Nice Party II


Sandy laid back on the bed her breathing rapid, and those puffy nipples hard. I looked down and saw my cum leaking out of her swollen pussy. I could not believe how sexy she looked. I bent down and slowly put my middle finger into her pussy as far as it would go. Pulling it out slowly I moved it towards her mouth. "Want a taste?" I asked.
"If you want me to taste it I will. " she replied.
I told her to open her mouth and I slowly put the finger in her waiting mouth. She sucked on my finger as I pulled it out. "Lick it clean. " I told her. She flicked over my finger with her tongue finishing up the cum on the finger. I moved down to the hard bud of her clit with the newly cleaned finger and slowly started rubbing in a circle. I could tell she liked it as she thrust her pelvis towards me.
"Rub faster.

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  " she panted.
I put another finger down to better cover her clit, and started going faster. I noticed her eyes close and her breathing became more ragged. Faster and faster as her hips pushed against my hand, and then "Ugggghhhhh. " she grunted, held her breath and came.
"Oh my god. " she panted. "That is way better than when Allie or I do it. "
Not sure I heard her right I had to ask"Who?"
"Ummmmm well, Allie and me kind of do each other like that sometimes to practice for when guys would do it to us. " she stammered. "Don't be mad or anything. "
Actually the thought of watching my daughter and her touch each other had my cock coming back to life. "Not mad here. I need a shower want to join me?"
"Will we fit in your shower?" she asked.
"Its made for two.

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   Come on in. " I answered. I turned on the water as the jets came on. Ajusting the temperature I motioned for her to get in. She felt the water and got in as I grabbed some soap and shampoo. The beer was again begging to get out of the bladder, and a wicked thought entered my mind.
"Here is the first part of the shower. " I said as I let the warm stream of piss hit her first on her stomach and then moved it higher to her nice pink nipples. I then moved down aiming for that nice tight pussy until I had finished. "That bother you?" I asked.
"Nope it was kind of warm. " she answered.
I got the washcloth wet and warm and added soap. Starting with her face and moving down to her shoulders I washed her slowly. I soaped my hands and started washing her tits.

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   I let my fingers play over her nipples lightly rubbing her firm tits. My cock was at full staff again and I told her to turn around. I pushed lightly on her back and told her to bend over. I had to bend my knees a little as I pushed into her tight pussy for the second time tonight. I move my cock all the way in as I put my hands on her ass. "You ok?" I asked.
"Yup. " she said.
I started moving in and out faster and faster her pussy clamping again around my straining cock. I had never been in a pussy so tight. "Tell me to fuck you. " I said.
"Fuck me. "
"Tell me to fuck your pussy. "
"Fuck my pussy.

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  "she said. Her voice was at a higher pitch as I moved faster.
"I'm going to cum. " I moaned. Faster and faster my hands grabbing her ass hard as I shot my load again into Sandy's willing pussy. I could feel the walls of her pussy getting tighter around my cock as I shot again and again into her. "God you are hot. " was all I could say.
"You really think so?" she asked.
"Fuck yes. " I said.
All of the sudden there was a knock on the bathroom door. "Dad are you in there?" was the voice of my daughter.
To be continued. .

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