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I first met Hannah half way through year ten when she first came to my school, at first we didn’t talk much and the only contact we made was the occasional nod or “hey” in between classes. One Monday morning after the first bell sounded I went to my maths class and went to sit in my seat in the back corner as usual. Hannah was sitting next to my seat looking at me apologetically as if to say “it’s not my fault”.   I looked around to see Sol sitting in Hannah’s old seat instead of his usual place next to mine. I went to go sit next to Hannah and noticed that she had her name written on a small piece of paper on the desk and I had “Josh” written at my usual seat. “Relief teacher” Hannah said to answer my unspoken question. The new teacher came in and handed out worksheets and stated that if we got out of our seats we were to have detention all of first break, which I thought would suck at first, until I realised that Hannah was actually pretty cool. I helped her with some of the questions on account of the teacher being a cunt that we didn’t want to talk to. We chatted through the whole lesson where I learned that she had a boyfriend, but we still decided to sit next to each other in our other classes.


By the time the final bell sounded for us to go home, I was horny as hell having spent the whole day with Hannah and on the bus I had to put my bag on my lap to cover up. I lived 40 kilometres away from our school and had an hour long bus trip twice a day, this particular one I couldn’t wait to be over so I could get home and have my usual after school wank. When I got home I went straight to my room and stripped off in front of my mirror. I was fifteen years old, I was quite overweight at one hundred and ten kilo’s, but most of it was muscle.

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   I was one hundred and eighty something cm tall with shaggy ash brown coloured hair that always seemed to find its way over my face. I had a six and a half inch dick that I was somewhat self-conscious about with me being a virgin. The most I had ever done with a girl was rubbing my fingers into her pants in class, and had only made out with girls in drunken games of truth or dare.


I waited until my brother had finished inside and went out into his room, which was a van just out the side of the house. Grabbing a couple tissues from my desk I laid on my bed and started stroking my cock. The erection that had haunted me at school came back after just a few seconds as I imagined Hannah taking her clothes off to show me what I had been wanting to see all day. She had wavy red hair that she tied up in a bun and let messy strands fall on her face, I always thought it looked so beautiful. Her face was freckly and she had blue eyes that seemed to brighten my mood whenever I saw them, she was slightly shorter than me and had a gorgeous tone body that had a tiny layer of fat which gave her a more innocent look. Her tits were small and perky; they were always stealing a quick glance from me whenever I thought she wasn’t looking.


It only took a few minutes for me to cum into the tissues I collected; I laid there for a moment before I put the tissues in the bin next to my bed and got up and on the computer. I went onto face book and added her as a friend, then played Skyrim for a few hours.

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   When it got dark I had to do my chores, but after dinner I went back on Facebook and saw Hannah accepted my request. Her name popped up in the chat box showing that she had just sent me a message, so I spoke to her for a while. After about an hour of chatting, she asked if she could come over my place one day. Mum said it was fine, so I told Hannah she could come tomorrow. She replied with a “looking forward to it ;) x” then went to bed.


We picked Hannah up on the Saturday morning from her house, her mum was going to come and pick her up once she finished work at five. When we got home we went to just chill in my room and talk about people from school, when she saw a little treasure chest about the size of a fist just under my bed. “What’s in there?” She asked, pointing at the little box. “Oh, uh” I felt slightly panicked, “can you keep a secret?” I asked as I went to pick it up. “Of course I can” she replied with a hint of sly curiosity. I opened the box to show two joints and a few crumbs of weed I had left. I heard a small gasp of surprise emanate from her mouth along with a cheeky smile. “Do you smoke pot?” I asked in a hushed voice even though I knew nobody else was in the house.

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“I have once with my boyfriend and a few of his mates. ” She replied back in an urging voice.

“Do you want to go have these two?”

“Won’t your mum smell it?”
“She gave these to me. ” I replied in a final tone

“Let’s go. ”


We came back inside after about fifteen minutes and sat on my bed, both of us feeling pretty buzzed. I put on a playlist of south park episodes that seemed hilarious to us at the time. Hannah was laying down next to me so I decided to do the same, I put my arm around her waist cuddled up to her. She turned onto her side facing the computer, which gave me a great view of her tits from over her shoulder. I could feel myself getting harder by the second as I stared at her boobs; they bounced every time she giggled from a joke on south park.

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   My dick was dangerously close to her ass, and was rapidly becoming quite the bulge in my pants.


Hannah shuffled her body back on the bed to inch herself closer to me, she felt my package on her ass as she moved in. “Oh, is that you Josh?”

“Uh yeah, shit. ”
“Don’t worry about it handsome.

” She grabbed my hand that was around her waist and slowly rubbed it up her body until I had her whole tit in my palm.

She sat herself upright and started to take her shirt off. I went to sit up too, but she put her hands on my chest and pushed me back down, then started to crawl on top on me. She started making out with me while she was sitting on my dick, sliding and rocking back and forth slowly as we kissed. I put my arms around her and took her bra off, then slowly moved from her lips, to her chin, down her neck and started taking turns of groping and kissing each of her tits. I sat up and lifted her off of me, I started taking my clothes off and she did the same to her demin shorts and panties. Once we were both naked, she was in the same spot she fell back on, with her legs spread and he clean shaven pussy gleaming with moisture.

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   I was between her legs on my knees, so I bent down and let my tongue flick out over her clit. She let out several sharp moans as I started darting my tongue in and around her pussy. I eventually stopped licking her out and started thrusting my tongue in and out of her as fast as I could. Her moans were getting really loud, and I was hoping nobody would come in the house, because as soon as they did, they would hear. Hannah was grabbing the back of my head and trying to pull herself into my face even more. As her moans got higher and higher, I knew she was about to cum, but just before I thought she was going to I completely pulled my head out and let her sit up. She grabbed hold of my dick and started steadily moving her palm up and down my shaft. I thought it felt great, but when she slid me into her lips and started circling her tongue around my head, I was almost ready to explode.   She could see how much I was enjoying it and sucked as hard as she could just to watch the pleasure on my face. When she thought I was about to finish, she did the same thing as me and pulled out. Hannah laid back down once again, grabbed my dick with her hand and gently guided it into her wet pussy. I started thrusting and as soon as I did I knew I wasn’t going to last long. I tried my best to refrain from cumming on the spot, already her moans were starting to match the loudest she was making before. Those pleasure filled moans started turning into pleasure filled screams, which turned me on so much that I couldn’t help myself. I came inside of her and let my squirts of warm liquid enter into her pussy.

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   She was so close to cumming herself, she arched her back and as soon as the felt those jets of cream inside of her she screamed and had one of the most intense orgasms she had ever had. I looked up to her sexy eyes staring at me; she was breathing heavily and had beads of sweat over her face. I could get used to this.

We heard the dogs start barking from out the front of the house at a car coming down the driveway. “Shit, your mum is here”

“Its five already?!” Hannah asked incredulously

“yeah, a bit past. ” after a quick glance at the time in the bottom right of the computer screen.

We both threw our clothes on and she borrowed my deodorant. Before we left my room, she kissed me for a few seconds so her mum didn’t chance to see from her car. We went outside and hugged each other goodbye. I waved to her mum who was smiling at us in the car, and she waved back.

“See you at school bud. ” I said to Hannah as she got in the car.

“See ya” she replied with a wink that she hid from her mother.


Fuck, I thought to myself. I just lost my virginity.