The Hairdresser


This is a story between, me and my hairdresser. (lets call her Sarah)
Just some basic info about us:
Im 15 when this story takes place. im very athletic, love playing sports. i have an 8inch cock and im about 5'8"
Sarah is 22, she is a beautiful blonde, perfect body, C cup boobs and the perfect ass. shes about 5'5".
One day, on a day off from school.  I decided to walk up to McDonalds to get lunch.  On my way home i walked past my hairdresser and looked in the window and saw no one in there so i thought to myself 'I need a hair cut, and i should be able to get one with a booking. '
So i walked in.  I waited at the front desk to someone come out.  I had been wait for a couple of minutes, and then Sarah came out. Looking stunning as always. She was wearing a white blouse with a pink bra (could see through her top) and a short denim skirt.
"Sorry about the wait, i was on the toliet. " Sarah said very openly.
"Thats okay, it was worth the wait.

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  " I said with a cheeky smile on my face.
She just smiled back at me.
"You dont look very busy today. I was wondering if i could get a hair cut?" I asked
"Yeah, we only have one booking today and thats not till 4. " she replied
She lead me over to the basin so she could wash my hair. Once she had washed my hair she lead me back to the hair. While she was cutting my hair we got chatting. we just talking about things like school and realationships. she told me that she had just broken up with her boyfriend, she found out she had cheated on her. I turned around and gave her a hug. and told her she was beautiful and he was stupid to cheat on her. By now she had finished cuting my hair. A big smile went across her face when i told her that. I took a step back, i still had my hands around her waist. She looked up at me, i lent in and gave a little peck on the lips.

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then she asked me a weird question.
"Are you shaved?"
"No, no im not. Are you?"
"We're going to have to change that. Of course i am. "
Me look abit puzzled. She lead me out to the back room. She told me to take my clothes off. So i did as i was told. In a minute i was standing naked in front of Sarah. My cock was semi hard. She went to get a cordless razor. She turned it on and start shaving my pubes. Her face was getting really close to my cock, i could feel her warm breath on my cock. I was starting to get harder. Now she was shaving my balls, she was holding them in one had, she was being very careful.

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   Once she had finished my balls. She told me to bend over the chair so she could shave my ass. Once she was done, she went and got a cloth so she could wipe all my little hairs off me.
"Now thats better. " She said with a big smile across her face.
then she started undressing herself. Unbuttoning her Blouse and then it fell to the floor followed by her bra, letting her perfect shaped boobs out. Then she took her skirt off. To my amazment she wasnt wearing and panties. My cock was now rock hard. She walked over to me, and gave me a peck on the lips while placing her hand on my cock. She slowly moved down my body. She started kissing my cock, then she licked the head tasting my pre-cum. She started sucking my cock like a pro, she took the whole thing in her mouth. She was giving me the best blow job i had ever had.

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   After sucking my cock for 10 mins. I was about to cum. Then i shot my load straight down her throat. She swallowed every last drop.
Then i sat her down on the chair and started sucking on her nipples. Then i moved down to her pussy, it was soaking wet. I stated rubbing her clit with my fingers, then i started finger her tight pussy, first with one finger then with two, she was so wet i could fit a third in. Then i started licking her clit sending her to her first orgasam. I kept on fingering and licking her out. Sending her to another orgasam then another. When i was done, there was a puddle of her jucies on the floor.
We waited a couple of minutes for her to get her breath back. Once she got her breath back my dick was hard again. I bent her over the chair, and stuck my cock in he pussy from behind she let out a little moan. She started screaming at me to go faster so i did.

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   But it was hard for me to keep my balance because i was standing in her juices. So i pulled out of her and sat on the chair and she mounted me. She started bouncing up and down on my cock while i played with her boobs, pinching her nipples. She had an other orgasam. Then she did something that really suprised me she got off my cock and then moved closer to me and then lowered her self on to my cock. But not her pussy, her ass. It was so tight, she kept going down until she had the hole thing in her ass. Then she started bouncing up and down on my cock. I told her to get off as i was about to cum. Then she got on her knees and i stood up and started jacking off my cock and then i came in her mouth. She once again swallowed every last drop.
We then cleaned up. We then looked at the clock it was 3:55. We quickly exchanged phone numbers and then we gave each other one pasionate kiss and then i left. Just before the next costomer walked in the door.

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From then on, we would meet up and fuck at least once a week, since she lived by herself. . .