Detention with my teacher and 2 of the sexiest girls in middle school

True Story


I was in 7th grade computer class and was fucking around pissing off the teacher, let me descrive her real fast 33 years old, 5'7'' 121 pounds blonde hair to her shoulders, 38 c tits and an ass to die for. Anyway back to what I was saying, I ended up getting detention man was I pissed who would have thought just becasue I pinched her ass she would give me detention?

Well I arrived for dention at the end of the day. I walked to her classroom and knocked on the door she came to the door and opened it saying "Come on get in here your detention is for an hour"

I walked into the classroom and seen I wasnt alone there were two girls who had detention as well, 2 girls I had wanted to fuck since the 5th grade. Janetwho was 14 but had 44 dd tits and long flowing golden brown hair. Then there was Amanda (later on would be my wife) she was 15 at the time with 36 c tits. So I walked in and said "this is bullshit an hour detention for what I did"

"Your lucky we each got an hour for 2 weeks" Janet said. "I have never had detention what will we be doing?" said Amanda

"Well your going to be doing what ever I say, I'm sick of you little punks thinking you can act like assholes and get away with it" Mrs. Divan was saying as I heard a lock on the door. Not knowing what that was for but would find out later.

She walked over and stopped by our desk and dropped an encyclapedia on each of our desks. "Start at page one and copy till I tell you to stop. "

We started writeing our pages out and I got up to sharpen my pencil, the sharpener was on mrs. divan's desk, I walked over to her desk and she yells "What do you think your doing getting up with out permission?"

"I had to sharpen my pencil so I could do your stupid detention shit you want done. " asI looked down her shirt at her massive heaving tits.

"Watch your mouth" she said

As I walked away I said "Fucking bitch probably aint getting none, thats why she's so bitchy"

"Excuse me, what did you say?" Mrs Divan asked as Janet and Amanda laughed "You two think this is funny huh? well do you?"

"Yeah actually it is" Janet said

She stands up and walks over to me and says "So you think i'm not getting any huh? Let me tell you little boy your not man enough to handle this" as she ran her fingers along the side of her tits.

"Yeah right I would make you forget all about your limp noodle husband" I said which brought more laughs from the girls

"Well maybe we should make this detention a little more interesting then" as she sat on my desk facing me.



I didnt know what to do up until now I was always just mouth no one had ever called me on anything. She slowly starts to lift her skirt up showing me her gorgeous tanned thighs. "Well are you just gonna sit there or are you actually gonna put your money where your mouth is?" She asked

I started to stammer like i said I was never called out before and was actually scared shitless here i am with my sexy teacher sitting on my desk slowly raising her skirt up and the 2 girls I have always wanted to fuck sitting there stareing t me. She raises her skirt up to her waist where i can now see her black lacy panties and man did my cock get rock hard, I mean it was standing up so hard you could hang the school flag from it.

She looks over at the girls who are just stareing at us and says "Well since you 2 felt the need to laugh you can get over here and watch" "NOW" she raised her voiceto them.

They jumped up and started to walk over slowly somewhat scared and nervous. "Over here " Mrs. diavan said pointing to either side of me.

She grabs the back of my head and pulls my face down into her pussy, God was I shakeing nervous. I tried to fight a litttle bit but to no prevail as she pulled my head in further with a little more force. "you two get over there and close the window blinds" She said

The girls went over and closed all the window blinds and she yelled "Back over here now" "So little boy you gonna show me what im missing out on ?" Mrs divan said

She hit that nerve on the back of my head and my mouth jumped open and my tongue darted out "There you go little boy just like that" She said

I started licking slowly not really knowing what to do as i had never been with a girl before shit I was only 14.

"Stand up" she yelled at me

Girls take his pants off NOW" she said

Janet slowly reached for my button as Amanda reached for my zipper kind of a little scared as to what Mrs. Divan would do if they said no. They slowly lowered my pants and my rock hard cock was makeing the biggest tent in my underwear ever.

"those too " she said

And they slowly pulled my underwear down I take it they had never seen a real cock up close before as there mouths dropped open.

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"Well well well what a nice looking cock you got there" she said

Now sit back donw and get to work on my under privalaged pussy" Mrs. Divan said

I sat back down and she pulled my head in and I started licking her pussy slowly and eagerly at the same time. She started to moan a little and said "okay ladies get those clothes off now"

They looked at each other with looks of shock on there faces as Mrs. Divan slowly pulled her top off revealing her matching black lacy bra with little red roses over her nipples.

The girls slowly started to take there clothes off while looking at each other and Mrs. D

"In front of him are you serious" they asked in unison

"Yes and now besides you have seen that hard tool he has why not let him see what you got to, I mean your going to be doing more than just standing there anyway " she said

They slowly took off there clothes "Bras and panties too" she said

"Oh my God Really?" they asked

"YES AND NOW" she said

They slowly reached around behind them and undid there bras and let them fall tho the floor and slowly slid there panties down.

