The Troubled Dreamer - The Haunting of Rose Marie Leoux (Chapter 1)


Topic: Chapter 1 Page 1The sunset blazes like hell’s bloody aura, painting the sky a miasma of reds reminiscent of raw meat and cinnamon hearts.   A sweltering breeze washes across asphalt rooftops like a blast from the Devil’s own forge. Summer is thick in the polluted city air.     Rose Marie hates it, like she hates almost everything about her wretched existence. She stands in the shadow of an ancient air conditioning unit atop her apartment building, seeking what little relief the stuffy dark can provide her.     “Brooding again, Rose Marie?”    The voice is dark and inky like midnight. Sex and blood drip from each simple word. Liquid fire blossoms in Rose Marie’s crotch.     She whirls to face the speaker, her tattered black lace garments floating like singed spider webs in the cancerous sunset. Silky tatters of obsidian hair frame her ghostly, feral features. Pouty lips painted deepest crimson part briefly to allow a tender pink tongue to dart teasingly about. Her dark-rimmed eyes drip with lust, reflecting the sun’s liquid hellfire.     The figure before her is lost in silhouette. He is muscular with long flowing hair that glows bloody in the evening light. His eyes glitter with dark amusement.     Rose Marie staggers toward him, lost in a suddenly overwhelming sense of longing.

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       “I want you, Rose Marie. ” The figure spreads his arms in invitation. “I want to be inside you again, Rose Marie. ”    She’s melting into his words. The fire between her legs has spread up through her chest and made her heady with its exquisite promise.     “Rose Marie…”    “Yes,” she moans.     “Rose Marie…”    “Oh, yes!”    The light is becoming blinding. He’s become limned in it’s suffuse glow. Like an angel…an angel just for her.     “Rose Marie…”    She staggers onward groping blindly for him.     “Wake up, Rose Marie…”    “I don’t want to. ”    “Wake up Rosemary…”    “I don’t want…” Confusion sets in. Rosemary?    “Wake up, Rosemary…wake up…”    The light becomes a stabbing pain, splitting open her skull, thrusting her into sudden horrid awareness.     “Wake up…”    Rose Marie jolted suddenly into the waking world. The burgundy velvet drapes had been drawn back from her windows, allowing the wicked sunlight to stab its bony talons into her bloodshot eyes.

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   Quickly, she groped for a pillow to pull over her head.     “None of that now, Rosemary. You’ll be late for school. ”    That disgusting voice nagged its way into her head as it did every morning. Rosemary, Rosemary, Rosemary. She hated the sound of her bastardized name. She wanted nothing so much as to spit in the face of this woman she had mistakenly called mother for the past decade. She just barely restrained herself from spewing venomous words she knew she’d regret later.     “All right, all right, I’m awake,” she mumbled.     Carefully, she sat up in bed, the sheets falling down past her bare breasts. The sudden chill made her perfect pink nipples stiffen noticeably. Her head felt leaden on her slender neck, and she felt like she was about to faint.     “Put some clothes on for heaven’s sake!” The squat middle-aged lady turned quickly away to hide her disapproval.     Rose Marie just stared at her back for a moment, taking in the flower dotted granny dress and the mousy brown hair. Her ‘mother’ didn’t approve of her sleeping in the nude.

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   Come to think of it, her ‘mother’ didn’t approve of anything Rose Marie decided to do.     “Well, then get out of my room so I can dress,” she finally retorted.     The older woman’s back stiffened. She darted a disapproving glare over her shoulder before turning toward the door. “We have to talk about your attitude, Rosemary. ”    Rose Marie rolled her eyes in exasperation. There wasn’t a day that went by that someone didn’t want to talk about her attitude.     Finally, Wanda, as Rose Marie always called her, left the room, shutting the door behind her. She flopped back onto her bed, darting a hateful look at the open drapes. She was too tired to bother closing them.     With a sigh, she stretched and squirmed on her satin sheets, enjoying the smooth slick feeling of them against her naked flesh. She popped a foot out to admire her crimson toenails, perfectly matched to her fingernails and her favorite lipstick. Gently, she began to twist and pluck at one of her erect nipples as she gazed about her room.
    The walls were a creamy off-white. Old lace and burgundy velvet trimmed nearly everything along with a smattering of brass fixtures.

