Drugged By My Cum Chapter 11

Mind Control

I phoned Krista after she and her family got back from church Sundayand taught me the names and cellphone numbers, at least those who hadcellphones, of the new slaves she had made for me Saturday night. Ialso told her that she was a good girl, which immediately set off akiller orgasm within her. I subsequently strolled over to theirhouse and took Kylie and Krista into Abigail's room and ordered themto strip since Josh had changed out of his church clothes and headedout the door to hang with his buddies.

"So Kylie, are you sore today?" "Yeah, definitely," she giggled. "Did you tell any of your friends at church that you lost yourvirginity last night?" "Oh my God, no! I would totally get kickedout of school!" "Greg," Krista suddenly spoke up. "Can you kiss meagain?" "Sure babe," I responded. She was sitting on Abigail's bedagainst one wall of her room. I scooted over next to her, wrappedher up in my arms and began with soft, lingering kisses, whicheventually turned into tongue diving. "God, that's so awesome!" shebubbled. "You're pretty awesome yourself," I complimented. "Have youkissed another boy yet, Krista?" I interrogated. "No. " "Have youkissed another girl?" "Yes," she revealed, squealing inembarrassment. "And who is the lucky girl?" I further invaded herprivacy. "It was Kerry Priddy," she giggled. 'But just once, thismorning when we were getting ready for church.

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  " "You kissed her whennobody was looking?" "Yes," she confessed, turning red and giggling. Her sisters giggled, too. "Oh, she was at the sleepover last night,"I remembered. Yes," she rejoindered coyly. "Are you in love withher?" "I don't know!" she pouted. "When I see her, though, I get butterflies in mystomach. " 'Ah, I think we have a developing situation here!" Iteased. She giggled again. "Well listen Krista, you and Kerry arewelcome at my place anytime I'm home if you guys need some privacyfrom your brother's prying eyes," I let her know. "That's so sweetof you Greg!" she smiled playfully.

I excused myself, went downstairs and found Mary Anne. Her husbandwas in the den watching football. "If any of your kids turn out tobe gay, you will continue to love them with all your heart and treattheir partner with respect and love," I commanded. "And you won'trat them out to anyone, either. You will now give the same order toyour husband," I declared.

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   "Okay," she meekly complied. She then letout a placid breath as she got hit by that little rush of pleasure Iprogrammed into her when she obeyed.

I returned to Abbey's room. Krista was asking Kylie questions abouther first sexual experience with me. "Who do you like better, Greg?Abbey or Kylie?" Krista cross examined. "I know this is going tosound totally corny, but I love you guys all the same," I honestlystated. "Being with Abbey isn't the same as being with Kylie. There's only one of her in the world and it's cool I got theopportunity to be with her," I advocated. "But what about Marisa?""Marisa is my number one, Krista. She came along at a time in mylife when I had some bigtime image problems and there is only oneMarisa, too. But that doesn't mean that a part of me doesn't loveKylie or Abbey or you. When I kissed you the way I did I tried tocommunicate how I felt about you," I averred. "I guess you feel alot for me because your kisses were awesome!" she cheered. 'If Ididn't care about you, I would have just given you a quick peck andthat would have been all," I lectured. "Do you think I kiss as goodas Marisa?" "Krista, you're a good kisser.

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   But I feel more emotionalabout Marisa because we've been together so long now and havedeveloped a real relationship. You'll understand what I mean whenyou have relationships as you get older. I would feel kinda emptywithout Marisa right now. I'm going to see her after I leave here soI can get my daily Marisa fix. "

Somebody rang the doorbell. It turned out to be Kerry, who took abus from her house to see Krista. The three naked girls scurried toget dressed while Kerry waited downstairs. Krista hustled down tothe first floor and hugged her friend/love interest. She brought herinto Abbey's room. 'Okay you guys, take all of your clothes off," Idemanded. Dutifully, they all shed their attire. Kerry was aboutKrista's height, but with more developed boobs. "Kerry, you're goingto shave your pussy," I informed her. "Okay," she reacted, her eyesrolling back in her head a little bit as the rush of pleasurecoursed through her. Even though they were all nude in front of me,they appeared to be very relaxed about it due to the littleendorphin injection they earned through their obedience.

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   "I see whyyou like Kerry, Krista," I said provocatively. "She's a hottie. "Both Kerry and Krista giggled nervously. "Sit next to Krista, Kerry"I urged. Kerry did as she was told. They giggled shyly again. "Ifyou're in the mood, you guys can kiss," I instigated. "You don'thave to, but if you really want to," I elaborated. They looked ateach other in a nonplussed way not sure what to do since they had anaudience. Krista's sisters stifled giddy laughs. Finally, the twoseventh graders exchanged a quick close mouthed peck. 'Oh come on,that's no fun!" I pushed. "Greg!" Krista protested, turning beetred. Kerry's face was also apparently on fire. "None of us are goingto tell anyone you guys, so you don't have to get all inhibited," Ifurther nudged.

