My beautiful pregnnant girlfriend


I was laying in bed and again I noticed I was looking at girlfriend. I thought she was attractive, even now. Even when she kept cursing her swollen belly and breast which no longer felt as if they were hers. It is also easy for me to say, I know that for sure. I have no notice of the inconveniences which come look at. Nausea, the mood swings (although I she gives me a fair share of those ones too) and all those other little inconveniencies. I only see how my girlfriends beautiful body of my girlfriend becomes even more beautiful. Everything about has rounder, more feminine and as a result of that, also thousand times more exciting too me.

Valerie stood in front of the mirror. In fact, I was hoping she stood there to admire herself, but truth be told,she was combing her hair. She has beautiful, long, blonde curls, which I have always been particularly fond off. Whether she was pregnant or not. Her long slender body carried her pregnancy nicely. Her breasts, normally a b-cup, became somewhat bigger. They are nicely filled now and the nipples have grown darker. I adore them.

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   Her belly grows slowly and sticks out forward. With her five months, it’s easy to see, to see you it but it is call not yet really out there. The skin feels soft tightly stretched. I rub it regularly with oil, because I find it so delicious to caress her.
In her attempt to please me, even now, she still finds time and energy for intimate shaving, which I greatly appreciate. How can you not love a woman like her?

I often watch her. Her pregnancy gave her something serene, some peaceful, something with always makes me relax. It is to say, in the beginning. I also have to admit that, after watching her for some time, others feelings stir within me, She’s so sexy now, that those thoughts and feelings come natural te me now. Her feminity, so pronounced, it’s a signal I can not ignore. That being said, it never occurs to me to force myself on her. Luckily our sexlife isn’t completely dead, but it has decreased due to her pregnancy. But hey, her body has a lot of work to do.

This morning was a regular Saturday morning. I watched how Valerie combed her hair, while she was naked in our room.

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   My rod was stiff hard after the warm night, but seeing my delicious girlfriend did make it easy on me…well actually it did. But they day was waiting. There was a lot to do, and staying in bed all day wasn’t an option. I sighed, I yawned and stretched, and got out of bed. I wanted to take a shower, but I had to pass Valerie. So I did, and my desires got a hold over me. While standing behind her, I hugged her. My arms slid around her neck and en I pressed a sweet kiss in her hair. I smelled like spring. “I think you became even prettier tonight. ” I whispered in her ear. Valerie dreamingly smiled to our reflections in the mirror, and turned her head so she could give a a quick kiss on the check. My stiff penis pushed against her buttocks and lower back. No doubt she knew I was turned on, but the decision to go with the flow rested on her.

When I arrived in the bathroom i put on the shower and started to soap up.

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   My erection was far from gone and flashes of Valerie combing her hair kept creeping in to my mind. Especially the image of her beautifully bouncing breasts in the mirror would not leave me alone. Far from unpleasant. So I leaned against the wall of the shower en took my cock in my hand. Slowly I masturbated myself think about what would the this day would bring further. I had a dilemma, I didn’t want to cum, but on the other hand, the excitement she caused was to hard to ignore.

But i was spared this choice. Valerie entered the bathroom and I thought it a bit rude to continue my activity while she was there. Valerie looked into the shower and smiled again. She damn well knew what I had been doing, and what I would love to do. Her smile missed the dreaming quality it had before, it was a bit naughtier now. The kind of smile that never failed to make me hot. She already had put on a bra and panties, but her hand reached behind her body and she revealed her breasts to me. When she also step out of her panties, I lost it. I wanted to step out of the shower, but she stopped me.

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   Softly she pushed me back under the warm water. She stepped into the shower herself. I wanted to kissher but she kneeled. I felt her hands on my dick and she pulled my foreskin back. There was a delightful tension on the tip of my cock, and the warm drops of water felt mice. But not half as nice as the feeling of a wet mouth in which my cock disappeared. Valerie is a blowjob expert, and combined with the excitement I felt for her pregnant body, I felt like I died and gone to heaven. Saturday morning, and here I was in a hot shower with my pregnant girlfriend sucking me off. Ik felt utterly happy that moment, and gave myself to every sensation I felt.

