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Hi Guys,  
My name is Kelly-Anne. I am from England. 
I can not put my location on this site. As Cumbria is not a option. 
So if you know where Carlisle is. Which is next to Newcastle. That is where I am based. It's a 45min drive. 

I am 49 years old. slim build with big boobs.  A nice 7.5 inch shemale cock for you to enjoy. I do not top unless you have dooshed. This means wash out your bum holes.
Google my name TS KellyAnne and find my squirting video online. I am the real deal.. 
I am a sissy cum slut. I started watching sissy brainwashing videos on xhamster thinking it was just something different to play with myself over. Then I started feeling submissive. Filthy thoughts filled my head. And now I have gone to far to turn back. I love transforming myself into a submissive little clitty cock whore that adores mens cocks
I need to feel a cock pound my hole everyday. Because I. am adictied to being fucked. I become very submissive when a guy gets his cock out and orders me to suck it. I love to please men. I love feeling a man explode his sperm inside my shemale pussy. 
My ultimate goal is to be gangbanged. 
I love oral sex. Both ways. I love sensual times, And i love to switch it up.  I love flirting. The build up to sex is important.  
Many people say they can massarge.  However they can not. I was trained to give full body deep tissue sports massarge.
People come to me because i am the real deal. No fake B.S. Massarges allows us to be relaxed and feel sexy. 
I am very open minded. Clean, sexy and fun to be around. I have blonde hair, With eyes that change colours. We call them Mood Eyes
My sexy glasses and lots of tattoos gives me a certain sassy look.
I do Not  watch the clock. I do not rush you out of the door. 

I am from a small city in the north of england, We call it the Borders.  It is very small city. 
You can shower before or after our sexy time togther. If you have Just finished work, or you want to freshen up. 
I do not have my laptop with me, So i am struggling to get on line as much as i woI

I do not take drugs. or drink. So i am not a loose wire. So please do not turn up intoxicated.
I do this because i love men and i love cocks. I think it feels amazing when a man cums all over me and fills my panties with his hot sticky spunk. 
Please do not waste my time. 
I am still on the ball with everything. Time wasters get logged. Then blocked. After all. If someone pissed you about. You'd be fuming. We are all human beings with feelings. Don't go fucking with mine. And if your nervous. Honestly. Take a moment. Breath and call. I'm laid back. Easy to get on with. And I certainly will not judge you. Bite your head of.. So pick up the phone. And I certainly don't sound like a man. Rather a women with a husky smokers voice. Well I do like 420 flowers hehehehe xx
looking forward to seeing you all. sexy kisses Kelly-Anne xx

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