Crystal has encouraged me to write this story of fantasy.
I began dreaming of a beautiful girl when I was fourteen.  The first dream I had was over and over again.   A beautiful young girl came down a staircase wearing scant night clothing.   In this dream she was to give herself to me.   She tuned around for me showing herself off.   When she came near she was wearing a sheer nighty and her small immature breasts could be plainly seen under the fabric.   The fabric ended above her belle button and there were scant panties that barely covered her mound.   Her slit could be seen under the sheer fabric.   She would pull down her panties and say “This is for you”.
I often woke with my cock pulsing, ejaculating my load into the bedding.   I had other dreams of her too.   She had light brown hair and beautiful large brown eyes that actually were a dark olive color.  She was called Crystal and I was in love.   I compared every girl I met with her and was disappointed.   In high school I dated a few times and had sex.

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    But still I was in love with a dream that left little room for lasting relationships.  
I quit dreaming when I entered college and began to forget her.   That is until I saw her in the University Book Store.   I couldn’t believe it.   She was Crystal, the girl I have been dreaming about since I was fourteen years old.   I could not keep my eyes off of her. I knew every inch of her from head to toe from my dreams.  
 I walked up to her and caught her gaze.   We looked into each others eyes.  She didn’t turn away or seem annoyed.  She had those large inviting olive eyes I have loved for a long time.   Her hair was lighter, but it was her.   I felt captivated in her presence and for a while was speechless.   We just stood there looking into each others eyes.
Finally I said, Crystal you lightened your hair.

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   It is lighter then in my dreams. ”
“No, she said, it is the California sun that made it lighter. ”
“It is you then. You are Crystal?”
 “I have been looking for you,” she said.   I am Crystal.
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