"she pulled my head away from her pussy and said"look at those bodies, what do you think" She asked

"There gorgeous"I said

So now the girls are totally naked and she pulls my head back down into her pussy and im eating like crazy.

"Do you girls ever play with yourselves" She asked

"Um. . . a few times" Janet said

"NO WAY "said Amanda

"I dont believe you" Said Mrs. D

"Start rubbing those tits and pusies now" She said

Janet reached down with her left hand and started to rub her pussy.

"NO NO NO, rub each others bodies" Mrs. D said

"No I will not do that you can do what ever you want but im not touching some other girl" Amanda said

"Yeah me either" said Janet

"Oh yes you will or your parents will be getting a call from me telling them how i found you two in the locker room fucking around to which is why you got detention " She said

But thats not what happened" They both said

"I'm the teacher who they gonna believe me or you" She said

They looked at each other and slowly raised there hands to one anothers bodies Janets hands went straight to Amandas tits and vice versa. They slowly started rubbing each others little boobies

"Thats it girls, rub those titties dont forget those pretty little virgin pussies either" she said

"Oh God that feels so good keep eating my pussy baby keep it up give me what i need.

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  " She said

I was now sucking on her clit while rubbing my tongue back and foth over her little nub.

"Remember what I said girls no matter what I tell you to do" She said

"What do you mean" Janet asked

"Get over here now" she said

They slowly walked over to Mrs. D one on eitherside of her as I looked up I could see Mrs D had taken her bra off to reveal her gorgeous tits hanging there for the takeing.

"Now Janet over here and Amanda over here" pointing to either side of her body. "Start licking my prety tits now suck them lick them drink from my breasts" She said

"NO FUCKING WAY" Amanda said

Mrs. D reached up and grabed her hair and pulled face down into her right ti and said "Start sucking or I make that little phone call to mommy and daddy"

Janet leaned down not wanting her hair pulled oviously and started to lick her left nipple and slowly close her mouth over it with a slight sucking sound. Amanda started to suck on her other tit as Mrs. D let up on the hair pulling a little bit.

"Thats eat you three now isnt this funner than the writeing?" she asked

"Yes Mrs D was all i could mutter

"Yes ma'am" the girls gurgled with there mouths full of tits

She started rubbing there heads while they sucked her tits then slowly pulled them off one at a time and started kissing them full on the lips. Janets mouth forced open by Mrs D's tongue and Mrs D was now rubbing her Janet's pussy. She pulls Amanda up and starts kissing her too.

"Start kissing my neck Amanda" she said

"Janet get down there and suck on his cock" She said

"You want me to do what " she asked

"Get down under the desk and start sucking that nice big prick of his" She said

"But Mrs. D I can't do that" she said

"Okay let me get the phone as she grabbed Janet by the hair and pulled her backwards.

"Okay okay im sorry please stop pulling my hair" Janet said

Amanda was sucking on Mrs. d's neck and I was now being told to inset a couple of fingers into her pussy while i ate her out.

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Janet slowly got under the desk and was a little teary eyed she grabbed my hard cock with her hand and started to pump up and down "God why do i have to do this" SHe said

"NOW" Mrs D said "If she aint sucking you let me now"She told me

Janet slowly slides my cock into her mouth and starts sucking up and downGod did it feel great. I looked up and Mrs. D was now humping at myfingers and face while she had Amanda's nipple in her mouth now, and was rubbing her pussy withher free hand.

Janet was sucking me like crazy to be honest I think she was starting to enjoy it. I let out a moan or two. "Does that feel good Mrs. D asked

"Yes ma'am it feels great" I said

Well then I think you'll definately like what were gonna do next" she said

She stands up and says okay girls stand up and come here. They stood up and she made them start kissing each other while she stood there watching. She leans down and starts to rub my cock. "Man it is really big and nice isnt it" she said

"Yes ma'am
was all i was able to studder. I mean here I am with my sexy teacher totally naked strokeing me off after i just ate her out andtwo of the sexiest girls in school were makeing out in front of me.

"Okay girls lets put these two desks together make it four desks so we have enough room" Mrs d said

"enough room for what? and why doesnt he have to help? Amanda asked

"He is gonna need all his strength for what i got in mind" She said

They get the desks together and Mrs. D tells them to lay down on the desks faceing each other. They lay down and she says " I never said stop kissing did i?

She pulls me up to my feet and sits me on the desk and she sits in my chair "You ready for this little boy?" she asked me

"Ready for wha. .

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  . . " I stammered as she lowered her head to my cock and started sucking me off.

"Oh Holy shit that feels amazing" I said

Better than Janet" she asked

I looked over and the girls were still kissing and now touching each other. "Okay girls now lay where your mouths are aligned with each others little pussies, this is called sixty nine'"she said

The girls got into position and she said "now start licking each others little pussies"

They looked up at Mrs D with a look of horror on there faces. "Now I promise you will like it she said while strokeing my hard cock

"Does that feel good baby" she asked me

"YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS is alll i could say as she slowly slid her mouth back down on my hard cock. I looked over to see Amanda start licking Janet's pussy. Janet started to moan almost instantly as she slid her face into Amanda's crotch and started licking her sweet little pussy.