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   Her furniture and woodwork were uniformly a deep mahogany and had a Victorian theme to them. Various drawers and cabinets held a variety of magical and mundane paraphernalia. It was no surprise that her prim and proper parents hadn’t allowed her to do the room up in black and purple the way she wanted to. Regardless, she smiled just a bit as the smell of old clove and rose incense filled her nose.     She smiled even more when she discovered that her other hand had sneaked beneath the covers to flick teasingly at her clit.
    Shifting back on the bed a bit, she threw off all her covers and pulled her knees up beside her chest, spreading her ripe pink pussy open in the sunlight. She examined herself closely as she began to gently rub little circles around her second set of glistening lips. It always turned her on to watch herself do this. Her cunt was already soaked. She was sorely tempted to slide her fingers inside, but she really didn’t want to chance popping her own cherry for a little gratification. Instead, she licked the juices from her fingers and then lubed one up with spit before sliding it gently into her asshole. The sudden penetration made her gasp.
    She gradually worked her finger in up to the middle knuckle before it started to get a little dry. Moving her other hand a bit faster, she pulled her finger out of her ass and licked it a few more times before plunging it back in. She built up speed with both hands little by little, focusing on thrusting with one and flicking her clit with the other.

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   Her ass was producing its own lube now and was starting to feel incredibly good. She couldn’t imagine how so many other girls hated anal stimulation.
    She felt the first tingles of an orgasm rapidly approaching. Just a little more and she’d have it. Dream images of a dark, well built man flashed through her mind, making her want to cum even more. Another minute and she could cum with his image in mind.
    The dark stranger was blown from her mind in an instant. She jerked her finger out so rapidly she brought blood as she angrily set up in her bed. Wanda shouted for her again from the foot of the stairs. “Damn it,” she swore bitterly, her orgasm lost. There was just no privacy in this house. She looked over at her clock and realized what the old woman was yelling about. If she didn’t leave in the next ten minutes she’d be late for school yet again.
Jumping out of bed she pulled on her tousled gray and black school uniform, and a pair of shoes in desperate need of a polish. She rushed down the hall to the bathroom to wash her face and the sticky juices from her hands.

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   A few minutes with her makeup and a toothbrush was all she needed.
Rose Marie rushed down the stairs and grabbed her satchel from the table by the front door. It took a moment of rummaging inside to find her favorite pair of stolen designer sunglasses. She was almost out the door when Wanda called for her again.
Spinning on her heel, the teenager gave the older woman an irritated look. “Tonight, when you get home, we need to talk about a few things. ” Wanda was wringing her hands together again. She always did that when she was nervous. That was all Rose Marie needed to see to know she was in control of this confrontation.
“I gotta go. ” Turning her back on Wanda, she stormed out the door and into the blinding morning sunlight. Wincing a little, she adjusted her shades and took off down the sidewalk at a brisk stroll. It usually took her about twenty minutes to walk to school. She’d be cutting it close again this morning.
She glanced back at the old Victorian manor house she was forced to call home, and wondered what Wanda was all worked up about this time.

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   Her ‘attitude’ was undoubtedly part of it. There was no use dwelling on it though. There was always something about her they had a problem with. The house disappeared from view as she rounded a corner and her thoughts turned to other things. Her throbbing snatch was foremost in her mind. She hated being interrupted when she was masturbating. She felt so unfulfilled after getting all worked up and not getting off. This set a bad tone for the whole day as far as she was concerned. If she was lucky she might get a chance to take a bathroom break and finish the job while she smoked a clove sometime during the day.
“Rose! You’re late again!”
Rose Marie raised her head to see where the shy voice had come from. She spotted an awkward, but pretty girl waiting for her on the next corner. Ratty blonde hair framed her gullible little girl face, which was smudged with cheap lipstick and kohl. Even Rose Marie’s uniform was in better shape than the faded rags this one was wearing. She shook her head as she came within a few feet of the girl.
“You didn’t have to wait on me,” she noted, walking right on past.

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  The younger girl was speechless for a second before running to catch up. “Wait for me,” she whined.
Rose Marie couldn’t help but smile. Lisa was her best and only friend. She had plenty of quirks, but that’s what made her good company. She was a lot more interesting than the preppy little twats that made up most of the school they attended.
Lisa was the only child of a very poor family. She had kind and caring parents but they were broke off their asses. Her father was a washed up teacher and her mother a struggling writer. She spent most of her free time hanging out with Rose Marie when she could. It was a bad idea really. If it weren’t for the older girl’s influence Lisa would have been a nice normal girl. Instead she was turning into a punk little goth chick as she tried to emulate parts of Rose Marie’s appearance. She was also very bad at handling peer pressure. She would do anything with a little persuading.

