The best Cheerleading practice ive ever had!!


        It was on a Friday afternoon after school, and we had a big game the following Saterday.   So all of the cheerleaders had to get in one last practice to make sure we knew what we were doing and makeing some last minute changes.   We stayed after school from 3:00 to 7:00.    During that time the football team was practicing too, everybody was trying to squeeze in alittle time before the big game the next day.  
        And there he was, the guy i had longed to be with since freshman year.   Josh Watson!  omg he had a perfect 6 pack, dark brown hair and big blue eyes to die for.   Its been a rumer around school hes been crushing on me for awhile now.   I try my best at everything i was doing that whole time practicing because i wanted him to think i was the best one there.   4 exosting hours of trying to make everything perfect.   By the time it was time to go everybody was tired and sore and just wanted to get out of there.   So everyone just desided to pack up and go home to take a long nap.   I figured id stay and take a quick shower since no one would be using them.   So i told my friend goodbye and grabed my bag and walked over to the showers.
      I turned on the shower to get it good and hot, then i started to take off my black cheer shorts and layed them to the side.   Then i next took off my orange t shirt and threw it over to the side with my shorts.   I undone my black bra from the back and slid it off my sholders and stepped out of my thong.

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    By that time the shower was hot and so i stepped under the water, and ajusted the temp. to my liking.   My body was athletic, and i was 5'4 and pretty tan.   My cup size was a 34 C and they were natural.   I had a pretty big jlo ass too.   Every guy tryed to grab it as i walk down the hallway.    My dark brown  hair flowed down my back and the water soaked it.   While i was rinsing my hair i heard a door close.   I stopped and wondered why a girl would be coming to take a shower so late after practice.   I figured she would rather take a shower alone, to be in privacy so i quickly reached for the towl, and as i did i slipped on the soap and i started to fall.   But then to my suprize, very strong feeling arms cought me.
      I jumped on my feet quickly, and looked up and my heart dropped.   It was Josh.   I was speechless.   Standing right there naked infront of him.

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    I quickly grabbed a towl and put it around me.  
Hey, um i thought everybody left.   i said
Yah, but i stayed to take a shower since the guys showers dont have as much good water preasure.   So um yea.    He said nervously
I was breatheing really hard at that time, and said.   Um id better leave.
No no, stay please, i want you too he said,, and by the way you have a hella nice ass.
I blushed a little, and he moved in closer.   He grabbed my sholdersn and pushed me closer to him and kissed me so pationatly for that second i didnt care that he saw me naked.   I wanted him, i wanted him so bad i wanted to get into his pants. . oh just thinking of it made me wet.  
        We finally stopped kissing and he said,
Hey baby wanna have some fun?
Umm i guess.     i  said that even though i wanted to say hell yea baby fuck me now.   but i didnt.

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He stared into my blue eyes and smiled. . as he slid his hand over my towl and undone it and it fell off of me.   I smiled. . and he bit his lip.   Then he moved his hand over my breast and cupped it feeling its warmth.   then he rubbed a finger over my nipple which made it so freaking hard.   he pinched it through his fingers and twriled it around a little.   he kissed my forhead. . and bent down and flicked my nipple with his tounge and i jumped in pleasure.   He looked up and smiled. . then took it in his mouth and sucked hard on it oh it felt soo good.

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  . can you just imagine how that feels to have a tounge flicker your oh so sincitive nipple so he then stopped and then quickly took off his shirt and pants and slid down his boxers and his dick floped out as free as the wind.   I giggled and he laughed and said.   Ive needed this ever since we met.   he grabbed me and shoved me over to the shower  and agensed the wall.   i put my hand on his head and he got right agensed me and let his dick rub agensed my moist pink pussy just teasing me even more and more.   i could feel his cheast agensed my hard nipples, all of this at once felt so good i couldnt help but fall to the ground.   He bent down and cuped my head in his strong hand and kissed my lips and he kissed my whole body up and down while i lay there.   He gets to my belly button and nibbles on it a little. . then reaches my pussy lips and kisses this.   He finds my big clit and licks it for awhile.   Then starts sucking on it a little.   He reaches under the clit hood and flicks it which made me spasm in my legs he placed a hand on my thigh and smiled. .

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   he licked and sucked my labis and stuck his tounge deep down in my hole. . it made me so wet i wanted to expload.   he soon stopped and got on top of me.       
        he slowly slid his huge 8 inch dick inside my tight pussy.   He started out show then his breath got deeper and harder. . and so did his grinding.   Our motion was moving together and his dick hit every perfct spot there could be. he sucked on my nipple some more and played with my boob. . i rubbed my clit while he fucked me harder and harder.   i could feel it coming. . so i told him and he stoped and stuck a finger in me and finger fucked me for awhile and then since i wasnt a virgin i was already loose so he thought he would try something new on me.

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        He put all 4 fingers in and slowey moved them in and out untill he got his whole fist in .   It didnt fel great but soon it started to kick in and the orgasms started coming at me like a train that couldnt stop.   I squirted all over his face. .
        I hurryed up and bent down and grabbed his hard rock dick and jerked him off.   Then i sucked the head slowly and flicked it . . and then i sucked on his balls for a long time while i did a hand job on him. . i licked his nipple which had a sexy lookin ring in it.   i started to finger fuck myself until he cummed all over my face and boobs. .   then he suddenly took over and fucked my pussy again. . .

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   he got so into it he ever grabes the shower head and massaged my clit for me.  
     he took his dick and then put then inbetween my boobs and fucked them good and long.   I aqueezed them together hoping to give him the best fuck ever.   he squirted in my mouth. . and we both started to kiss exchanging cum.   After it was all swallowed. . he gave me one last orgasm.   Our hearts were beating so hard . . as we lay there togeher under the pouring water which was now cold.   he quickly got up and forcefully washed off the cum which the cold water.   and then dryed off on a towl while i do the same.  
        We put out clothes on and walk out togeher as his strong muscular arms pick me off the ground and take me too a park where we lay and watch stars.

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  . wondering how all of this happened so fast.   While we lay there he sticks his land down my shirts and rubbs my clit for me while i lay there on his arm in pleasure.   This was deff the best cheerleading practice ive ever had.