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After my mom and dad got divorced, mom and I naturally started to become pretty close. Something that we both liked and enjoyed. I think that mom liked my male companionship as her son, and she began to feel comfortable being quite open with me, giving me affectionate smiles and basically sort of flirting with me. I think because it was something that she found a little exciting to do, she started letting me catch a glimpse of her nude every now and then. Mostly just coming and going between bedroom and bathroom. Things like that. Sometimes she would give me a big grin, happily showing off and having fun doing that. I kind of found it exciting too, seeing my mom naked. I'd grin and tell her how nice she looked, which she did. She had a trim shape, with fairly full breasts and big nipples, and quite a bit of dark pubic hair.
One day there was a phone call for her while she was in the bathroom. I answered it and then went and told her that it was one of her friends calling, and went back to the phone to say that she would be right there. I was a little surprised when mom walked into the kitchen in the nude to take the call. Her hair was sort of wet and it was obvious that she had just popped out of the shower. She acted quite calm and ordinary about it, which I thought was pretty neat. She sat down and lit a cigarette and had a cup of coffee while she talked for about ten minutes.

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   After she finished talking and hung up, she smiled sort of shyly and said that she hoped I didn't mind her doing that, with nothing on. I told her no, and reminded her that I had seen her undressed before. She was happy that I was so accepting of it, and sort of teased me, saying how she wouldn't mind seeing me nude around the apartment some time. I looked kind of self-conscious and she said that it wouldn't embarrass her, and I said something about not being too sure about that. She assured me that she wouldn't be embarrassed, and suggested that I'd give it a try and take my clothes.
Reluctantly I did. I felt a little funny getting naked in front of my mother, but she was naked right then, too. After a moment it didn't seem quite so embarrassing, and she was pleased that we were both naked. Although I was trying not to, I started to get an erection. It just happened and my penis was sticking stiffly up. Mom wasn't shocked. She looked delighted by my arousal. So I'm standing there letting her see me with a boner and she gives me this big hug, squeezing up against me. We just sort of stood there like that, in each others arms, feeling each others warm, smooth, bare skin. I loved the way her breasts felt against me.

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   She was all smiles and teased me, asking me if I liked that. I admitted that I did, blushing, and said something about how I guessed it was okay since we were just standing there. She teased me some more, and said that if I wanted, that I could try slipping it into her just for a moment. I was pretty surprised, but I could tell that she obviously had no objections to my doing that. She turned around, leaning forward against the kitchen counter, and I stepped up behind her. Taking a hold of my boner, I proceeded to push it into her vagina. She was wet and it went in very easily. I could hardly believe that I was standing there naked, with my boner in my mom's vagina! It felt so good!
I started to slowly slide in and out and I heard her moan and she tilted her head back, liking how that felt, too. It was not like we were doing anything bad or wrong, simply having this really nice moment together. I continued to slide my stiff length into her warm, wet sheath, doing that maybe five or six times. She told me to be careful and not to come in her. I was kind of shocked, somehow thinking that she wasn't worried about that, because she was on the pill or something. Apparently that was not the case. We were doing it without any protection. I suddenly felt my boner becoming really excited and unable to hold back.

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   It almost took me by surprise. I pulled out, and just as I did, I squirted my semen all over her butt and back. I just stood there having these uncontroled big creamy pulses.
When it was over, my mother turned and teased me, saying how much I must have enjoyed that! I really had, but my heart was racing over how close I had probably just come to getting my own mother pregnant! Or, at the very least, that I probably would of had a very good chance of doing that if I had just gone ahead and let my boner ejaculate inside of her vagina. I could hardly believe that she had even been willing to take the chance. My own mother! Yet, she was willing to enjoy letting me take care of my needs, so long as I was careful. Very risky! I told her how I felt, and how nervous that made me. She said that she knew that she could trust me and know when to pull out. Later, she got on the pill. I was never so relieved about anything in my entire life!.

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