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   Anything but stop calling her Rose, that is.
“Hang on a minute. I have a rock in my shoe. ” Lisa latched on to Rose Marie’s shoulder and dragged her to a halt as she leaned over to adjust her shoe. The older girl put an arm around her waist to steady her. As she glanced down, Rose Marie got a good view of Lisa’s developing cleavage. Not bad for only fourteen, she thought. She also caught a whiff of the perfume she’d given Lisa last week. It was her favorite scent and smelling it on another woman made her suddenly very horny. Her pussy twitched again, reminding her of this morning’s interrupted orgasm. A sly little smile crept onto Rose Marie’s face. Lisa had made no secret of the fact that she was curious about sex. It was also apparent she was scared to death of boys. Rose Marie groped in her pocket for the twenties she’d stolen from Wanda’s purse last night. Maybe she could score some pot at school today.


   If she could get Lisa high after school, she might be able to talk her into doing some experimenting with another girl. Then she’d teach her how to eat pussy like a pro.
Lisa straightened and put her foot back on the ground. “Okay. I got it. ”Rose Marie kept her arm around Lisa’s waist as they began walking again. She even dared to pull her a little closer, rubbing their hips together a bit as they moved. Lisa looked a bit frightened by the intimacy for a moment but only blushed and kept walking. Smiling at Lisa’s acceptance of the closeness, Rose Marie turned her thoughts to her hormones for a moment. For the life of her, she didn’t know why she was so damn horny lately. She didn’t use to be like that. She didn’t use to think about sex at all. For the last few months though she’d been so worked up that she’d started masturbating on a daily basis; sometimes multiple times in the same day. Just last weekend she was so horny that she’d rubbed her pussy raw.
She’d started having dreams about sex with different boys and girls every night.


   Her pussy was dripping wet almost every morning when she woke up. Even her menstrual cycle didn’t stop her. The last time she was on her period, she’d rubbed her blood all over herself and had the most intense orgasm of her life. She’d been a bit disgusted afterwards but the blood was still a turn on for her.
The dreams were probably the oddest part though. The hormones she could understand for the most part. She had turned sixteen the previous month. It was natural for a girl her age to start thinking about sex, even though she was a little more extreme with it than most. The dreams were a bit disturbing though. She’d started having them about a year ago, just after she’d discovered she was adopted. They’d started innocuously enough, but over time they’d grown darker and more sexually oriented. Lately they had started focusing on the same setting, that odd apartment building that seemed familiar in some way. Her sexual tastes were becoming more refined in them as well. There was always a shadowy figure that appeared to her, a figure she could never quite define the features of.
“Damn, we’re late!” Lisa’s voice broke into her revere.

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Looking up, Rose Marie found herself standing before a tall stone wall built of some light gray rock. Behind the wall loomed an equally bland looking stone building. This was St. John’s Academy, the quasi-catholic private school Wanda and Ed had enrolled her in. A bell rang from inside the building.
“Come on. We’re not that late,” Rose Marie said. Grabbing a hold of Lisa’s hand, she dragged the younger girl through a wrought iron gate and into the courtyard. Just before they made it to the steps leading up to the school, one of the double doors swung open. A stout older man with a bushy mustache wearing a brown tweed suit stepped out. “This won’t do, you two. That’s the third time this week you’ve been late,” the man stated, paunchy cheeks quivering with disdain. The girls stopped dead in their tracks. Lisa blanched, but Rose Marie only sighed in exasperation and rolled her eyes. She smirked a bit and said, “And good morning to you, Principle Wicker Dick.

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  ”The man’s mouth turned down in a frown and he quirked one salted eyebrow. “The name is Wicklenick. You’re not so dense you can’t remember a single name are you, Rosemary?”
Emphasis on Rosemary. The bastard knew she hated to be called that. Okay, point for the principle then. He was the only faculty member she hadn’t been able to win against in a battle of words. She didn’t really feel like testing the wily old fart this morning so she just let the insult pass. “Of course not, sir. Slip of the tongue, I assure you,” she said, smiling coyly. “We truly are sorry for being late again, sir. It’s my fault entirely. It won’t happen again. ”
The principle arched his eyebrow even further. “You don’t say? Well, see that it doesn’t. And see that you make it to detention this afternoon.

