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Alex and I had been good friends for a while. We whacked off in the same room while watching porn and we bull shitted together about the girls we never fucked. We were both 13 and the same height of 5ft 10 but I had brown hair, he had dirty blond. Well one afternoon we got this idea to invite this one girl over to jump on my trampoline while it was wet. The entire walk over to her house we joked and imagined her wearing a white t-shirt so we could see her tits. When we got to her house she agreed to come over and followed us to my house and we jumped on the trampoline with the water hose on there. We sprayed each other and me and Alex took our shirts off. The girl, Lesley, was wearing a whit spaghetti strap shirt with a thick top to make up for not wearing a bra and she was wearing short shorts. We played a few games like Marco polo where you were on all fours trying to tag someone and we both cock slapped her, but she didn’t know it. After an hour or two we went inside and I got us some towels to dry off with and we went back to my room and sat on my bed and I put a DVD into my X-Box with a few sex scenes in it. She was like a year younger than us, but we didn’t care. She had short dark red hair, almost brown and green eyes and the most sexy body I’ve ever seen and the best looking tits, not biggest, best looking. I looked over at her and popped the question we planned to ask her.  “Hey Lesley. ” “Yeah,” she said, looking away from the sex on the TV. “Which one of us would you fuck?” I asked.

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   She looked at me almost shocked by the question and then grinned. “Well, it would depend on your cocks,” she said. Me and Alex looked at each other. “Really,” he said. “Yep,” she said again, “Why is that a problem?” “No,” we said. We stood up and stood in front of her, unzipped our pants and pulled out our semi soft cocks and let them hang before her. “Wow…holy shit,” she said. We were both pretty big and we measured in front of each other for proof of who was bigger and he was slightly bigger by an eighth of an inch and he wasn’t circumsized. “How big are they?” she asked. Her nipples went hard and her eyes were locked on our soft cocks, which weren’t getting harder by the way, they had been in soaking wet boxers and shorts. “Nine inches when hard,” he said. I unbuttoned my shorts and shoved my boxers and shorts down so she could see my balls. “We’re both the same size,” he said, doing the same thing. We were standing before her completely naked, her mouth open and almost drooling. “So which one would you fuck?” I asked again.

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   She looked up at both of us and smiled erotically. “Well, it depends,” she said mischievously. “What does it depend on,” we asked. “If you do what I tell you to, then I’ll let you both fuck me,” she giggled. Me and Alex looked at each other. “Fine,” he said. “Yeah, what do you want us to do?” I asked. She took her shirt off and peeled her wet shorts off her body and revealed she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. She sat back down and looked up at us. “I want the two of you to jerk each other off and get each other hard,” she smiled. We looked at each other and shrugged.  “Ok,” I said. I reached over and grabbed his cock and began stroking it and he did the same. I tried thinking about her hot body to get my mind of this weird site. After a few minutes we were both hard and pointing at each other.

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   We looked at her and waited for further instructions. “Now what,” Alex asked. She smiled again and began fingering herself like it was nothing and leaned forward, propping her arms on her knees. “I want the two of you to jerk yourselves off until you guys cum and I want you guys to cum on each others cocks,” she said in a sexy voice. We both started jerking off, staring at her body and looking at where our cum would be shot. We kept jacking off for a few minutes before Alex shot a load onto my cock and hand and a few seconds later I shot a big loud onto the head of his cock and she just smiled. “Looks like Logan can go longer than you, Alex,” she flirted. We stood there waiting for further demands. “Ok, this time I want you two to cum on each others face, 1 at a time. ” Me and Alex looked at each other wondering who would go first. We stood there, still stroking ourselves with gooey hands before we both read each others minds. We waited until we were both ready to cum before we walked over and shot big gooey loads onto her face. she leaned back squealed and wiped her face off with the towel. “What was that?” she asked. We ignored her and shoved our cocks into her face.

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   “Suck,” I said in demanding voice. She looked up at Alex and then grabbed our cocks and took both our heads into her mouth. Then she pulled us out and took me in first, sucking like she knew what she was doing and beating Alex off. Then she switched and stroked my cock and started sucking his cock. She got us to the point we were about to cum when she put our heads in her mouth again and stroked our balls. We both shot huge fucking loads into her mouth. The overflowing cum flowed out of her lips and onto her chin and pulled us out to swallow. She pushed us back and bent over on my bed and we looked at each other. Her asshole was spread already she her pussy was loose. We looked at each other and went for her cunt and slammed our cocks into her at once, with my cock above his. She screamed as she was being fucked by two 9in cocks in one hole. With every thrust she screamed wildly. I pulled out and sank my slab of meat into her asshole and spread it even more. She screamed wildly as we both fucked her like crazy. I pulled out and got on the bed in front of her shoved my cock into her mouth and fucked her face like it was her ass.

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   Her screams were muffled into moans. Alex hammered away at her pussy, now with more room to move without me next to him. She let out a huge muffled squeal and her juices trickled onto my bed. A few more minutes went by and Alex let out a huge moan and he came. I tried to hold back a little longer before I shot cum into the back of her throat. She pushed me back and licked the cum off my cock and smeared it on her lips. She looked up at me and winked. “Fuck me guys, fuck me til you can’t anymore,” she screamed. Me and Alex switched spots and I shoved my cock into her asshole and fuck her until she was screaming and pushing Alex’s cock away. He moved her head and shoved his cock into her mouth and down her throat and fucked her like I did. 3 orgasms later, from both of us I laid on the bed and let her ride my cock while facing away from me. Alex got in front of her and slammed his cock into her loose pussy, hitting my cock on the way in, and we both started fucking her cunt. She repositioned her legs so she was crouched over my cock, her legs bent, so I could push up into her pussy. I rested my hands on her shoulders to pull upward and to keep her from falling off my bed as she screams and bounced uncontrollably from our cocks. From the front Alex feasted on her luscious tits.

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   She screamed loud enough to make it known from outside what was happening. “Oh GOD, FUCK MEEEE,” she screamed. “FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME,” she screamed faster and faster. Less than a minute later me and Alex shot probably the biggest load of cum into her that we probably ever will. She slowly spun around, with our cocks still in her, and laid on top of me as I continued fucking her cunt. She kissed me deeply and we explored each others mouths with our tongues, the entire time she moaned into my mouth. After a few more loads we got her on her side and we both picked a hole, spread her legs, lifting one up and leaving the other on the bed. Almost at the same time we slammed our cocks into the holes we picked, I got her cunt and he got her asshole. We fucked her holes without anything getting into our way, well almost anything. She watched our cocks fuck her holes and screamed with each thrust, which we weren’t thrusting at the same time so she was screaming like mad. We hammered away non stop for a long time until she wasn’t screaming anymore and her moans were like weak whimpers. Her pussy lips were completely red and her asshole I couldn’t see. It was getting darker outside and when we started it was broad daylight. There was so much cum coming out of her holes with ever thrust and there was already cum on her thigh. I looked over at Alex and he looked tired and out of breath and I kinda felt the same.

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   I kept fucking her, feeling my final orgasm building up until I finally emptied my last load deep into her pussy and pulled out and fell forward on the bed next to her and Alex fell on the bed behind her. He reached around and fondled her tits as I kissed her. we let her get up and shower off and get dressed and let her walk home. Me and Alex stood there in my room, still naked, my cock felt numb and over used and had gone limp again. We got dressed again before we did our stupid little victory dance and he went home. That night I couldn’t sleep and all I wanted to do was fuck her some more. I lied there in bed until I heard a tap on the window and found Lesley standing outside. I helped her in got what I wanted. .

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