A girl and her tentacle monster 2


The next morning I woke up more refreshed than I could ever remember. I was sure I would be sore all over, especially in my kitty, but I didn’t even feel the least bit tired. I even woke up before my alarm.
As I rolled over to shut it off before getting up, I noticed I felt…heavy. When I flipped off the sheets, I was in for a major shock. My tummy was HUGE! I stared at it in wonder for a long while, eventually rubbing my hand over the skin. I remembered how much of his slime my lover put in me and how he gave me his babies, but I didn’t expect my tummy to be so big so fast!
I remembered at some point that this is how my belly had looked when he’d left, and I wondered if his slime was still inside me and making my tummy so big. I couldn’t feel any movement inside me either. I got up and headed right for the bathroom, hoping my Mommy or Daddy wouldn’t see me. I could only imagine! Their sweet little girl running around with her nightgown forced up over her swollen tummy.
Luckily, they were either still asleep or downstairs, and I got my first glance at myself in the mirror. I’d seen pictures of Mommy when she had been pregnant with me and both my sisters (I’m the middle child), and I wondered if my tummy was even bigger than hers! Maybe it was because I was so much smaller. I also wondered how I could even stand like this. My tummy stuck out at least ten times the diameter of my formerly tiny waist, but I stood normally and felt no pain or even wobbliness.
My nightgown was far, FAR too small for me now, so I pulled it off. I looked at myself naked in the mirror, standing on my little sister’s step stool for a better view, and couldn’t help but think about how beautiful I seemed to have become.

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   I felt older, more mature, and not just because of my pregnancy. My boobies seemed to have gotten a little bigger, too. I touched them gently and found them as sensitive as last night.
A knock on the door made me jump a bit. My big sis, four years older than me, told me to hurry up and finish, since she had to go. Instantly, my heart sank at the thought of her seeing me. I was happy that my lover had given me this body, but I knew they wouldn’t understand. I fumbled for a response for a moment as I threw my nightgown back on, some silly hope in the back of my mind trying to believe it’d help, only to have her open the door suddenly, apologizing and saying it was an emergency. I stammered for a moment, but she just moved past me and sat down, trying to shoo me out all the while.
I exited a bit confused. Had she been so rushed that she just hadn’t noticed? Was that even possible with how I looked? My questions were quickly shoved aside when I felt my little sister’s hands wrap around me in a hug. She and I were only a year apart, so we were pretty close in height. It struck me as very weird that she didn’t ask about why my tummy was too big for her to reach around, or even react at all to it. She just gave me the same “good morning” like she always did. Now I was REALLY confused.

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   Before I knew it, she was leading me downstairs to have breakfast. Daddy patted us on the head with another good morning, and acted like nothing was wrong. Mommy set a bowl of cereal in front of me, not noticing how difficult it was for me to reach it or scoot up to the table.
Daddy was probably the handsomest man I’d ever met. Maybe I was being unfair to other boys, but I still wished that, if my secret lover couldn’t marry me, I could find one that looked like Daddy. Mommy was very, very pretty, and didn’t look old at all. In fact, I thought she looked WAY better than those skinny girls parading around at the high school. She’d had my big sis just after high school, and married Daddy because of it.
Looking at them made me feel kind of funny for some reason. I noticed things I didn’t before. Daddy’s broad chest and strong arms, the way he kept himself in shape despite working at a desk job, even his scruffy morning beard. I’d always thought it was cool how scratchy it was, and found myself wondering what it might feel like if he kissed me, especially on my kitty. I must have turned red when I thought that, as Mommy wondered if I had a fever. When she felt my forehead, I caught myself staring down her shirt at her boobies, which were a whole lot bigger than mine. I barely remembered her breast feeding my little sis, being told she’d done that for me and my big sis, and began wondering if I could try it again.