"I think im gonna cum" I yelled to mrs. D

"Go ahead baby cum in my mouth she said before putting my back in

I started cuming hard and fast and she swallowedevery drop of my cum. The girls not ever haveing an orgasms that wasnt given to themselves by there own hands started cumming fast and hard as well.

Mrs. d stood up and walked over to the girls "Now isnt that nice" she asked

"They started to cum down from there orgasms and said yes.

"Well Amanda, Janet has allready sucked his cock why dont you try it out" She said

"Mrs. d i dont want to do that please i will do anything else but please not that.

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  ' She said

"Oh hunny your gonna do that and then some" she said

As she pulled me over to them by my cock which was allready getting hard again lol like i said i was only 14 i could cum a dozen times and get it right back up.

She grabs Amanda's head and pulls it cloer to my cock she reaches down and starts rubbing Amanda's bare ass as she pushes her mouth on to my cock. "Grab either side of her head" Mrs D said as she put my hands on Amanda's head

"There no grab ahold and pump in an dout of that pretty little mouth" She said

So I grabbed Amanda's head and started to pump my cock in and out of her mouth, she started to gag at first but loosened up after a few minutes and started sucking me nice and slow. I looked over to Mrs. D who was rubbing her own pussy and had Janet sitting up on the desk sucking on her tits.

"I think I want to taste that little pussyJanet. Mrs. d said

No fighting this time Janet spread her legs and started to slide back on the desk.

No not like that" said Mrs. d

She pulls Janet up to her feet and lays down on the desk herself. "Now sit that pretty pussy on my face" She said

Janet climbs up on the desk and sits on Mrs. D's face and She starts licking her pussy fast and hard. "Now you can see what its like to have a real women et your pussy baby. "she said

Amanda was now fingering her own pussy while i plowed her mouth for what seemed like an hour or more but it was only about 10 minutes. Janet was haveing a major orgasm and started moaning Mrs.

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   d pushed her head down into her own pussy and said "eat me you little bitch, eat that grown up pussy"

She lowered her head into Mrs D's pussy and started eating while having her own orgasm. After a brief 5 minute cool down Mrs. D said now its time for the real fun to begin.

She gets up on all fours on the table and says "Amanda get back her behind me and eat my pussy from the back, Janet lay down on your back and suck my hanging tits and He is gonna fuck you for the first time"

"Mrs D what if i get pregnant" She asked

"Not my problemshe said.

I got up on the table and slid my hard cock in her pussy a little tough at first since she was a virgin. Janet started to cry out but Mrs. D just shoved her tits in her mouth and said "It will only hurt for a minute baby"

I slid all the way in and felt her cherry pop "UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Janet cried.

"Yes eat my pussy Amanda lick that sweet tasty pussy you little cunt. " Mrs D said Move up and down lick my ass too baby"

I could now see from where i was with my hard cock buried in Janet's tight pussy who was laying on her back and sucking Mrs D's hanging tits and Amanda was eating Mrs. d out form behind and was fingering her own pussy. Mrs d came down from another orgasm and said
"Okay Amanda get ready" as she stood up and turned around and sat her pussy on Janet's face
"Start licking baby, lick my pussy like i licked yours, make me cum so much" Mrs d said

She sat down on Janet's face and janet started licking her sweet tasty pussy while Mrs. D said "Get up her and bend over Amanda, I'm gonna eat that little pussy till you cant take it any more"

Amanda gets up on the table on all fours and backs her pussy up into mrs d's face and she just dives right into her pussy with out warning a few minutes in amanda has now colapsed down with her ass in the air while mrs d eats her out. Janet is bucking her hips back up at me and screaming for more, more, more,

"Oh God I'm cumming, I'm Cummmmmmmmmmmmmming" Janet screamed as I started fucking her harder and harder. I leaned down and started licking Mrs. D's asshole while Janet is eating her pussy

"Oh my God thats good big boy" She said and I lost it I started cumming in Janet's pussy.

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"I can feel your cum, I can feel you cumming in me" Janet yelled. "Oh God no you cant cum in me" SHe screamed

I was to far gona now and just kept shooting cum after cum after cum up her tight little snatch.

I slowed down my pumps as I was spent.

Amanda had collapsed and was breathing like she just ran a hundred miles from her orgasm

Mrs. D wasrolled over on her back and was rubbing her tits cumming down from her cum

Janet was laying there starting to cry. "You came in me what if I get pregnant" She said as Mrs d sat up and planted a kiss on her lips.

"Dont worry Janet by the time this detention is done he will have came in all of us enough times to make sure we are all pregnant. " She said

"WHAT" Amanda screamed