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  ”Rose Marie balked. “Detention! We were only late by a minute!”Wicklenick waved his hands dismissively in front of his chest. “No arguments. It might have been different had you not already been late twice this week. As it is, I believe some punishment is in order. ”Lisa looked like she was about to speak up in Rose Marie’s defense. The older girl squeezed her hand in warning.
“Of course. We’ll be there,” she sighed. If they were lucky Coach Weaver would be running the detention hall this afternoon. He tended to go on home once everyone was accounted for and trust the students to serve detention on their own. Yes, he was a moron, and that suited Rose Marie just fine. If old Mrs. Sanders was there instead, well, she’d think of something to get them out of serving the punishment. “After you, ladies,” Principle Wicklenick said, holding the door open for them.

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  Rose Marie and Lisa looked at each other and sighed before entering the building. It was going to be another dull and boring school day from the look of it.
Topic: Chapter 1 Page 2Rose Marie had just parted ways with Lisa, and was on her way to her classroom. Her teacher, Mrs. Weese, was a good-natured sort, and fairly easy going. But even she would have to be a bit irritated at Rose Marie’s constant tardiness. With a sigh, she rounded a turn in the hallway and stepped through the open door of the classroom.     All eyes turned to stare at her as she stopped inside the doorway. She had been about to offer some lame excuse for being late, but her words had suddenly fled her. Standing at the head of the classroom beside Mrs. Weese was the most beautiful boy she’d ever seen.     He looked younger that her, with his smooth elegant face. But his eyes, sparkling a deep ocean blue, held a sad wisdom that told a different story. He was thin and pale, with ghostly blonde hair that swept back over his ears to the nape of his neck. He didn’t look weak or fragile despite his thinness, though it was hard to tell how he was built with the concealing black uniform he was wearing.

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   Rose Marie felt her pussy throb again, which surprised and embarrassed her. It seemed sinful to have such a base reaction to a creature of such beauty. Besides, she’d never met a boy to this day that could cause such a reaction in her; only a few select girls.     “Good of you to join us, Rose Marie. ”    Blushing slightly, Rose Marie struggled for words. “Yes ma’am. Sorry I’m late. Principle Wicklenick stopped me for a little chat,” she quickly improvised. The boy’s eyes hadn’t left her face and she could almost feel her skin glow a brighter red.     “I see. ” Mrs. Weese didn’t sound convinced at all. She sighed anyway and turned back to the class. “Take your seat then. ”    The boy offered her a wane smile and turned his eyes away, releasing Rose Marie from their binding spell.

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   She shook her head slightly to clear it and hurried to her seat.     “Well then, as I was saying,” the teacher continued. “Alex here just transferred to us from a boarding school in jolly old England. ”    Alex’s lips twitched into what was almost a sneer for just an instant. No one seemed to notice except for Rose Marie, who was still staring intently at him. She wouldn’t appreciate an introduction with the phrase ‘Jolly old England’ in it either, and could understand his feelings.     “Let me introduce your classmates, Alex. ” Mrs. Weese went slowly around the room, pausing at each student to utter a name for Alex’s benefit. Finally she came to Rose Marie. “Our chronically tardy friend here is Rosemary Williams. ”    The scowling teenager flinched at the insult and the name her teacher had chosen to call her by.     “But, she likes to be called Rose Marie. ” Mrs. Weese squeezed her shoulder slightly before moving on to the next student.

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   She could have just said that to begin with, the girl thought to herself. She lost her train of thought again a moment later when she realized Alex was still looking at her while ignoring the rest of the introductions. A half-smile tugged at the corners of his mouth without quite manifesting itself. Did he find something funny about her?“Right then. Now that the introductions are over, please take your seat Alex,” Mrs. Weese said, turning to retrieve her lesson plan from the desk behind them. To Rose Marie’s surprise, Alex began walking right toward her, never taking his eyes from her face. She blushed again, then let out a startled little gasp when she realized he was wearing black eyeliner inside the edge of his lashes. She stiffened when he walked right up to her desk, but then he continued past her. She relaxed for only a moment before she remembered that the only empty desk in the room was the one right behind her. Her ears caught the scrape of a chair sliding out and the muted rustle of his uniform as he took a seat. She swore she could feel him continuing to stare at her. Mrs. Weese started with her lesson and Rose Marie tried to relax as best she could. She told herself she was just imagining things.

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   A pretty boy like Alex couldn’t possibly be that interested in a prissy badgirl he’d just met. Her being tardy probably amused him, that’s all. Still, it was going to be a long day with him sitting right behind her. Sighing, Rose Marie cracked open her textbook and tried to focus on the lesson instead of Alex, something she’d never bothered to do before. Paying attention in class was uncool, after all. It might just be an interesting day after all. .

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