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That thought had me freaked out a little. I didn’t know where they were coming from, but I kept thinking dirty things about everyone. Like how soft my little sister’s hands were and the heart shape of my big sister’s behind. I quickly excused myself, saying I wasn’t hungry and went off to shower.
The water felt really good, but it didn’t calm me down. I felt funny in my kitty, and it kept getting worse and worse. I started to get really scared, since it’d never happened unless my lover was around before. Maybe his stuff inside me was making me feel this way. I tried pushing, like I was gonna pee, but nothing happened. I tried pressing hard on my tummy, hoping it’d squirt out, but it just made the funny feeling get stronger. Finally, I decided to try and scoop it out.
I admit I hadn’t thought it through. Even though I was in gymnastics and was really good at bending in weird ways, my tummy was just too big to get more than a few fingers into my kitty. Then again, once I did, I was glad. It felt SO good.

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   Almost like when you’ve got an itch you can’t seem to scratch, then you finally get it, only better. I pushed them in and out slowly, teasing my boobies with my other hand while sitting on the floor of the tub as the water fell on me. I grew more and more excited by the second as my juices started to flow out of me and down the drain.
It seemed like hours, but it was only minutes before I was panting heavily. The familiar quivering started in my kitty, followed by a lightning bolt that went from the tips of my toes to the top of my head. I clamped the hand that’d been playing with my boobies over my mouth just in time to stifle most of the scream, letting the delightful sensations run through me for a bit before remembering what I was supposed to be doing.
When I’d finished up, Mommy stopped me as I went to my room to get dressed. She worried that I looked flushed, once again feeling my forehead before declaring I had caught a cold. My sisters whined a bit about me getting to stay home for the day, but Mommy wouldn’t have any of it. She made them finish getting ready as she put me back to bed. I felt like my body was starting to heat up as I got in. Maybe I was sick. Maybe that would explain why I felt weird. But I didn’t really think so.
Mommy checked back on me after Daddy took my sisters to school.

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   I’d started sweating a bit now, but the ice pack on my neck felt good. Even through all this, Mommy never said a word about my tummy. She’d even had her hand on it, but she acted like nothing was different. I had so many questions for my lover tonight, but that would have to wait. I was feeling funny again…
Mommy checked in on me several more times, the funny feeling getting worse and worse every time she did. Even playing with my kitty didn’t seem to be helping anymore, and I’d squirted at least four more times before Mommy brought me lunch. I must have looked at her funny when I saw it was hot soup, since she just smiled and said that it’d help me get better faster. The ice cold water she brought with it was gone in an instant. I felt like I was on fire, and nothing could quench it. Even eating didn’t help much.
I must not have looked very good, as Mommy decided she was gonna call and get me into the doctor. She leaned in and kissed my sweaty forehead softly, saying she’d be right back. I was a bit confused when she didn’t move for a moment, then I felt her kiss my forehead again. I swear I saw her lick her lips. She stood up looking a bit flustered, almost guilty, and walked out slowly.

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   Part of me wanted her to not to leave.
She came back moments later, and I knew she hadn’t called the doctor yet. Her face wasn’t the same calm, reassuring one she’d shown this morning. She was upset about something, but not with me. She announced she was gonna give me a cold bath to try and bring my temperature down, so I got up, rubbing my tummy absentmindedly as we entered the bathroom.
At first things seemed normal. The water felt pretty good, but it wasn’t getting the fire I still felt inside. Mommy washed my back, slowly singing to me as she did so. As I was trying to decide if my lover getting me pregnant was causing me to feel so strange, I realized Mommy had stopped singing. I heard a deep inhale, and it hit me. She was smelling me! My own mother!
At the same time I thought of how icky that was, something else told me it was a good thing. Mommy seemed to notice I’d been paying attention to her, and quickly began finishing up the bath. She helped me dry off, and I still thought it was strange that, even when she was drying off my swollen tummy, she didn’t even flinch. I’m sure I caught her looking me over in a way mommies shouldn’t.
Something was very wrong…

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