My Wife Barb 4

Mind Control

  I woke the next morning thinking of what happened the night before. i was suprized of how Mindy was so tight and her body was firm like her daughter. Just then the phone rang and i answer.
 Mike I'm am so sory last night i don't know what came over me. I did not mean for that to happen please forgive me. Don't worry about it Mindy I was just as much much at fault as you were. Are you going to tell Barb? No, we can keep it between us ok?
 I just feel so Guilty Mike a person don't do that with her daughters husband. Come over here so we can talk about it. I can't face Barb right now knowing what me and you did. Mindy barb is going shopping we can talk with out her here now be here at noon.
  I hung up the phone, Mindy was feeling guilty. i leave her like that but after last night she got to do what i tell her and will do what ever i want guilt or no guilt. I get out of bed and go to the kitchen. barb cooking breakfast she wearing her ussual black see through nighty and thong underwear no bra. you could see her perky little tits sticking out.
 ben was sitting at the table with his pj's on.

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  i think he has been enjoying the view of his mom too. I caught him eyeing his moms back side out of the corner of my eye a couple times. ben left the room and i told barb to come in and sit. She stared straight ahead. i told her after breakfast she was going shoping and not to come home till 2 in the afternoon. its ok to flirt with Ben hes a teenager with raging hormons and needs to learn more about women. Don't go all the way with him just flirt wigle your butt around him and what ever else you think of let him see you naked and make out like its no big deal. i won't notice your flirting so you don't have to worry about me finding out. Ok now 1 2 3 wake up.
 Why don't you take both boys with you shopping today Barb ben and Andy both need to get out more. ok is all she said. I needed to get all of them out of the house so i could be alone when her Mom came over. barb went to there room to tell them to get ready they were going with her. They were all in the living room when i walked in Barb was talking to Ben  sitting with him on the couch. she had her hand on his knee while she was telling him where they were going  shopping.

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   ben got nervous when i walked in so i went upstaires and grabed my small hidden security camera off my pc turned it on and took it down staires and sat it on the end tale when i walked by. then i ran back upstaires and and sat down in front of the computer. No one had noticed me set the camera down Barb was still talking to ben and rubing his leg. My camera was great its wireless i can zoom in and out and pan the whole room. ben was more at ease with out me in the room Barb layed across his lap and asked him to rub her back. This was more flirting than i had planed on. Andy was watching tv not paying any attention to his mom or Ben. of course he is only 11 so he don't think nothing about his mom half naked around the house. Ben is rubing his moms back his eyes are glued to her butt. every time hes rubed a little higher her night gown rode up and he got a full view of her butt. I could tell he was having trouble trying to control his breathing . Barb was getting horney to i could see her hips moving and her breathing was heaver. i told her not to go all the way butt i wonder how far she would go.
  Ben reached down and started rubing her butt. barb let out a slight moan and arched her back.

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  Ben was real brave since his encounter with his mom a couple days ago and he wasn't holding nothing back today he stuck his fingure betwwen her legs and started rubing her. Barb tried to get up at this but ben held her down you could see the lust in his eyes. barb is only 110 lbs so Ben out weighed her by 20 pounds or so and was stronger.
  He held her down on his lap with his left arm and pulled her panties off with his right. barb said no ben we got to get ready to go shoping and was trying to get up. we can't go all the way ben stop before your dad comes back down stairs. at that he stoped relizing in his lust he forgot i was home. He let his mom up and she went to the bathroom ben followed her and shut the door. the bathroom was right below are bed room and there was a vent in the floor i opened just a little and i could see down in the bathroom. ben was telling his mom to keep quite so dad don't hear them. barb was trying to puch him away but he was to strong for her. she kept telling him no but he held her against the wall and pulled her nighty off. barb was trying to be quite while trying to push him off she also didn't want me to catch them. Ben wraped his armes around his mom pinning her arms on her side and set her on the sink. He slide down his pj's and his little petter slide in.

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   Barb was still horney and wet butt  all she knew was to try not to let him go all the way. Ben only lasted 10 or 15 secounds and he came in his mom. Barb got up and told ben he can't tell anyone and he can't do this again. ben said why not you did it to me last time smiled and smacked his mom on the butt and walked out of the bathroom. barb got dressed and came up to be to tell me they wer going shoping and would be home about 2 acting like nothing just happened.
ben forced himself on his mom the flirting with him back fired. barb didn't let him he just took it and she pretended like nothing happened. never thought ben would react like that and now he uses his mom for his little sex toy and Barb pretends like it did not happen afterwards.
 Mindy showed up at the door 5 min. after they left. She was crying. Mike i'm so sorry about last night please don't tell barb. Come In and Sit. She sares straight ahead. when ever i look into your eyes you will be filled with lust for me.

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   you will feel guilty afterward every time but never tell anyone and always do what ever i tell you. 1 2 3 . wake up 
  She woke up and was still crying i look herin her eyes and and she says no i can't its wrong and we start kissing. we tear each other clothes off and i carry her to my bed room. Her body was as perfect as i remembered last night. small pointed tits not 3 or 4 inches round stuck out only a inch or so from her chest. firm round butt and not a mark on her body i lay her on the bed and start making love to her slow and easy after we both came she climbed on top and  and rode me hard for about an hour having several orgasims by the time she was done barb was going to be home any minuite so Mindy got dressed and left in a hurry.
   Part 5 will come soon if you like.