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She was extremely careful, and took a long time to shave off her blond mound. Her bush was quite thick and every small millimeter of her pussy was shaven clean. It was as smooth as her cheek when she was done, but it had taken a long time to do. Kristy had really turned herself on while shaving her pussy. When she dried off and stood up to put on her clothes, she smiled at herself again knowing she needed to cum. She knew her sister would be home soon, but she figured that she was so horny that it wouldn’t take long to get herself off. Soon after, her electric toothbrush didn’t take long to find its way into her vagina. She was breathing hard, and moved the wide end of the thing in and out of her pussy. Her back was propped up against the bathtub, and her feet were pressed up high against the bathroom cupboards to push back the other way. She breathed harder and harder, and started to move her hips outward with every thrust of the vibrator. As her heart beat faster, she moved her waist out more and more every time. It curved up to meet the sweet feel of the toothbrush. Harder and harder she pushed out into the air, she was moaning very loudly now. She thought how great it was to have the house to herself so that she didn’t have to hold back while masturbating. She decided that this would become a Monday ritual for her. After a while she started to sweat, her body was getting tired as she moved towards her climax.

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   Over and over she pounded her tight cunt, her other hand was rubbing the top of her clit vigorously. Her pussy was soaked in its own juices. As she was coming, she closed her eyes. She screamed, “AAARRRR…AAARRR…AAARRR!” over and over very loudly. She had hit the G spot obviously, water gushed out of her pussy like a geyser. She could feel it hitting her hands and running down her arm. It just kept coming! So much water, it lasted almost ten seconds! The intensity for her orgasm overwhelmed her until she was completely exhausted. Then her waist dropped down to the cold tiled bathroom floor, and she exhaled finally. The electric toothbrush dropped out of her hand onto the floor and she opened her eyes. To her horror, her little sister was standing by the door staring at her with a shocked look on her face. “Oh…. My…. God. Megan!” was all she could say. She scrambled for words.

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  “Kristy? I’m sorry I shoulda knocked” her little sister cried. “Megan,” she grasped for a towel beside the bath, it wasn’t there “how much did you see?” As she still tried to catch her breath. "I came in when…you… started to pee. ” Megan was frozen looking at her naked sister. Kristy, now completely mortified, finally grabbed a towel that was lying on the toilet. She quickly covered herself and got up. She was completely red and totally embarrassed. She began to scoot Megan out of the room. “Wait Kristy, I… I wanna know how to do that… I know what you were really doing… and sometimes I do it too. But I never have that much fun. I never pee at the end. ” Kristy threw her out of the room as she was saying this and locked the door. Megan looked at the floor, obviously uncomfortable. She talked again through the door. “Please Kristy, I… I won’t tell anyone! Not even Mom! I just don’t wanna ask her how to do it.

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  ” Megan pouted and kicked her feet. There was a long pause. Megan just waited there, hoping her big sister would help her with something she knew almost nothing about. “Alright. ” Kristy swallowed, still embarrassed that she got caught. She didn’t even know where to start or what to say. This was insane she thought. She unlocked the door. “How often do you do it?” she asked her little sister. “I dunno, I just do it whenever I feel like it. I don’t keep track. ” Megan replied. “Okay,” Kristy said as she opened the door and let her in, “sit on the bathtub. ” Kristy still had the towel wrapped around her and asked Megan, “Do you take your clothes off?” Her sister answered, “No… I usually push my waist into my bed for a while… then I get bored. ” Megan swallowed.

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   Their conversation was slow and awkward. Kristy instructed, “Okay…try taking your clothes off next time. And instead of humping the bed, try using your fingers to rub your vagina. ” Megan nodded, then started to take off her clothes. “Wait, wait! What are you doing? Not here!” Kristy said franticly. Megan then begged, “But that’s what I meant Kristy… pleeease!” Kristy thought, perhaps it wasn’t so bad because Megan had already seen her masturbate. She sighed, “Alright. ” Megan pulled off her white t-shirt and threw it next to her sister’s. Kristy watched Megan’s beautiful body show itself in front of someone else for the first time. Her large round breasts bounced down as she unhooked her bra. This was one lucky 13-year-old girl. Her thin waist and blonde hair made her look like a supermodel. She was a little version of her older sister. When she was done, she spread her legs open to reveal her thick mass of pubic hair. Big blonde tuffs covered a large clit.

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   Her pussy was very long and tight. Kristy’s jaw dropped, and as she fidgeted uncomfortably so did her towel by accident, revealing herself to her sister once again. Kristy had huge round breasts that barely needed a bra. They almost held themselves up; they were so perky. Her bald cunt was shiny and her pussy lips were still puffed out and wet; it was the only difference between the two perfect bodies. She sat on the floor with her back to the cupboards making no attempt to cover herself up. Kristy instructed, “Okay, take your two longest fingers,” she held her own up and wet them with her mouth, “and get them wet so they’re warm and slide in easier. ” She spread her legs apart, knees high and back. Then Kristy started to rub the top of her clit and said. “Start moving your fingers around here. Get everything wet, and make sure you’re comfortable. ” Megan mimicked her older sister. “Well it’s not very comfortable sitting up here,” Megan frowned, and then hopped off the bathtub onto the floor facing her sister. She spread her legs and sat like her sister did. Their pussies were about a foot away from each other.

