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It was the summer of 1969; the warm weather had given rise to new hope as went returned from a wonderful tropical Gulf Coast Holiday to our Midwestern home.   My dad and mom in the front seat, my two older sisters in the back seat and me and my little sisters in the rear of the family station wagon.
Everyone was feeling good and relaxed and explains why the sister’s slept soundly as we pulled in for gas in the middle of nowhere.   Dad was busy checking the oil with the attendant as mom got out and went inside to buy some sacks.   I plopped out the back window that had been rolled down since we left and scurried to find the bathroom.   It was 13, a small boy just five feet, thin around 90 pounds and until this week I was pale, now I was tanned like leather.   I had on my trunks and flip flops and nothing else.   My sunned long blonde hair had me looking like a half naked little girl.   I have blue eyes and everyone who sees them says they sparkle.  
I was around behind the pumps and at the side of the building before anyone in my family knew it.   Just as I found the men’s room, I saw two young men out back smoking cigarettes.   They spied me and I saw their expression of wow, and sort of a devilish grin, as I ducked inside the room.   It was cool and dreary looking, and smelled to high heaven.   I made my way over to the commode and dropped my trunks and plopped out my little cock.   I had no real body hair at all and as I stood there relieving myself, the door opened and in walked both young men.   To be polite I calming said, “I’ll be done in a moment.

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These two men, were around six one or two.   They were dressed in slightly worn jeans and no shirt and one was a black man, with almost no hair.   The white boy was sort of wild eyed looking with curly waves of black hair and had some sort of mark on his arm like a scar.   Just as I was about to drip dry, I saw him loosen his pants and let them fall, and I saw his massive eight inch cock just dropped down and then slowly rise upwards as he slid his hand on it.   I gasped and turned to compare my own and felt like a midget.   Then I saw the black man do the same and as he shoved his pants down, he locked the door.   His cock was monstrous almost ten inches and fat with a slightly pink looking color to the tip, but when he pulled on it for a second it got even bigger.   The two of them walked over to me and standing right beside me smiled and whispered, “How about you let us give you a ride on these big cocks sweetheart?”
As I reach down to get my shorts the black man stepped on them keeping me from pulling them up and making me slightly bent as the white boy crammed his cock forward poking me in the eye.   He laughed as he did it and then said, “Suck my dick. ”
I spouted back, “No!”
Then the black man slapped his massive hand over my mouth and said, “Well then I will just fuck you white boy. ”
With that I was lifted put pf my shorts and hoisted up as he used my asshole for his pleasure.   His hand firmly over my mouth as he crammed it inside me causing me to groan and scream a muffled cry.   He shot it in deep and hard and then began to get a rhythm going that was all but tearing me in half.   He held me like that long enough for me to feel a hot gushing in my ass.   When he did he left in me a few more seconds then passed me to the white boy.

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    He did the same thing and as he did, I heard the black tell him, “Wayne, we can take this piece of ass to my place and keep in the barn.   Who knows we fucking keep him there long enough to turn into a regular whore. ”
Wayne now fucking like a wild man, as he clamped over my mouth with his hand, panted back, “Get the fucking…car…Jake.   Get…the fucking…car. ”
Jake the black man spun out of the bathroom and I could hear his hot rod engine start and then the sound grow closer just as Wayne let his cum go inside my ass. ”
He let me down still clutching my mouth one hand and pulled his pants up enough that he could carry me and walk to the door.   He stopped and looked for a sign from Jake which he gave and then he pushed me into the car between them.   I was naked and my shorts and flip flops were inside as we sped off for a few feet before Wayne remembered them.   Jake took the muffling control of me as Wayne raced back inside, just as I saw the family station wagon turn and pass us and head to the interstate entrance ramp, and down the road they went.   They had mistakenly thought that I was asleep and in the back of the car and didn’t check to make sure.
Wayne returned and the car sped away at a high speed as Jake steered it crazily.   We dashed down the road and then back out some lonely look gravel roads until with a screeching sound, we stopped in the middle of nowhere near an old broken down barn.
Jake pulled me out as I began to struggle and scream, and as I did he laughed and replied, “No damn way anybody who can hear is going to come here and bother me.   This is my place no one lives around here but my older brother and he wouldn’t give a damn about no white boy.   Now you can scream until you can’t talk or you can use that mouth to suck my dick.

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With that he pushed his jeans off and exposed his cock to my mouth as he guided my head to it with a force.   He pushed my mouth back and forth over it and then rubbed it all over my face as his cock grew slightly rigid.   Wayne had stripped himself and as fondling my ass as he told me, “I am going to enjoy your ass this time. ”
With that his cock went up inside me and lifting up off the ground he held me and butt fucked me as Jake began to slap his cock to my lips and face.   Finally after gasping for a few minutes from the attack in my rear, I relented and let his cock into my mouth.   It wasn’t nearly as bad as I imagined and felt sort of funky as he slid it in and out.   Then when he poked it down my throat causing me to gag I felt his hands grip my ears so hard that I swallowed it all and managed not to suffocate.   I couldn’t taste anything but salty sweat as his cock rocked my face and I was in shock from the whopping in my ass by Wayne as he let a hot surge of fluid go inside me.   Then Jake pulled back and placed the tip on my lips and splattered my mouth with his cream.   I managed not swallow of all of it but a great deal of his tangy cream made it in me.
Jake looked at me when I finished and said, “Now you cleaned me up pretty good boy, do that for me each time and I will try not to cock you dick of and feed it to you. ”
Wayne was relaxing after his climax and added, “Yeah if you let us fuck you good, we won’t have to kill you. ”
Then as he released me Jake dragged me inside the old barn and forced me into an old stable and locked it with a big wooden board over the latch.   They left me inside there alone for a long time before he returned and gave me a beer and old bread and bologna sandwich.   I had never tasted beer but I drank it and it sort of relaxed me.

