My Aunt June


Topic: My Aunt JuneI heard a car pull into the driveway, as I peered out of the window I saw a Red Mercedes parking beside my mums car, it was my aunt June. My Aunt June was a real hot lady, she had never married and was only 10 years my senior, my mum being eldest of the 9 years older than June was the eldest of three sisters. I looked down again as my aunt pulled herself out of the car, her long legs shown off by her short mini skirt, her DD large breasts jumped up an down as she stood up meaning she came unsupported. Her shoulder length golden hair cascaded over he shoulders; I stood mesmerised as she walked over to the door and rang the bell.   I heard my mum open the door and greet my aunt, she was babysitting my younger sisters tonight as my mum and dad were off at a party. My mum called our names out and called us to come, I got up and walked over to the stairs then proceded down them. June looked up and smiled ,"How's it going?" I took a couple more steps then answered "Good, you?" She replied "Can't complain", seconds later my sisters tore around the corner yelling and screaming ,"Auntie June, Auntie June"; Auntie june bent down and hugged them both, "hello" she said.   My parents soon bayed us goodbye and then left, Aunt June then began to play games with my sisters. I was bored at this so i went up and had a shower, I looked at myself in the mirror, I was 17, nearing 6'2, muscular, dark blond hair, and a biggish dick. I had a shower, got dressed then walked downstairs, Aunt June was watching TV, she had recently put the girls to bed, she looked up as she heard my footsteps creep down the stairs, "I bought something you I thought you may enjoy, she got up and rummaged through her bag, getting out a DVD before walking over to the DVD player and inserting it, "This is something I have a feeling my sister would not approve of" she said smiling devishly.   The DVD began a pretty blond laying on the beach, then she begins to play in the water with her friends and before i know it they are on top of each other licking and groping each other. I was getting hard, I began to conceal my hardening dick, but my aunt took no notice, she turned to me and asked, "does that blond look familar to you?" what an odd question i thought but i looked harder at the blond, she did look familiar, in fact she looked like, I gasped, my aunt smiled ,"My sister tries to cover up the fact I'm a porn star". Hey eyes wandered down his pants and stopped at the large buldge from benath his pants, "That must be uncomfortable, a big penis straining like that against those pants, let me help you out" she moved her hands and pulled off my shorts and boxers. "My, My, My, look how big it is, it might get abit cold though so I'll fix that and she went down on me, he mouth and tongue working together, tempting my dick to grow larger and larger between her lips.   She pulled up and said ,"my tits are getting bored, can you please excite them?" I didn't need any further encouragement, I had dreamed about these tits many times ever since i saw her topless in a pool. I pulled down her straps on her tank top, her DD tits sprung out and bounced, I felt the skin with my hands before starting to play with her nipples, she looked up at this and smiled, "So you do have some sexual education, let's put this to the test, using only your tongue, pleasure me" she said seductively.

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   I leaned in and began to lick her nipples, i dragged my tongue up over her tits and on to her neck before reaching her mouth and our tongues rolled together in our mouths. I then proceded downwards and when i got down i pulled her mini skirt off, i then proceded to lick her pussy through the fabric of her g-string, my aunt was getting very wet. I pulled the g-string to one side and i sent my tongue into investigate the surroundings, her juices leaked out and onto my tongue as i penetrated further and further inwards. I sent my tongue up and began to play with her clit, she began to moan quietly, "very good but lets see how good you are with your dick.  She scooted back on to the couch and spread her legs wide, she wriggled her black g-string off leaving her pussy in the open. I moved forward and knelt before her, I looked down and the couch had wet spots from where she had leaked. I pushed my cock in and i was greeted with warmth, yet it was differnet, not as tight as i was used to, no doubt due to her much sexual activity. I began to thrust backwards and forwards sending my cock in harder and faster with each pass. June cupped her tits in her hands and begged for more, she whimpered and moaned. After 5 minutes she told me to stop, June then got on the ground like a dog and told me to re-commence fucking her. I pushed in and out, I had never felt this way with all those girls from school I had fucked, June was experienced and this made the sex so much better.  I soon began to feel the feeling of ecstacy in my dick, I was cumming, Aunt June sensed this and said, "pull it out, I'll suck out every last drop of jism", she span round and immediately began to lick and suck on my dick again, she swallowed it hole and stroked it her stroe variations well paced and amazing. I moaned as my dick exploded with cum, the white substance flew out of my cock head and landed on my Aunt Junes face. She stuck out her tongue and caught as much as he could before swallowing, "mmm. .

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  . yummy", She then began to lick her face and continue to stroak my cock, trying to coax any remaining jism from it.  She looked up at me and said, "hmmm. . . a bit to fast, but with training we can rectify that", I looked at my aunt and was astonished, "you mean we can do it again?" she giggled and smiled," as many time as you want. when ever and wherever", I thought to myself with glee, I am the luckiest guy I know.  Note: work entirely of fiction. .