But I also had to be careful. Valeries tongue and lips did such an excellent job that I almost came. I help her up (I didn’t want her to be on the ground, not even for something as delicious as this) and stole the kiss I wanted to steal before. I had to bent over her, because our bodies didn’t fit together as neatly as before. But we managed. I kissed her, but I tried to shield her from the hunger that was in the kiss, and mask it with tenderness, but the wild movements of my tongue gave me away.

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   I felt her lips tighten in a triumphant smile.

I kissed her neck, the place between her breasts en slid my tongue over her pretty belly. Het warm water made little pearls on he skin, I slid over the bellybutton en kissed it. A couple of weeks ago she had taken out her piercing. The lower part of her belly was still dry, but I placed a kiss on every square inch of it, until I reached her vagina. I kissed her soft venus-mound en lowered myself to the place where her lips met. I noticed she was excited too. Since a couple of months I had the idea that she became wetter then before, what only heightened my desires. As good or bad as it went I tried to lick her, but the shower didn’t leave much room, and I didn’t want her to be in any danger of slipping. So I stood up: ‘Let’s go the the bedroom. ”
Valerie looked at me, radiantly, and nodded.

I didn’t take us long to get there. I pushed her backwards on the bed so I could access her. “Shall I eat your vagina?” I immediately heard how ridiculous that sounded. ‘Vagina” is the word for a gynaecologist.

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   A person who get so turned on by a woman, get turned on by her pussy. She also corrected me: “Please, lick my pussy baby…that’s way better…” Language and words can be very stimulating, we both discovered that years ago.

I placed a kiss right on her clitoris, and Valerie responded with a shiver, right away. She seemed to open up for me like a flower. My tongue started to check out her most intimate place, like it had never been there before. I licked the entire length of her somewhat open pussy. The soft, warm inner part of her lips seemed to welcome my tongue. I licked at the bottom of her slit, placed the tip of my tongue between the lipsen lick up, when coming upwards I wrapped my lips around her sensitive clit, massaging it this way. I knew she liked that. Especially, when I used my fingers to part her lips so I couldget better access. I noticed her breathing increased and a muscle in her upper thigh contracted uncontrollably. I recognized the signs of an upcoming orgasm and concentrated fully on her little clit. It pulsed under my tongue, her muscles tensed, on the brick of an orgasm…so I stopped.
Valerie lifted her head for the pillow on which it had rested before: “Wanna make me cum, love?” she asked. I just nodded.

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   Valerie slowly turned to her right side and I crawled next to her, my belly against her back. She lifted a leg over mine to her pussy and my cock were close to one another. Her hand slid down and leaded me inside her. It wouldn’t take long for both of us, I knew. I penetrated her slowly and gently, though she was wet enough to take me right away. A slow penetration has something really horny, teasing, especially when a woman pushes her pussy over your shaft herself. Valerie could control herself, though her hand stayed around her own pussy. I was possibly for her to stimulate her own pussy while we fucked.

I snugged up to her, and slid deeper inside her, constantly fighting my orgasm. I thought of everything I could to delay it, but the stimulation was overwhelming. I pushed Valerie to my body. If it would happen, I wanted as much physical contact between her and me as possible. Valerie moaned and her body tensed up. I knew she was going to cum. My hand touched her everywhere, her swollen belly, her breast, now knowing where to touch to heighten her pleasure.

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   I rubbed my entire body against her, my cock in her moist cunt and my butt tensed up, so I would cum too. We both trembled, moaned, while our legs entwined like the sounds of our passion. My hands kept wanders around on her belly while I lifted myself so I could look at her while she contracted around my cock. Her body curled up, one of her hands still caressing between her legs and her other hand pinched her dark sensitive nipples. My hand touched her beautiful, big belly. And again, I felt very happy.


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