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Рост179 cm (5'10" ft)
Вес60 kg (132.28 lb)
Цвет волосБлондинка
Цвет глазГолубой
Язык: Английский 
Инкол    Инкол
Секс. ориентация: Бисекс 
Встреча с: Мужчиной  Мужчиной    Женщиной  Женщиной   
Обо мне
services: OWO, CIM, CIF, COB, DFK, 69, PSE, gfe for more services we are discussed personally!! my rates: 1h 250euros 2h 400euros 3h 550euros my reviews:


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  • alexm4n 10-07-2010
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    13-05-2010 2 ч. Афины
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    Extra Ball
    С языком

    Несколько раз
    10% фотошопа
    Met her a couple of times the first was exceptional the second was a flop
    We were both tired and exhausted and should have called it off! Anyway my review only refers to our first meeting
    A good looking woman in her late twenties, early thirties, but with a cute face, not pretty in a traditional way though, in my opinion it does give her a type witch makes her noticeable and good looking!
    She herself doesn’t even like it and always speaks about a little nip tuck here and there, but that’s her insecurity talking!
    She is tall with a thin slim body, with soft clean skin, well kept with enhanced breasts! Although perhaps they need some readjustment since they are not kept in place as they should be!
    She needs to take care more of her toes that are a turn off for FF funs, and better manicure her nails! Small details that make a lot of difference!
    Sex with her is good, she's active and energetic and doesn’t try to waste time!
    Her BJ is deep with deep throats and without, hands and sometimes she gags herself from the excitement and effort!
    We switched several positions and she tried to please me as best as se could but the best way to enjoy meeting with her is her a-level service! Without it the meeting is vastly inferior and not as fulfilling and exciting as it should be! Without a-level don’t even bother!
    In social time she is ok! Although some times a little slow to take a hint or understand
    perhaps her English is not as good as I thought they were!
    Found it really weird that she couldn't understand the difference between a harbour and a seaside beach!
    She knows about music and movies and her fashion well although her wardrobe is not up to date, even worse she needs to update her sets of underwear! Fast!
    Leftovers from a photoshoot is not always a good thing!
    She is a vegetarian and she doesn’t like to drink or stay up late so partying and clubbing with her is not a very good idea! Difficult and demanding as a person many times undetermined of what she wants! Sometimes she’s a little cranky and frustrated but if you’re gentle and nice you will be rewarded! She has her laptop always on during the meeting! When I asked to turn it off she was annoyed! I also found her talking in facebook when I returned from the shower which also annoyed me! If you’re interested in a long date remember these last details
    Be sure to agree her fee and services before the meeting! She’s is not as nice as you might think! She is a pro and wants to make the most money she can from you!

    Overall without a-level you can find younger, more fresh girls that are less expensive and as good and enjoyable as her but with a-level you should not miss her!

    Kisses darling…
    so if I am a so big disaster,why you want to visit me for the 3th time?...haha (: nnDarling,you can wright what ever you want,if you have a desire of revange for my refusal to give you a discount...it’s only your level darling...n