Me and Catherina and Scarlett


Catherina's daughter
I am Robin, I am 18 and doing a nice job. The name is my boss is Johnie. One day, i met his wife. Oh! She was a sexy and beautiful lady. My cock hardened. I fell in love with her. She could understand my love from the way I looked at her.
One day i had to go to my boss's house. I didn't meet Mr. Johnie, but I met his lovely wife. She said he was not at home. Then my dream came true, she came near me and asked me if I loved her. I said I did. She told me her name was Catherina and was 36. Then she started kissing me. I did not resist.

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   Then, she said that both her husband and her 16 year old daughter would come late and wanted to fuck me. I said I was a virgin. She said it was okay, she would teach me to fuck. She said she wanted to take my virginity. I agreed. She undressed herself, then undressed me. I saw a naked lady for the first time in life! Catherina was so lovely, I sucked her nipples. Then she sucked my cock. She taught me to pussy fuck her. Then at last, i began to fuck Catherina's pussy. OW! I lost my virginity but i was enjoying really. It was so enjoying. Ahhhhh! We fucked for 3 hours. Then from that day, she just used to give me a call when nobody was home and i fucked Catherina's puss and ass like crazy.
Her daughter's name was Scarlett.


   Me and Scarlett were friends because she also joined the same job. I was jealous of Scarlett because just because her father was the boss, she got a better job than me. I was more intelligent and smarter than her. But, I didn't show my jealousy. I also didn't know that she loved me.
One day, we had gone to a park together. She confessed her love to me. How could I love her? I HAD FUCKED HER MOM! But, she was so beautiful. I told Scarlett that I loved her too. She was so happy, she hugged and kissed me. But I didn't tell her about her mother. I continued to have sex with her mother, Catherina.
Three days later, Scarlett wanted to have sex with me!!! I thought for a minute and asked her if she was a virgin. She said she was. Now only a fool will refuse such a beautiful virgin.

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   I accepted and told her I was not a virgin. I told her i lost it to my previous girlfriend, Annette. Annette didn't even exist and poor Scarlett did not know I lost my virginity to her mom. Pity!
She was nice to fuck but her mother Catherina was better. I enjoyed myself. Took her virginity. I made sure her mother did not know about this. This continued for fourteen days. I fucked them both and they didn't know about each other. Then, Catherina told me that she wanted to divorce her husband and marry me. I thought she was drunk. 'You are twice my age', I said. But she did not care. She wanted to marry me. It took me a lot of time to persuade her not to carry on her desire to marry me.

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   Then i told her that i was fucking her daughter. She got very angry at me, not because I took Scarlett's virginity, but because I was cheating on her. She wanted to kill Scarlett, but I said it was my fault and Scarlett didn't even know about it.
She forgave me but on a condition. That she would divorce her husband Johnie and live with me. That meant I had to look for a new job. I agreed but told her to divorce only after I found a new job.
I got a new job in Four days and we were ready to go, BUT Scarlett found out everything. She wanted to kill me for what I had done. But she still loved me and said she wanted to go with me. They argued and finally let me decide. I thought for five minutes and realized that I loved Catherina more than Scarlett. So, I told Catherina to come with me. There was a bridge nearby. Scarlett went near the bridge and said she would commit suicide if I didn't let her come with me.

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So, I decided to take them both with me. So, we went to a new city and live happily, but Scarlett and Catherina is always jealous of each other. Both want to marry me. Scarlett is 17, Catherina is 36. I love Catherina more, but can anyone tell me whom will I marry now?

Please read part 1 before or you will not enjoy reading this.
Yesterday, Scarlett was out for the whole day. So, her mom had me for the whole day. First, we kissed each other. She was so hot. I was so lucky to have Catherina. Her lips were so sweet. She was great and very very hot. We kissed for one hour.
Catherina was thin, has golden hair, blue eyes, lovely face and lovely body.
Scarlett was thin, has brown hair, black eyes, lovely face and lovely body.

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Catherina was much better than her daughter. She also loved me so much. We wanted to get married, but our age was the only problem. We decided not to get married but always have sex. I have sex five times with Catherina every day and one time with Scarlett. Both were hot, but Catherina was hotter.
So, yesterday after the kiss, we both became naked. too. She said that she wanted to have me only for herself and wants to get rid of Scarlett. She wanted to kill Scarlett, her own daughter!!!!!
I was shocked. I told her I also wanted to get rid of Scarlett, but i would never kill her. So, I told her another plan.
Then, we got back to sex. First, Catherina sucked my cock. Then, i sucked Catherina's nipples.

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   Then, I sucked Catherina's lovely puss. Then I fucked her for the day on both puss and ass.
That night when Scarlett returned, I told her to go away and let me and Catherina live in peace. Scarlett cried but we did not care and told her to get lost. So, we kicked her out of the house. Good riddance! Now, Catherina has me all to herself. But, she doesn't know that I will cheat on her some day. As soon as I find someone hotter than Catherina, I will of course try to find someone hotter and better. .

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