While You Were Gone....


Topic: While You Were Gone. . . . My husband is always on business trips so it was no surprise that he wasn't going to be there to help me move everything inside our new house. But when I pulled into the driveway of my new gorgeous house, I completely forgot everything. I was so happy I immediately got in the back of the truck and started to push the sofa out of the truck. It was too heavy for me to push on my own I soon realized. But at the end I saw a young man pulling on the other end of the sofa. Me and this mysterious boy got the sofa off the truck and onto the driveway. "Hi, I'm Shane, but you can call me Bary. . . . My friends do.  I live right next door with my parents and my 19 year old sister.

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  . . She's a year older than me. . . . " He said extending his hand out to me. I shook his hand and said, "Well nice to meet you, my name is Rachael Beckman. I would really like to move everything inside before my husband gets home, which is in 2 hours. " "Oh, well I could help you. . . . " He said staring at my chest. "Sure if you want to.

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  " I said. Then I put my pointer finger under his chin and pushed his head up so he was looking me in the eyes. His face got really red and before he could split I said, "Well let's get everything inside. "
We got everything moved in and settled where I wanted it within a hour and a half. "Well, thanks, here take this for helping me. I've got to go inside and start dinner for my husband he should be home in a half of a hour. " I said extending a $50. 00 dollar bill out to him. "Anytime, and thanks for the money. " He took the money then instead of using the front door he climbed up the vines on the side of his house and climbed inside the only window on that side of the house.
By the time my husband got home it was 10:30 just when he said he'd be home.  I had a romantic dinner set out on the table. He walked inside sat all of his stuff in our room, and sat down at the table.  While eating I told him about Bary, and how he helped me move everything inside. He just merely said, "That was nice of him.

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  " When we finished we sat down on the newly moved in sofa, and watched T. V. I rested my hand on his leg. Slowly unknowingly I moved my hand onto his member. I leaned over kissed him which lasted a minute or two and then whispered into his ear, "Let's go into the bedroom. "
He pulled up my dress until he had his hands around my waist, picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He started kissing me and walking us into the bedroom but while he was taking us into the bedroom due to the large amount of wine he drank he bumped me into a few walls, but I didn't mind it. I like it rough. . . . He threw me onto the bed and started taking off his shirt and pants. I rolled off the bed and I knelt in front of his boxers. I pulled them off him, and I sucked his 8'' cock. He got aggressive and grabbed the back of my head and made me deep throat him.

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   I sucked on his cock until he came deep in my throat. Then he pulled out of my mouth and sprayed his cum all over my dress. I stood up and he pulled my sticky dress off of me and I kicked it to the side of the room. He pulled off my red lacy bra, and pushed me down onto the bed again. I laid on the bed watching him, and he said, "Have you been a bad girl while I was gone?" "Mmmmm yeah, I need to be punished!" I said rubbing my pussy through my thong. He leaned down and kissed me while rubbing my boobs. Rubbing my boobs he started kissing down my stomache, then he grabbed my thong strap with his teeth and let it go, it snapped on me and I jumped a little. He took off my underwear and threw them off the bed. He pushed his tonuge into my pussy, and played with my clit. He licked my clit and stuck 3 fingers into my pussy. He finger fucked me and I came hard on his hand. Then he I licked his fingers and we kissed again. He flipped me over and I stuck my ass up to him, hoping he would fuck it. But shockingly he spanked me. Hard, over and over again he spanked me.

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   He fucked my pussy, he shot his cum up my cunt, and I felt it settle in my stomache. Then he spanked me and fucked my ass. "Ohhh baby! Fuck my ass! Mmmm spank me yes! Yes!" I screamed out. He kept fucking me and leaned up and said "Yell louder and I think we can get the neighbors to hear. " He leaned back and kept fucking me, spanking and fucking. Finally he climaxed, and my ass was dripping of cum. We fell asleep with his cock up my pussy.
When we wook up we got into the shower. I sucked on his cock again, then the door bell rang and he came all over me, I got out of the shower, and still covered in cum, put on my bath robe. I ran downstairs, and opened the door. My dripping wet hair making me cold. "Oh, hi Shane, did you need something?" I said holding the door so all you could see was me. "Well last night I heard screaming, and I just wanted to make sure everything was alright. . .

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   My parents didn't hear it so I didn't tell them. " He said staring at my boobs. "No we were watching a horror flick and I got scared so yeah that is probably what you heard. " I said smiling. "Oh, okay well sorry to interupt your shower Mrs. Beckman, bye" He said turning around. "Bye!" I said noticing he had a hard on.
I ran back upstairs and looked out the window, he had made it back up to his room again, he had the window open and the blinds up so I could see him sitting on his bed. "Who was that honey?" My husband called from the bathroom. "Girl scout. . . . " I lied. "Come here for a second please!" He said.