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   Kerry and Krista looked into each other's eyes. Kerry slipped her arm behind Krista's head and leaned in to give hera protracted smooch. "How did that feel, Krista?" "It was awesome!"she giggled. "Are you guys wet?" I perved. "Greg! Oh my God!" Kristarebelled. "Sorry Krista and Kerry, but I gotta check," I insisted,fingering both of them. They put up no resistance. "Yep, we gotmoisture!" I reported. Everybody cracked up again due to nerves.

I told them to get dressed. "By the way, Kerry, you're only allowedto wear skirts outside and you can't have any panties on underneathit. When you're at home, church, or school, though, or with adults,you have to wear panties," I warned her. "Okay," she peacefullyassented. "Good girl, Kerry. " Like Krista did earlier, her eyes got wide andthen she had an orgasm that almost knocked the air out of her.

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I left and spent the lion's share of the day with Marisa, porkingher in my bed after dinner.

After I walked Marisa home and kissed her goodnight, I mulled overin my mind how I might stage a coup d'tat at school. However, whileI could think of lots of possibilities that involved a use of forcethat would assuredly get me and my minions jail time, I couldn'tdevise a more low risk method to essentially usurping theprincipal'sjob without maybe having, say, Terry or Colleen seduce him andfilling him full of copulins. That thought led me to contemplate how Imight be able to harvest copulins and then put them in a medium by whichme or one of the girls could incapacitate the target just like how Iused candy to introduce the hormones from my semen into the systems offemales.

Now there were points of absorption on the body: the anus, the nose, thetongue, the penis and the skin. I thought it was pretty likely that wecould deliver the copulins via the anus and the nose and it has alreadybeen proved that you can do so by running them down the urethra of thepenis and into the balls, but the skin and the mouth were dubiouspropositions. There were also the dosage considerations. It was truethat about 30 minutes of exposure to copulins, if done the right way,could incapacitate your average male. But even if I could harvestcopulins without elaborate lab equipment, externally bringing thatsubstance into a guy's body would require that the subject be restrainedor fooled into restraining themselves so that the hormone could beimposed on them in such a way that they could handle it.

The reason this was important was because while it would be easy to sendmy girls out to begin having sex with every guy in the school, thatwould be exposing them to the possibility of getting diseases. Since Ialso wanted to use those vaginas without needing rubbers, I had to keepthem free of nasty pathogens lest I end up with them, too.

First, I had to test the harvesting end of it. Tuesday, I bought anothereyedropper so that I wouldn't sully the one I used to distribute mysemen on the candy with, and a small bottle of perfume which was aboutfive inches high and had around the same girth as my middle finger. Idumped the cheap scented liquid out and washed the container over andover again so that the alcohol that is usually in those solutionswouldn't neutralize the hormone I was looking to collect. ThenWednesday, I fucked Marisa since the copulins are generated when thevagina is exposed to semen.

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   Because I had to cream inside of her, shewas now out of commission for the next 12 hours. I inserted the bottleinto her, slid her panties back on to her and then had her sit in aposition similar to the one she would if she were on top of me with mycock inside of her while her brain was out in the wild blue yonder. After 35 minutes, I pulled her panties down and withdrew the bottle,which had about two inches of fluid in it, a little bit of it my cum. Iput a cap on it and left Marisa in my bed, telling her to just sleep offher mental idyll.

I called Marisa's mom to tell her that her daughter would be spendingthe night with me and repositioned her so that she was now restingcomfortably. On the way home from school, I bought a bunch of Snicker'sbars and doused one of them with Marisa's fluid to wait for it to dry. Once it was ready, I carefully glued the wrapper back together and put asmall blue mark on it to differentiate it from the others. Thursday,Marisa and I went back to mouse after school, did a little bit of theold slap and tickle and then went over to Abigail's, where the four kidshad just gotten home from school. we were hanging out in the livingroomand I handed out the bars, giving the adulterated one to Joshua. Hesaid "this tastes a little funny," but nonetheless ate the whole thing. Iwas waiting for his expression to go blank, but it never happened. Clearly, for whatever reason, the female hormone wasn't as robust asmine was. I was so disappointed.

Friday, I took Marisa to bed again and amassed more of her wetness inthe bottle. As she lay there exploring shangri-la, I again phoned hermom and said that her daughter would be my guest for the night.


   I waiteduntil my folks came back from work and directed my mom to restrainMarisa from leaving my room and to not bother her otherwise. I ambledover to Abigail's again and me and her sisters hung out in her bedroom. Iheard the front door open, which meant that Josh was home from foolingaround with his pals. When he trudged upstairs, I intercepted him in thehallway and made like I was giving him noogies. I had already poppedthe top on the bottle and while he struggled to get away I pouredMarisa's essence on the back of his neck, rubbing it in before Ireleased him. "What's that you put on my neck?" he desperately wanted toknow. I showed him the label on the bottle. "Relax man, it's justperfume," I mollified him. Never mind that the supposed "perfume"smelled like pussy. I waited to see if it would have any effect on him,but after checking back twice, it obviously didn't.

This left me with the options of squirting the moisture into him anally,nasally or into his penis. Options one and three, if not successful,would earn me a long jail sentence and sex offender registration becauseI had no control over him, not to mention the effects it might have onJosh psychologically. So those were out. I wasn't interested in seeingthe kid's dick or poop chute anyway.

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