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Telling my friends I’d see them later, I walked over to him and leaned against his back. I whispered that we should get to know each other better. He turned around and took a good look at me. Smiling, he walked over to the bar with me and bought me a drink. He introduced himself as Marcus from California. He was in town visiting family. Yadda, Yadda. I did‘nt care for formalities. I just wanted to do the damn thing. . After about an hour and three of whatever he bought me I was feeling no pain. We walked into a dark corner of the club and sat on some barstools. I positioned myself with my legs between his and pulled his neck closer to me. I flicked my tongue out, kissing his neck lightly. He pulled me closer, setting his hand between my legs right by my pussy. I then asked him what he wanted.

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   He told me whatever. I then lowered my hand and put it inside of his pants. I took a hold of his dick and began to massage it under the table. The darkness of the club was hiding all of this. He moaned soflty, so the people at the next table would’nt notice. I moved it slower as he went to unbutton my pants. He then slipped his hand into my jeans as he unbuttoned them. He began to rub on my clit, my pussy wet already at the thrill of this public place. I began to rub him up and down faster, not trying to hurt him in the process. He then took two of his fingers and inserted them inside of me, my pussy contracting over them. I looked around to make sure that no on was looking, and took his dick outside of his pants. I ducked my head under the table and put the tip of his head into my mouth. I quickly bobbed my head and took it into my mouth, licking the top on the way up. He tried to grab my head and make me do more and I told him don’t be so greedy. Then he had an idea.

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   Quickly he got himself together and motioned for me to follow him into the bathroom. He looked inside to make sure that only a few people were in there and told me to come on. I then hurried inside the Mens bathroom. Walking in there was one guy in there and he looked like he could care less. Marcus pulled me back into the only rear stall and shut the door. Acting fast he pulled me to him and kissed me, his tongue diving into my mouth with urgency. I pushed him against the wall and took his pants down. I opened my legs a kneeled down, taking his dick into my mouth. I licked the width, letting it hit the back of my throat and come back up fast. I flicked my tongue over the shaft, using my hands to massage it lightly. I sucked fast, getting him just ready. I looked up into his eyes and watched him watch my mouth. I then took my tongue out, flicking it over the top of his dick slowly. He winked at me, showing me that he liked it. I stopped, standing up and unbuttoned my jeans.

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   I took my jeans down to my ankles, leaning onto the wall, my cheek pressed onto the tile. He took down his pants quickly, letting them hang around his ankles. He took a condom out his pocket and slipped it on. He then entered me quickly, my pussy so wet it slide right in. He grabbed my hips and slammed me against that wall, my body loving the force from his dick. He grabbed the railing around my waist, pushing himself deep into me. I held my breath, not wanting anyone to hear what we were doing. I felt my pussy shudder as I came in a low moan. He then sat onto the toilet, taking my along with him. I took my legs on the outside of his, my back facing him as I rode him backwards. I felt his dick go inside out of me, rubbing my clit as it came out gently. It felt so good. He held onto my hips, making me go faster and deeper onto him. He then closed his eyes and gripped my waist as he came just as quite as I did. I got up and turned around.

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   Taking the condom off, I went down of him again, tasting him in my mouth. I looked up at him, watching him try to squirm and push me away. I rose up and headed towards the stall door. Opening it I walked out into the main area. Three guys using the bathroom looked up, startled to see me coming out. One said what the hell? I said hey fellas and waved at them while walking out. I turned back to see if Marcus was alright. He stood at the stall, a huge smile on his face. The funny thing was. I all took about ten minutes and then I barely said two words to him after. I guess I indeed found the freak I was looking for. He was in the bathroom. .