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   I went back into the bathroom, and took off my stained bath robe. "Yes my little sex machine?" I said giggling. He opened the shower door and said, "Come here, its your turn. " I smiled and I got back in. He knelt on the shower floor, and I stood up. He started licking inside my pussy, and I pushed his head away. I got out of the shower and came back with two vibrators. I handed them to him, and said, "Do whatever you want with them. " That's the good thing about our relationship I don't care what we do and he knows it, so as long as he cums by the end of sex he is happy, and so am I. He shoved the first vibrator on high into my pussy. Then he turned me around and while holding the one in my pussy he licked my ass. He got the shower head off of its holder and held it up against my ass to get it wet, and then put it back. He stuck the other vibrator up my ass slowly. Then I squeezed my ass, and he turned me back around. I didn't have to squeeze alot though because I have a really tight ass.

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   He then rubbed my clit and fucked me with the vibrator. When I came I came really hard, but not on the vibrator I came in his mouth. He swallowed what he could, and we both took a real shower.
Throughout the day we watched porn and fucked. Then at around 6:00 p. m. we ran out of vodka so we hopped in his convertible and drove over to the grocery store. I went inside and grabbed three bottles of vodka, and 2 cases of beer. When I was checking out I went to the check out stand #5 and the grocery store cashier was Shane from next door. On the back of the reciept he wrote, "I know you weren't watching a scary movie last night. " I crumbled it up and put it in my back pocket. I hopped back in the car and said, "Guess what! Shane from next door works in there. " "Wow. . .

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   that boy is just everywhere. " He said driving us home. When we got home we drank a case of beer and watched, '10 Cheerleaders and 1 Guy/ The Sequel' My husband jerked off during it and I drank his cum. At the end we were both really hot, so we went into the bedroom, I noticed that it was 11:00 p. m. and Shane was looking out his window. His window was right across from our bedroom. We had placed the bed in front of the window across the room. So the end of the bed was facing the window. I didn't say anything and we fucked. He first spanked me. Then he laid me down and tied me up to the bed posts. Then he took his dick and shoved it into my pussy. He had me blindfolded. I started screaming, "Oh my god! I'm cummmmming!" At the end of the sex, he had spanked me, fucked me, and he had jerked off into my mouth several times.

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   He left for and second and then he came back, stuck a vibrator up my pussy, and put it on high. Then he said, "I'll be back I have to go to the store, try and not to wake the neighbors. " He left me blindfolded, and a vibrator up my pussy. I came 4 times, in the 30 minutes he was gone.
I'm sure the little peeping tom had heard me again. When he came back he untied me and I took the vibrator out of my pussy. We went to bed dirty. When we wook up again we fucked in the shower. When he left that morning to go on his 3 week business trip I asked him before he left, "Where did you go last night?" "I went to the store and bought you a web cam. " He said and then he left. When he left I went inside, locked the door, and almost immediately there was a knock on the front door. I opened the door and said, "What did you. " But it wasn't my husband it was Shane at the door. "Hi Mrs. Beckman, did your husband already leave?" He said holding a pie in his hands.


   "Shane why are you here?" I said. "Well. . . . I looked out the window last night because I have a bird watching class, and I heard you screaming, were you watching another scary movie?" He said with a smirk on his face. "Yes I was. " I said with my arms crossed. This boy was just a little shorter than my husband, and he was defiantly not as muscular but I still was attracked to him. "Why are you carrying around a pie son?" I said staring at the pie. "It was a gift for you and your husband. . . " He said staring at my legs. "Come in please.

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  " He walked in and sat down the pie then he sat down on my cum stained sofa. He looked at it and pretended to not notice it. "Where are your parents?" I said sitting down on the spot. "Work. " He said. "Your sister?" I said. "At a friends house. " he said.
I went into my bedroom, and he followed me. He sat down on my bed and I walked over to my bedroom window. "So you watched me and my husband last night then?" I said. "Yeah. " He said. "So you're 18 ehi?" I said getting horny. "Yeah.

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  . . " He said.
"So why did you come over here?" I said in a sexy voice. "I wanted to. . . " He started but I cut him off and I kissed him. I pushed him down on the bed and pulled off his shirt. I kissed him and kissed down his abs. I then took off his pants and boxers. His 5 inch cock flopped out of his boxers. I started sucking his cock. I let him cum in my mouth, and I took off my shirt, pants, bra, and thong.  I kissed him and then he stuck his dick into my pussy.

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   He fucked me and I got close and said, "Mmmm Bary I'm gonna cummmm. " He fucked me and I came over his dick which made his dick get harder. He said, "I'm gonna cum. " He pulled out and stuck his cock in my mouth. I sucked him until he came. He pushed his face into my pussy and penetraded my pussy with his tounge he flicked my clit with his tounge until I came hard. He kept going until I came again. He was a little lost so I got up and he laid on the bed again. I stuck his dick into my ass and bounced up and down on his cock. He kept fucking me until he came.  He stopped fucking me but I didn't stop fucking him , I kept bouncing up and down on his cock until I came, he came again, and then I said, "Okay clean up. " I said looking at the naked 18 year old boy. He took a shower put on his clothes and left. He went up to his room, and looked out the window. I was on my bed and I was masturbating.

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   He threw a paper airplane threw my window it said, """How are you still horny?""" I flipped him off, and threw the plane back to him it said, """I'm always horny. """ I came on my hand and closed the window/blinds.
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