Поза 69
69 sex position or slang for oral sex performed by two people on each other, simultaneous fellatio and cunnilingus. Can be practised by M+M, M+F or F+F. Called "69" due to the shape of the two numerals, which suggests the sex act.  Expl of F+F: the two girls were in a 69, licking each other's pussies. OR expl. of M+F: when a girl is sucking on your cock while u are upside down eating her pussy.
А-левелA-level is a slang for anal sex. Also called “Greek”. Just Anal work or A-level is a word often used for anal sex. This phrase is often used in the porn industry for scenes where the male actors penetrate with their penis into the actress' anus. Also our days it's used in high end escort talk for anal sex. Anal intercourse, sometimes optional.
А-риммингA-rimming or Anal rimming or also can be AR - is oral stimulation of anus. Some escorts will allow you to do this to them, but only far fewer will do it to you. SO to be more clear is slang means someone is licking an other persons ass and anus.
Все виды фантазийAll Kind of fantasies
Лизание яичекBall Licking and Sucking
Минет без презервативаBare Back Blow Job (oral sex without condom)
BBWBig Beautiful Woman = BBW. A word of slang that fat chicks use as a euphemism for fat.
Bondage, Discipline, Sado-Masochism. A form of sex play or role-play which combines Bondage and Discipline (BD), Dominance and Submission (DS) and Sadomasochism (SM). A catch-all term for a broad array of sexual practices, especially involving restraint and inflicting pain. Mostly disapproved by escorts. An overlapping abbrevation of Bondage and Discipline (BD), Dominance and Submission (DS), Sadism and Masochism (SM).
Коричневый дождьBrown shower
БуккакеBukkake is phrase when several men are masturbating and ejaculating on a single woman. The phrase comes from an old Japanese tradition. The number of men can very from a few to a few hundred, to goal is to ejaculate as much as possible.
Игры со свечамиCandle play
Кончить на лицоCum on Face, Cum in Face or more clear is that this slang for ejaculating on someone's face.
Сперма в рот
Come in mouth. This may or may not be followed by the swallowing of the cum. CIM stands for cum in mouth, when a man can ejaculate into a woman's mouth. Usually this is an extra when we are talking about escort girls.
Кончить на тело
Come On Body = COB stands for cum on body, when a man ejaculates on the woman's body.
Романтический ужинCompany for dinner
Глубокий минет
Deep throat or just DT is when a girl is giving a blowjob and the guy puts most of his dick into the girls mouth. The dick touches the throat, and often makes girls gag. So someone can put deep in her throat a dick while sucking or giving a blowjob.
Глубокий Французский поцелуйDeep French Kissing
Разные позыSex in different positions
Игры с фаллоимитаторомDildo play - sex toys
Грязные разговорыDirty talks
Догги стайлA man positions himself behind his partner. She's usually bending over something, or on her hands and knees. The guy can then pull her hair, and use her boobies for handles.
Лёгкое доминированиеDomination light
Двойное проникновениеWhen a woman of the female sex has two penises inserted any combo of her mouth, anus, or vagina, but is most commonly done in the anus and vagina.
Эротический массажErotic massage or sensuous massage is the use of massage techniques by a person on another person's erogenous zones to achieve or enhance their sexual excitation or arousal. And Happy Ending :)
Несколько разExtraBall = Multiple times sex and means that a client can have multiple orgasms and sexual action with an escort girl during the hours he payed.
Фейс ситтингFace sitting is when one person sits on another person's face.
ФасиалSexual act in which man-juice is spewed unto a girl's face.
ФетишSexual fetishism or erotic fetishism is the sexual arousal a person receives from a physical object, or from a specific situation. The object or situation of interest is called the fetish; the person who has a fetish for that object/situation is a fetishist.
ФингерингFingering is the manual (genital) manipulation of the clitoris or other parts of the vulva, the vagina, the foreskin, or the anus for the purpose of sexual arousal and other sexual stimulation.