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    Then Wayne lit up a cigarette that he made himself and forced me to smoke it.   A few minutes later and I was calmer than I had been since it all started and well I hate it admit, I was getting horny.   My little cock popped out its full four inches and pointed at my chin as they giggled and laughed at me.   I was seated between them on a wooden stool just inside my stall as Jake asked me, “Would like to suck my dick now?”
He stood up and dropped his pants and plopped his whopper out for me to gaze at just as Wayne reach around me and started to fondle my cock.   I looked back at him and Wayne kissed me and when he did, I accepted and returned it the same way he did me.   Then his hand slowly went up and down my shaft and up my body to my nipples.   When he touched them it felt good, really good and I tingled all over.   Kissing me gain he let his fingers fondle them for a few more seconds then whispered, “You want to suck Jake now boy. ”
I turned and looked at the black cock and sank my mouth to it and began to suck him madly.   He enjoyed me now as the beer and pot had relaxed me enough to get horny and when Wayne put his cock in my ass again, I got so hot my right hand held Jake while my left rubbed my own tits and cock until I came and then Wayne came.   Then I knelt and gave Jake my all and when I had sucked him well enough he splattered my open mouth with his hot cum.
Then Jake went out of the barn for a while, as Wayne kept me company kissing me and fondling me until I sank down to suck his cock.   He was semi hard after a few minutes then as I sucked him a few more minutes he was hard as nails and so was I.   Then Wayne surprised me by lifting me up and kneeling down and sucking my cock until I came in his mouth.   We kissed a few more times until he let me suck his cock off fully.

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When Jake returned he had a blanket and two old pans.   He also brought some rope and a dog collar, which placed around my neck.   He used the rope as a leash and led me out the other side of the barn and down to creek.   There he had me bathe in it with bar soap until I was clean, then they locked me back up in the barn.   The blanket was to sleep on and keep war and the pans were to piss and shit in.   There were some old newspapers there that he piled up by them as well.   Then just before sundown they left me locked inside with a fresh beer, a pack of crackers and some gum.   They were gone all night, as I slept there all alone in the darkness.   I was lonely and by the time the pot wore off I was getting frightened until they pulled up and brought me another joint and another beer.   Two minutes late and Jake was getting sucked by me like a porno star, as Wayne fucked my ass until he screamed loudly.   They fucked me twice before they fed me and left alone for the afternoon.   That just before sundown they returned and took me to bathe and they fucked me while I was tied up over a stump near the creek.   I had wash again and then I was put to bed, but not before smoking a joint with Wayne and letting Jake suck my cock off this time.
It went on like this until it started to get cold weather.   I really lost track of time then.

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    They knew I couldn’t stay there in the winter so they decided I need to be let go.   I refused as by this time I was hooked on three tings, beer, pot and sex.   I told them no and that I wanted to stay with them. Jake finally agreed to let me stay in his house with his brother and after I met Cletus I was hooked on four things, Black Cocks as the last one.   I slept with Cletus and he fucked me all night long sometimes, everyday when he got back from the mill.   Jake and Wayne started taking me out with them but I was dressed up like a girl so no one would ever guess who I really was.   When day they drove to a big city and paraded me around some men at a construction site and then got $20 a blow job from me sucking all twelve of them off.   That was when Wayne decided he could pimp me out to men for sex.   He started setting up dates at Jake’s house in the daytime.   After a while I was getting fucked five or more times a day by strangers.  
Along about that time Cletus got jealous and told them, he wanted to keep me for himself.   So he agreed to pay $500 a month rent for me.   Jake and Wayne could still fuck me at the house when he was gone but I wasn’t to be whored out anymore.   The days were lonely but my nights were filled with big meaty surprises.   I lost all track of time until one day when I was cleaning up the room where we stored junk, I found an old newspaper from 1970, and it was talking about me and how the authorities and my parents were still looking for me.

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    That was when I remembered what had happened 12 years before that, now 25, I was a willing gay slave to Cletus and hooked on Wayne, Jake, Beer and pot.   I knew I couldn’t go home, so I decided to stay.   After all I had made that choice long ago.
I started to notice what I looked like then and realized my hair was now neatly trimmed and even in the front like bangs on a girl and fell to my ass in the back, my thin body had grown to almost 5’7” and I now weighed 145 pounds.    My cock while not nearly big was almost six when it was hard and I was so tanned from all my days playing the sun outside alone.   I started dressing more like a young woman than a man after that.   I also started taking some natural pills that Cletus bought me to make my tots grow.   Some day I may just become a woman, stick around and find out.

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