Shopping Fun!


They have chains attached to the belt, really cute. The chains gently bounce off a girl’s hips whenever she walks with them, very cute. I picked up a size 5 and walked to the dressing room. I took off my shoes and I took off my pants. I put on the new pair and looked in the mirror. I’ll admit, they were really cute. I went out to see myself in the three-way mirror for a better all around view. When I got out there the girl was already standing in front of the mirror. She was wearing a short skirt and a halter top. She bend over to see how far the skirt would ride up. I saw her cute little ass. She was wearing a black thong. She noticed me looking at her and I quickly looked away. I walked to the opposite end of the dressing room and I looked in the other three-way mirror. She then walked over to me and commented that they made my ass look good. Of course I was flattered as all hell and I smiled and tried to give her a compliment back, but all that I managed to do was stare into her eyes.

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   She leaned in to kiss me and when she did I slipped my hands around her waist. I gently pushed her up against the wall and I stuck my hand up her skirt. She was so wet. She then pulled me into a stale and shut the door behind her. I sat her on the little bench and kneeled in front of her. I pushed up her skirt and slid her thong down. I spread her legs and then leaned in to smell her sweet juices. She put her hands on my shoulders and leaned up against the wall. Her nipples were already hard. I slipped my finger in her while I started to lick her tits. I fingered her for a short while but I couldn’t take it, I had to taste her. I lowered my head down to her tight pussy and I started licking her. I ran my hands down her legs, under her knees and up around the back of her thighs. I ran my tongue up to her clit and started licking it really fast. I didn’t want to stop.

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   She tasted so great, and I loved her sexy moans. She spread her sexy legs even wider and I ran my hands up her stomach to her perky tits. I ran my palms over her nipples and I started massaging her tits. I started rubbing in circles then I did more of a kneading motion. I could feel her nipples getting even harder, then I felt her push into my hands, asking for it harder. That really made me totally hot. I gently pulled her off the bench and got her on all fours. I spread her legs and started fingering her while I licked her cute ass. I ran my tongue up her back a bit too. I could see in the mirror that she reached down with one hand and started to rub her clit while I continued to finger her. She was moaning soooo loud. Then to my shock she turned around and put her arms around my neck and started kissing me. I grabbed her ass and pulled her into me. She took off my shirt and started licking my chest. I reached down and kept rubbing her clit.

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   Then she unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. I slid out of them, laid down and pulled her on top of me. I put my arm around her waist and ran my fingers threw her hair. I told her how beautiful she was and I nibbled on her ear. She spread her legs and started grinding into me a bit. That made me really wet, it was really sexy. I put my hands on her ass and pulled her up to me, feeling her chest grind into mine, I let out a gentle moan. I asked her if she wanted me to eat her some more and she totally blew me away when she said no, and then said she'd rather eat me. I thought for a second and then she smiled at me and I smiled at her. I asked her if she was thinking the same thing as I was. She then got up and kneeled over my face and started eatting me out. I raised my head and started licking her slit. I could taste all of her juices, and her hot body in my mouth, I'll never ever forget that taste. We worked together like a machine, the faster she went the faster I went. Within a few minutes we were both moaning and trying to fight the orgasms building up.

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   I slipped my tongue inside of her and I could feel her sweet pussy contracting around my tongue. I ran my tongue back out and all over her throbbing clit faster than ever. She lifted her head and arhced her back, she started breathing soooo heavy. I kept licking her clit while I reached up and started rubbing her perky tits. Just then she orgasmed. Her legs shoock, she screamed so loud, she came so hard. She tasted great. I finished licking her clean and then she got off of me and sat next to me. I kissed her to let her taste her own juices, and then we had to get dressed. We kissed one another good-bye and talked for a few minutes how amazing that experience was. We agreed to meet at kohl's the next weekend. .