I had been wanking myself for about 4 or 5 minutes when I saw a shadow on the wall move. I though shit who was that - I hoped it wasnt my dad who I was sure was not home. I dived for cover behind the bench and this female voice said where are you I know you are here. I recognised the voice of Kerrie from next door.
I had taken my pants off and they were out where I had been pulling myself so I was reluctant to come out from behind the bench. Kerrie said I know what you are doing I saw you through the window, its ok I just want to watch.  I said you scared shit out of me, she said I am sorry but I have been watching you come down here every day and a couple of days ago I looked through the window and saw you doing it to yourself. Dont be ashamed or anything I do it too. I just want to see a boy do it.
I came out and my cock was soft and dangling down and I had my hand over it. She sort of giggled and said sorry I am not laughing at you I was expecting to see it all hard and not sad like that. She was wearing a two piece swimsuit and showing a lot of bare fleash and I immediately began to get hard again and it was harder to cover my cock. She said please can I see it, I am fascinated and will you do it for me and let me watch. I was extremely embarrassed by being caught with my pants down, masturbating and now with a hard cock she wanted to see and was asking me to wank myself in front of her.
See she said it wants to do it its all hard again, and it looks lovely. Can I touch it and without waiting she came toward me and had her hand out ready to grab my cock.

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   I couldnt help myself and let her feel it and it was wondeful with her nice small soft hand around it and then she use her fingers to play with it a bit and move it about. She said go on do it for me and I realised if I didnt she would have me cumming by doing what she was already.
I said ok but you stay there and i wanted her a couple of feet away. She stood back and I began to stroke myself and she said that looks great, I have always wondered how boys did it, I have to slip my finger in a  bit and rub my clit. Without realising I said will you show me how ou do it and she just slipped her pants down and spread her legs and began to finger her downy covered cunt.  She eveidently had just started puberty as her hair was just growing, mine had been fully grown for about  a year.
She said look its not very comforatable here how about we go to my place and do it and we can do it in comfort. Nobody is home and they wont be till late. I said ok and I got dressed and we went to her place into the pool cabana by the side of their pool.
There were lounges there and she said take all your clothes off and we can start again. She was already slipping her pants off and then her bra. She looked beautiful standing there all naked. I followed and the two of us just looked at each other. I said you look beautiful.  She said thank you I like you too.

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I was hard already and began to stroke myself sitting on the edge of a lounge and she was opposite me about 3 feet away doing it to herself. She said do you cum, and I said yes. Good she said I want to see it as I have never seen a boy cum or what its like.
By now I was stroking hard and after a couple of minutes I was getting the feeling like I was going to cum pretty quick. With her watching me I worked up much faster than normal and I said get ready I am nearly there and I stood up and spread my legs and half squatted and pulled a bit quicker and then it started and I grunted a bit and I shot cum everywhere. I was saying  OH GOD OH GOD as I pumped it out - it felt great with her looking at me. It spurted out about a yard or more in three or four big spurts before it stopped and began to dribble out. I had to sit down as my legs went all weak.
She sat there wide eyed and watched me intently. That was fantasic I loved it she said and got down on her knees and started to poke at the cum and look at it all spashed on the tile floor. She had quite a bit on her finger and was making strings with it, she said its all sticky and white like, and I said yes. She said I love it, I thought it was clear like piss or something.   She played with it while i milked the rest of the cum out of my cock and let it dribble onto the floor. Then she picked up a bit on her finger and put it in her mouth and sucked it off her finger,I couldnt believe it. She said it doesnt taste very nice, I dont know why girls swallow it when they do it to men with their mouth.

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   I am not sure if I could or not.  
Then she got up and said now its my turn and she spread her legs and began to rub her finger into her cunt and along her slit and over the top of it and then ran her finger around in rings over the top of her slit. I got down between her legs to watch and it was great, my first close look at a cunt. She went for about 4 or five minutes rolling her head and ouching her nipples with her free hand and she was really having a great ime. I was fascinated. My cock was hard again and I was playing with it as I watched her.
Then she gasped and murmured and said its happening I'm cumming I'm cumming and she rubber her clit harder and opened her legs a closed them a bit and pulled her nipple with her finger and grunted a few times and sort of had a spasm like I do sometimes. I was getting the best show of my life.
I started to wank hard and saw some juice run down her cunt which she wiped up with her finger and wiped on the lounge cover. She was laying back on the lounge now completely exhausted, with her legs over the edge of the lounge and her cunt all wet and looking wonderful.
I dont know what came over me but I leaned forward and kissed and licked her cunt and she sat up real quick, I got some juice on my tongue which had a strong taste. Why did you do that she said - and I said because I couldnt help it I have never seen anything so beautiful before - that was wonderful and your cunt looked so nice I couldnt help it.
The two of is just sat there for about 10 minutes talking about masturbating and how often we did it and when we started. We really opened up and I told her things that I would never have told anybody else and she did the same.
I said can I kiss you and she stood up and we embraced and everything just went wild in my hed and we really started to kiss madly and rub our bodies together and my cock was hard and against the outside of her cunt and we ground into each other having what we both realise now was a dry fuck.

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   I was rubbing her tits and she would put her hand down and adjust my cock into a position she like to feel me in. I suppose we did this for about 5 minutes and I couldnt help it and I came again. I knew I was going to and instead of pulling back I let it spurt up between us and over our bodies where they were touching and rubbing. She sighed and said that was great, I didnt realise it was warm too as we parted and my cum ran down our stomachs and thighs. She said I nearly came myself and she said next time we know what to do.
I said I have never had so much fun and held her to me and we kissed again and spread my cum all over us as we rubbed together again, this time it was cold and didnt feel as good.  she said I want to do this again with you, I love you - and I said I love you too. We kissed and cuddled again but we never made another orgasm together.
After that we had a shower together in the cabana which was great fun rubbing soap all over each other and I slipped my finger into her cunt and she said - do it some more and told me where to rub and after a few minutes she had an orgasm that I made for her with water showering down all over us. She was so happy. She said thats the first time anybody had made me do it without me doing it myself. I said I hope I can do it again for you, and she said so do I.
We dressed and kissed a lot again and she said can you come over tomorrow and I said try and keep me away.
From that day on our sex improved and within a month we were into real intercourse and fucking like rabbits and every other form of sex as well. More about that later.

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