My Sister-in-Law and Me


I am a happily married man married to the mostwonderful woman, but she has a sister that I have fantasised since the day Imet her.
My wife's sister is a bit of a prick tease, we geton great and every time we are together, we always have a dirty laugh.
She sometimes stays over our house and when shedoes, she slips into her PJ's and I know she is not wearing any underwear.
It gets me so hard knowing that and I can’t helpjust looking at her pussy to see if I can see anything.
My wife and her usually have a girl’s moment, whenthey do, I go into the guest room in which she is staying and go through her stuffand find her worn sweet smelling panties. I simply can not help myself, I sniffthe sweet smell of her pussy on them and get so hard, I then pull my cock outand rub it up and down them, imagining my cock sliding over her clit.
I grasp her panties fully around my cock and startto wank myself of in them, the smell of her pussy scent heightens my arousementand makes me pump faster and faster, the precum starts ozzing out of me ontoher panties and seeing it on them makes me loose it and I shoot a massive wadof hot cum, soaking part of her panties. I slide the head of my hot spunky cockall in it.
I then put the panties back and leave the roomwith a big flushed grin, knowing she will be wearing them the next day, it justmakes me hard all over.
One day my dreams and fantasies of making love toher came true.
It was the weekend, my wife was working and hersister had asked me to come over if I got bored to give her a hand with the gardening. Of course I said yes and went around an hour later.
When I arrived she had already begun doing some ofthe gardening at the front garden. As I got out my car I said, "Typical woman,can’t wait. "
She just gave me a look and said, "I wasexpecting you sooner, you took too long!" in a sarcastic but cheeky manner.
I said I was going to quickly get a drink and beright out to help, as I walked past her, I gave her ass a nice firm slap on herass as I always do.

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She only said, "Oi cheeky!" So I love itknowing I can get away with it.
We then did the gardening for the next few hoursin the baking sun. When we finally finished we went inside the house and collapsedon the sofa next to each other.
We were leaned up against one another and I movedmy head over to her and said to her jokingly, "You’re all sweaty andsmelly. "
She elbowed me and said, "So are you Mr, yourstill dripping" wiping her finger over my forehead. "That's man swetbaby, that’s my sexy smell!" laughing and doing a mascaling voice. Shereplied with a uhu and leaned her head over laying it gently on my chest andsmelt me. "It's actually not bad" she said, "I told you, it's myalluring smell, watch out, it may just take over you and.