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   She watched as Kristy dipped her fingers into her vagina every once in a while, and rubbed all around her pussy making it really wet and slippery. Megan tried to copy it, but she was going too fast, and her pubic hair absorbed all the saliva she could make. This didn’t feel as good as she wanted and she started to get frustrated. She put her feet on top of her sister’s. She rubbed Kristy’s feet with her own, getting more comfortable about being there with her. She tried again, but she felt very awkward. She liked being naked with her big sis but this felt no better than humping the bed. Kristy was now getting herself worked up again and wanted to have another orgasm. She got frustrated by Megan’s complaining and shouted, “Oh my God! Fine! Here!” Kristy stuck out her hand to meet Megan’s pussy. Her fingers slowly massaged inside and out of her vagina. Megan’s pussy was so tight that Kristy knew she must still be a virgin. She pulled them out to wet them and realized she was about to taste her sister’s pussy. She closed her eyes, and after a short pause, put them inside her mouth. It tasted wonderful. It was so sweet and pure; she hadn’t tasted anything like it ever before.

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   Her own pussy didn’t taste like that at all. Kristy plunged her fingers back into her sister’s tight little cunt. Megan closed her eyes and began to feel why her older sister did this so often. She could feel Kristy’s fingers going in and out of her. Her breathing quickened, and her heart started pounding. It felt so good now; she never wanted it to stop. Her hips began to rock forward already. She was very close to cumming. Suddenly, her waist lifted off the ground and lurched forward vibrating into Kristy’s hand. “Oh my God, Kristy! Ooooohhhhh!” Kristy began to finger her sister’s wet little cunt faster now. Megan closed her eyes tightly and grit her teeth together as she moaned, “AAAHHH!” She was experiencing her first orgasm and it had taken complete control over her thin firm body. The sensation pulsating inside her pussy was absolutely incredible! Megan opened her eyes and stared directly into her sister’s eyes and yelled, “OH GOD KRISTY PLEASE DON”T STOP! OOOHHH!” Kristy didn’t stop; in fact she fingered her even faster. To Kristy’s surprise, this was really turning her on too. Watching her sister cum was like nothing she’d ever seen. Her own pussy began to drip and then she felt a liquid dipping out of Megan’s throbbing pussy.

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   She looked down and to her shock the liquid was actually blood! She couldn’t believe that she popped her little sister’s cherry. She didn’t stop fingering Megan until her orgasm finally subsided. When Megan came back to earth, Kristy started to rub her own clit once again. Megan was done, and almost completely drained of energy. She had climaxed so quickly and for so long; it was a little shocking for her. Kristy said, “I’m sorry I took your cherry. ” Megan quickly replied, “I’m glad my first time was with you, your sooo good!” She saw her sister rubbing her clit again. Kristy’s bald pussy glistened with the juices that were on it. Megan watched her grab for the electric toothbrush, but decided that she wanted to experiment even more. Megan was told by a friend that having your pussy licked was an awesome feeling, so she wanted to do that to her sister for teaching her how to masturbate properly. “Lemmie…. ” She grabbed the vibrator away from her older sister, and threw it down. She pulled her hair back into a ponytail, and lowered her head down to Kristy’s clit. “What the hell are you doing? You can’t do this,” Kristy cried. “You did it for me!” Megan exclaimed.

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   “But not that. God Megan, this is incest isn’t it?” Megan not taking no for an answer replied, “No, you’re teaching me how to do sex stuff. Now I wanna help you too!” with that, she started to lap up the juices on Kristy’s soaked pussy. Her tongue was big, and took in the whole thing at once. It tasted like nothing she had ever eaten. She wanted more and stuck her tongue inside her sister’s vagina and felt around. Kristy couldn’t believe she was letting her little sister eat her cunt out but it felt so good! She felt guilty because that she wasn’t stopping her. Kristy was ready to pass out; it felt like there were a thousand explosions going off inside her pussy. Her hips quickly rocked forward into her sister’s face. Megan only pushed back harder, licking deeper. This lasted a while. Megan was eating out her older sister on the bathroom floor. It was awesome! It felt incredible! After a while, Kristy exploded into Megan, sending a second wave of orgasmic water into her little sister’s mouth and she swallowed it all. It was like sugar water. She came for a good 5 seconds gushing out like a faucet.

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   When Kristy was done cumming Megan’s chin, cheeks and nose glisten with her sister’s sticky juices. Kristy pulled her younger sister to her and kissed her passionately. She licked her own pussy juices off Megan’s face. The intensity of their orgasms combined with their closeness as sisters caused them to feel a love for each other stronger than they have ever felt for anyone before. Kristy and her little sister masturbated together whenever they were alone. Megan would often sneak into her big sister’s bed when their parents were asleep and they would 69 each other until they came. Kristy taught her little sister many ways to masturbate and they frequently ate each other out or fucked each other with a dildo. The End.