Sexual Encounters: My LIfe Chapter 12


"Please, don't stop. I wanna know more!" I pleaded, aroused beyond the point of no return. My mind was spinning with what I was asking from him. This was the man I loved, the father of my child. And yet, it was getting me terribley wet between my thighs hearing him recall his experience with another woman. I felt a twinge of anger towards him, but lust overcome all other feelings. "Tell me what you did to her, baby. I wanna know how you fucked her. " I gasped. "I put my hand on her thigh and ran it up under her shirt to her breasts. We were still standing there in the doorway, so she pulled me into the house. She likes to be forced, to have someone just take sex from her. " Andre continued. My fingers began moving faster within me, and I felt the edge of an orgasm building up inside my pussy. I moaned, letting him know he was turning me on. "I pushed her to the chair she had in her livingroom and bent her over it.

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   " he told me, and I could hear the growing excitement in his voice as he relived the moment in his mind. Having met the girl before, I knew what she looked like, so it was easy for me to picture everything in my head as he told me how he fucked her. She was Jamaican, shorter than myself and thin, with perky breasts and an average face. She had a nice body, which is why I figured Andre was attracted to her. "What did her pussy feel like?" I groaned into his ear. ""Oh God, it felt so good. So tight and wet. She's always wet. I fucked her hard and fast against the chair. . . " he replied, getting into the story himself now. "My balls were slapping agains her pussy as I slammed in and out of her. ""Yes!" I cried out, completely overcome now by my need to orgasm. "Was she screaming?""She was moaning really loud, begging me to fuck her harder.

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   So I did. I was pounding into her when I came, grabbing her titties to pull her ass onto my dick. " he hoarsely informed me. "What about the next time you fucked her? What happened?" I asked him, needing more to bring me over the edge. "She rode me in her hallway. She was crying, saying I was hurting her because our pelvic bones were hitting so hard. " Andre said, again bringing his mouth to my breasts to capture a tender tip between his teeth. "Oh God, yesssss! Have you ever eaten her cunt? What does she taste like?" "No, she would never let me eat her pussy. I wanted to. God how I wanted to! She smelled so good. ""Have you ever fucked her in the ass?" I needed to know everything. "Uh uh. I pushed the tip of my finger into her ass once and she begged me to take it out. Before I did, I pushed it knuckle deep into her ass. I loved hearing her scream!" Andre answered.

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  I was so fucking horny at this point. Hearing in detail everything he had done with that bitch had me dripping. I had gotten so close to cumming as I listened to Andre, but the underlying anger had kept me from going over the edge, building the sexual tension slowly within me as I repeatedly got so close only to be unable to climax. "I need you to fuck me. " I whispered, needing to feel his cock in my pussy. Andre wsted no time, but quickly climbed between my thighs, pushing them against my chest so he hadfull access to my glistening cunt. As he slipped past my puffy pussy lips, he covered my mouth with his, muffling my scream. "Oh yes, baby fuck me!" I begged, arching up to meet his thrusts. "Your pussy feels so good, honey! No one has a better pussy than you. " he cried out, slamming faster and harder within me. That was all it took, and I felt my pussy muscles contracting against his cock as I came. My body shot forward, my teeth sinking into his shoulder as I climaxed beneath him. I grabbed his ass and pulled him tightlly to me, wanting to become one with him. "Oh shit, baby, yes! I'm cummmmmmming!" I yelled, pulling him even closer. The intense feelings that shot from my pussy went all the way into my toes and fingers.

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   My head became cloudy, and I felt like I would faint. I had never before came so hard. As my climax subsided, I felt my body relax and fell back to the floor. Andre was slowly pumping in and out of my spent pussy, causing me to shudder with every inward thrust. I lay beneath him, recovering. Shortly after my own incredible release, I felt his body tense and knew he was about to cum. "That's it, baby. Cum inside me. " I encouraged. With that, he began spraying my cunt walls with his white, sticky sperm. Afterwards, we fell asleep in one another's arms. Hearing everything that had happened when he cheated on me and alloing it to bring me pleasure gave me whatever it was I had needed to finally forgive him. .