he start to really fuck me hard his breath increasing.   I shout “ fuck me hard” without even thinking.   That send him over the edge, he starts to ram me hard, both bodies covered in sweat. He suddenly pulls out and moans loud, I feel warm cum splatting all over my ass and back.  
I look round to him wiping his cock over my stockings, the he puts it back in his pants and give my ass another playful slaps.   See you around slut boy, he then climbs out of the window and walks off.   I lay there covered in cum wearing my mothers under wear. !!!!