The Party- Part 3


Jess pulled the sheet up around her as she noticed that three of Taylors friends, Mike, Jason and Tom, were standing there. The guys had all taken their cocks out and were rubbing them as they watched her. Taylor smiled as he replaced the memory card in his camera. He looked at the other guys who started to strip while looking at Jess. She could not believe what was happening. She was scared, but at the same time, the idea that all of these guys were excited by watching her made her hotter. When they were completely undressed, the guys moved to the bed. They pulled the sheet off of her and began to rub all over her body. Mike began to kiss her. Tom moved down to lick her pussy, moving his tongue gently over her clit. Jason leaned down to suck her nipples. Jess just moaned into Mikes mouth, feeling herself become very hot and wet. After a few minutes Mike pulled away and moved to lay next to her. He told her to get over him and slide his cock into her pussy. She did as she was told. Tom then got a bottle of lubricant from Taylor and lubed his cock.

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   He then applied some lubricant to Jess's ass. She tensed as he slid his finger into her ass. He told her to relax. He lined his cock up and slowly slid forward into her ass. She was surprised at how easily he entered her. She felt as is she was full and going to burst from having a cock in her pussy and one in her ass. She looked up at Jason who was rubbing his cock. As the other two began to move in unison to fuck both of her holes, she leaned over and took Jason's into her mouth. She moved her head up and down on his cock, sucking and using her tongue to rub the head as she got fucked. As they fucked her lower holes, Tom played with her clit and Mike sucked on her nipples. She rubbed Jason's balls gently as she sucked his dick, not believing how quickly she got used to the action. It wasn't long before she was moaning and thrashing in orgasm. As she began to cum, she set off the boys. All four came in unison, moaning and grunting. When they were done, they collapsed in a heap.

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   Taylor was smiling, thinking about all the good shots he got, and even a small video. Jess was amazed as she finally got up and got dressed. She never thought that she could ever find one guy to make her feel so good, let alone 4. She was wondering how long it would be till her next adventure, as she left Taylors house. .