Young and Tight [Part 1 – The start of a relationship]


The car rumbled down the high way, my mum asleep in the front and my dad, sipping a coffee, driving. In the backseat was Laylana rapped up in a blanket, and in the middle seat was Mandy and I. I was sitting in the middle, and she was fast asleep on the door.
I was snuggled up against her, with her arm wrapped around my side, and my head on her shoulder. I tried not to put all my weight on her as I didn’t think her fragile frame would hold me. She moved a bit, moving her hand near my lap. This diverted a lot of my attention, although I’m sure it wasn’t on purpose.
Traffic whizzed by, and I made sure everyone was asleep, and my dad was fixed on the road, still slowly taking sips of his coffee. I looked down at my sister, her body seemed to let off a great amount of heat, that I couldn’t stop noticing. She was wearing a tight top, and loose mini skirt. I looked down at her legs, the skirt had moved up revealing her light purple panties.
I stared down in delight, soon having a hard on, until she moved a bit, opening her legs wider, but moving the skirt down. I cursed under my breathe. I snuggled up closer, and trying to cover up my hard on, put a blanket over the top of us. One of my hands were comfortably behind her back and on her waist and the other lay on my knee.
Covered by the blanked, I listened to her breathing for a while, making sure she was asleep, and moved my hand onto her stomach and paused there.

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   Her breathing remained constant, showing she was still indeed asleep. Her stomach felt like it was on fire, the second I touched it, it sent warmth all the way up my arm. I slowly lowered my hand into her thigh, and was met with the same comforting warmth. I stopped once again and checked she was asleep. Slowly I guided my hand over her skirt and on top of where her pre-teen pussy would be. I rubbed in small circles, lightly. Her breathing sharpened a little bit, taking faster breaths.
I continued this, and her breathing was fastening. I moved my hand down and pulled her skirt up slightly, leaving it folded on top of her thighs. Once again I cautiously checked she was asleep. Still good. My heart thumped and my pants grew as I moved my hand up and on top of those sweet panties. I felt the lips of her puccy through the light fabric. Once again I rubbed in circles around her lips, again her breathing increased and increased, as I continued to rub. About three minutes after doing so she was breathing at a rapid pace.

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I nudged my index finger into her lips, slightly going in, and repeated this a few times, until she slightly bucked, her breathing stopped and then deeply breathed out. I had just given my sister her first orgasm. Wetness started producing itself on her panties, not a lot, just a few drops or so.
I stopped for a few minutes, not wanting to rush back into it, as I was afraid of waking her. I moved my hand off her panties and then slowly began to creep under them. I tried to only enter one finger at a time, but my heart was racing and without patience dove my wrist inside. I was able to freely feel her soft puccy lips for the first time, and god was it a feeling. Heat soared from her puccy every time I stroked it. I could feel the wetness from the last orgasm and rubbed it around and used it as lubrication to enter the tip of my finger inside here, brushing her clit. I soon drove her to a more intense orgasm.
A great deal more juices came out onto my hand. I pulled it out from in her panties and smelt the juices that were on my hands, the smell was so elegant, It turned me on so much that I nearly came there. I rubbed some that collected on my fingers onto her lips, leaving a dazzling shine.
What I would do to kiss those lips. My heart burned.

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I drove her to orgasm another three times during our trip there.
Nothing too exciting happened on the Ski Trip, although Mandy and I shared the same bed and every night I got to have a fiddle around with her. Every night bringing her to orgasm, and also satisfying me.
I had never felt such lust, most nights she wore a one piece nightgown, made of velvet, which allowed me to easily have access to her bare cunt.
Back at home was when things started getting a little bit more interesting. One night, bored, we decided to give each other massages, of coarse my idea. We were in the games room up stairs where no-one would usually bother us, with Laylana playing a video game on the main t. v downstairs, and our parents on the computers.
“Your turn first” she said giggling and laid down on the carpet in front of me. She was wearing the same nightgown as I described before.
I placed my hands softly on top of her back, massaging slowly in circles like I did in the car. I did this all the way down, but stopped at the top of her ass cheeks. I did the same, starting at the top, but this time I continued down and onto her ass cheeks and down her legs. She didn’t seem to mind.
I ran my fingers deep into her back and she groaned as I worked my magic.

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   I continued down her back and over her ass cheeks, this time getting a longer and more satisfying feel of those tight creamy buns.
The feeling was fantastic. I avoided suspicion by massaging her feet and toes then moving back over her ass and onto her back. A large tent was now emerging from my shorts. I grabbed my cock and moved it up under my belt then continued.
“Ok your turn” I said. She got up, looking as if she had been in heaven. “Good I guess?” I said smiling. “Yeah you are a good massager man” She said grinning. I laid down on my stomach in the same place she had been. The carpet was still warm from her.
She dittoed the way I massaged, In circles at first then doing harder strokes. She made her way down and over my ass cheeks. Her hands felt like heaven when they touched me, it sent shivers up my spine. Although it was hurting laying on my stomach while my cock was erected.