ФистингThe act or art of putting a fist in an ass or vigina, very popular practice among more evolved(kinky)gays. requires great care and huge amounts of lubrication.
Фут фетишFoot fetish means when someone has to play with the partner's feet to induce sexual excitement and satisfaction. Escorts are often asked to do foot job for clients who are foot fetishists.
Французский поцелуйYou and your partner putting your tongue in each others mouth and moving it around with your lips locked when you kissing.
ГангбангWhen multiple partners, usually 3 or more, have sex with a single partner.
GFEGirl Friend Experience. Escort made it feel like she was your girlfriend.
Золотой дождьGolden Shower also know as GS and means that the sexual excitement is associated with urination, so the escort girl must urinate/pee on the ground, bed or even on the client's body.
Делает Золотой дождьWhen partner pissing on partner.
Групповой сексGroup sex
Таскание за волосыHair pulling
Ласковые ручкиWhen a girl strokes a guys penis until he cums. It's basically masturbation done by someone else for a person.
Высокие каблуки и эро. бельёDressing: High heels & lingerie
КинкиA kink is a sexual taste.
Лесби шоуJust escort (escorts) will show you lesbian show, lesbian games. It's not that girls are 100% lesbian,in escort that means that if you book 2 girls they will or can play lesbian games.
МассажSensual,relax massage with oil or without. Just for relax. In escort can be not pro massage.
МилфаMother I'd Like to Fuck. MILF is usually used in the porn industry, the meaning of this word is "mother I like to fuck". Mature pornstars and mature escorts are often called MILFs.
ГоспожаA woman who has a continuing sexual relationship with a man who is married to someone else.
Нуру массажNuru massage is an erotic massage that originated in Japan. It is best done nude and with a lot of oil. Often ends up with the participants having sex - happy ending.
Секс на природеOutdoor Sex
Оральный без презервативаOral WithOut a condom where the escort girl gives a blowjob or sucking without condom.
Платные Skype звонкиEscort which allow you to what her via skype. She will show you all what you asked but ofc not for free.
ФотоPartner allow to make a photo of her/him.
Массаж простатыProstate Massage
Опыт порноактрисыPorn Star Experience. Many clients like to order escort girls that are porn stars as well, to get a professional sexual service as they think (and it's often true) that porn star girls are far the best lovers in the bed.
Ролевые игры
When you act out one of your sexual fantasies using characters ie. Dentist, teacher etc. "Let's play doctors and nurses!"
Сексуальный душShower together or allow to look at paretner in shower.
Лёгкое рабствоSlave soft
Отшлёпает васSpanking (give)
Женская эякуляцияWhen a girl shoots cum from her pussy. Female ejaculation.
СтрапонStrap On is a dildo that is used by women. It has a device so it can be "straped" on. Mainly used for lesbian sex or  also can be used by women to give pleasure to male or female partners.
СтриптизStriptease is an erotic or exotic dance in which the performer gradually undresses, either partly or completely, in a seductive and sexually suggestive manner.  Escort girl can do PRO striptease for you.
СабмиссивSubmissive enjoys to be dominated
ПроглатыватьBlow Job to Completion with Swallowing. When a woman gives a blowjob to another man and then swallows the cum.
Шведский массажEssentially same as the handjob.
СвингерыSwinger is a person who have sex with multiple people at the same time.
Тантрический массажTantric massage is a method of bodywork that engages your entire physique, encompassing even your private zones. The objective is to stimulate your sensual energy, enhance the bond with your partner, and heighten the awareness of your body's responses to sexual pleasure.
Тантрический сексTantric sex is a sexual practice intended to foster mindfulness and profound intimacy among participants. This is accomplished through techniques such as controlled breathing, sustained eye contact, holding each other close, sensual massage, and measured, intentional lovemaking.
Tie and teaseTie and Tease
Секс игрушкиToys are an often used phrase in the escort world, escorts with this service like to play with dildos and other sexual accessories.
Разрешает делать видеоVideo means in escort industry that allow client to make a video with escort girl.