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After a few minutes she stopped. “Good?” She said leaning over me. “That was excellent sis” I said meeting her eyes. “I’m going to go for a bath” She said climbing off me. “I feel like one too, want me to wash you?” I said trying to sound normal, I didn’t want to sound desperate or pushy. “We havn’t done that since I was little…. ok” She replied happily smiling. She grabbed my hand and led me to the bathroom, next to her room. This was where everyone but my parents showered and bathed, they had their own downstairs.
She went in leading me then stripped off. Infront of me was my totally naked, baby sister. Her ass was almost calling for me, I needed to touch her. She started running the hot water and turned to face me. “Going to bath in your clothes” She said in a smart ass kind of way, grinning. I closed the door and drew my attention from her and began stripping like she had done.

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She lent over and felt the water, giving me a view of her ass, and her little pink hole in the middle of it. The view was to die for. She stayed in that position for around about a minute and already my cock was dieing to get free. I waited for her to climb in before I removed my pants.
My cock sprang out, all 6” of it. I went to the bath and climbed in, as I was doing so I met my sister’s gaze as she was looking at my erection. “Watcha looking at sis” I said grinning. “Nothing” she said and blushed. We both comfortably fitted in the bath tub fine and with our stomachs and below under water, we didn’t have much embarrassment.
She seemed natural and played around in the water. I pretended to do the same, but I couldn’t stop staring at her little pink nipples. She started rubbing water over her shoulders and over her body, making her nipples soon erect. My cock was aching for attention, but I couldn’t please it yet. “Want me to scrub you?” I said picking up a scrubber from the bathroom floor. “Can you massage me again please” she said grinning once more.

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   “Ok sis…. . ” I said as if it was a chore, how very wrong this was.
I had to sit back a bit from her, on account of my cock. I started scrubbing her shoulders lightly and around her neck. Slowly I made my way down onto her chest, and scrubbed trying not to hit her nipples. “Stand up for me” I instructed to her. She did. Standing up, water dripped down off her marvelous skin, and down her legs. Her cunt was sitting there at eye level in front of me, It looked so soft and inviting. I was hypnotized by the site.
“Watcha looking at bro” she said mimicking the tone I took not just minutes ago. “Your pretty” I said in return, blushing a little too. “Thanks bro, I think your pretty too” She said. I regained motive, moving the scrubber under her arms and tickled her there, she chuckled and moved the brush away.

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   I scrubbed on her stomach. Slowly I moved down and scrubbed on her pelvic area, then around her puccy. She didn’t move, actually looking anticipated.
I went for the jackpot. I moved the scrubber and lightly went over her puccy. She muffled a groan, and I continued scratching some more. As I did so, she began to groan louder. “Like that sis?” I said. She nodded, blushing again. “Your really dirty there, want me to keep going?” I said, crossing my fingers. “Please” she said.
My cock rose, I continued scrubbing slowly and softly around her puccy area and then onto her puccy again. She groaned, this time not muffling it at all, and I continued. She grabbed hold of a nearby bench and continued groaning. I fastened my pace.


   She began groaning loud this time and her legs slightly shaking. I fastened even more and this drove her over the top. She orgasmed more intensely then anything in the car or at the Ski Mountains.
She looked dazed, but pleasureful at the same time. “All done sis” I said and handed her the brush. She kneeled down in the tub, still breathing heavily from the orgasm. She began brushing my shoulders and stomach. She did this for three minutes then instructed me to stand up.
Her eyes were staring at my cock as I stood up. She began scrubbing down lower, but still had her eyes fixed on my cock. Soon enough she came to my erection and not sure what to do, scrubbed my pubic hairs, then over my rod. God it felt good, having my butt naked sister massage my cock with the scrubber. So very very good. My cock instantly reacted with the touch, it sprang up, and surprise got to her and she pulled it back a bit. She slowly began scrubbing again, up and down my cock, then over and under it and onto my balls.

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   “Your very dirty there” she said, not moving her gaze. I began to feel myself cum as she, like I did, picked up the pace, although she was digging it in to me quite hard.
Soon enough I came, spurting cum all over the scrubber and some shot onto her, she got surprised and jumped back a bit. I noticed some of my cum dribbling down and over her cunt lips. She also looked down at it, I quickly moved, I splashed water on her, and then kissed her on the forehead. “Thanks sis, I’m all clean now” I said. Before she could react I left the bath and started drying. She followed.
“Thank-you for the massages” she said also picking up a towel and drying herself. I got another good peek at her puccy and ass before I left and went back to my room. It was one good night, and for the rest of the week I couldn’t get the thoughts of her out of my mind, it was a few days before I left that things started heating up once again.
To be continued….