Movie Night!


Topic: I loved every minute of it. Until now I've been strait,
However I really wanted to try another man! Both in my mouth and in my ASS the most.
Anyway I live in L. A. California and did not want anybody to know of my fanasies with
another man and had to figure out how I was going to do this without anybody I new
finding out.
So on friday afternoon I went to fredrick's of hollywood and found a really sexy mini
skirt that kinda looked like shorts on me, And a very sexy fishnet stocking that was
crochless in black.
After that I went and had a brizillian bikini wax! Wow was that nice, Baby soft every
where but just above my cock! Where she left just a little triangle patch of hair that
she trimmed very short, Afterwards she gave me a mirror so I could see my asshole
which was hairless and turned me on! After leaving there I went to my favorite sex
shop and purchased a large suction based dildo and lot's of lube.
Last but not least I stopped at Big 5 and purchased a huge zip up sweatshirt then
headed for home.
Now it was time to shower and douch out my asshole really good, While I fingered
it, Wow it felt good! Then I lubed it up really well and dressed in my new stockings
put on my skirt and put on my new sweatshirt, Then applied plenty of lip gloss put
on my high heels and off I went to the movies.
Once there I payed to get in, Then went theater to theater to find the movie with the
least amount of viewers and slipped down to the lower half of the seats on the right side
and applied more lube to my asshole, Then removed my sweatshirt playing with my nipples
and making my cock hard! I then reached into my bag and got my dildo which I mounted on
the end of the seats in the isle where upon lifting my skirt while on all fours and spreading my
legs, Then my smooth hairless ass checks and feeding the head of my dildo into a well lubed
rectum while all seven men in the audience had an excellent view of me pushing back onto my
rubber man! Taking inch by incredable inch and moaning while playing with my nipples! After
I got about half of it in, I stopped to let my asshole relax around the huge cock entering me
then slowly began pushing back even farther which really made me horny as my nipples were
now rock hard and I started to pull off the dildo then back in as I moaned and fucked my
dildo even further up into me and began really fucking myself, I noticed some of the men
start to move around in the theater to get a better look! Which really turned me on even
more, So I leaned forward allowing the dildo to slip from my ass which made the sound
of a man pulling his cock out of a tight wet pussy.
I then reached around with my bottle of lube inserting the open top into my ass sticking
up in the air, and squeezed the bottle hard and feeling it fill my hole which was another
big turn on! As I wiggled around while pulling it out the sound was as if someone came
inside me pulling out while still hard with a little slosh as the tip of the bottle exited my
hole! I then put the tip at the top of my ass crack and squeezed again moaning as
lube ran down my ass onto my hairless balls I lifted my head from the floor to look
back over my shoulder at my shining ass crack as I pulled open my cheeks and
began finger fucking my warm, excited hole! First two fingers, then three soon I
had four fingers and the palm of my hand fucking in and out of my horny asshole.
I pulled my hand from my hole dripping with lube, I reached back to find my toy
covering it with lube as I pushed back to again take it inside me! This time once
the head was in, I thrust my hips back to take the whole thing as deep as it
would go! When I felt the big balls of the dildo slap against my swollen balls
knowing I had the whole thing deep inside me made me so excited I started
to gyrate my hips which felt so good I came in my hand without lube while
fucking my dildo deep and hard! I just kept cumming as my hand was
full of sperm, I brought it to my mouth swallowing the handfull and
reaching back for another handfull, I again swallowed the puddle
of warm sticky cum from my hand licking and sucking my fingers
for every drop.
There I was with a huge cock in my ass, sperm filled mouth with lips covered
and shimmering with the pearly cum that also covered my chin! It tasted so
good I did'nt want to swallow the last mouthfull as I used my tongue to coat
my intire mouth, I finally had to swallow so to allow myself to breath as I
started to tremble! My dildo was again bringing me to orgasm and when it
came I noticed nothing came from my cock! But the orgasm lasted forever
the only way to stop it was to pull off of the dildo still buryed deep inside
of me.
I was so exhausted I just layed there in the isle legs spread wide open, lube
leaking from my asshole as the huge dildo above me dripped lube onto my
hairless ass! I lay there breathing like I just ran a marathon, head spinning
asshole pulsating.
Then I heard a voice that startled me above my head and rolled over on
my side looked up to see the biggest cock I'd ever seen in my life! The
man it was attached to was'nt bad either! He reached down with one hand
and asked me if I needed a hand? I smiled back at him as I held a hand
a hand out he moved in closer as I took his dick in my, I noticed the
pre-cum leaking from the monster head of this man's cock! I had to
try it and used his legs to help me to my knees at which time I used
the tip of my tongue to remove the semen from his slit as he said
don't stop there sweetheart, I wrapped my lips and tongue around
his still hardening cock and thought to myself, How much bigger
could he get as I continued to suck his cock I could go down half
way on him, But after giving him head for a couple minutes I
could only take the massive head and about two or three inches
at his hardest! I pulled off of him stroking his cock while I took
each of his balls in my mouth, He asked me if he could fuck
me in the ass? I stood up stopping to suck his nipples as his
hands caressed my hip's and ass I spread my legs to allow
him access to my asshole that he finger fucked as I sucked
his nipples! After which he kissed me and started sucking
on my earlobes and neck! OOooHhhhhh! my, I was all his
after that, and asked what position he licked most for anal
sex? All I know is that dildo down there looked great deep
inside you, But you choose.
Okay here I said, As I put one knee in one seat, and one
knee in the one next to it, then leaned over the backrest
he pulled my skirt and fishnets off completely and got
a glimpes of my hairless asshole telling me how nice
it was, then saying how sexy he thought my asshole
was leaking lube as he moved in behind and ran his
massive cock up and down my crack lubing up, then
started to probe for my hole! Once the head was at
my hole, he asked if he should take it slow? Start a
little slow and easy as I've never been fucked by a
man before! You mean to tell me after what I saw
and watched you do for the last half hour, you're
a virgin? Yes I am, so please take me slow I
said seductively over my shoulder sucking on
one of his fingers sence his hands were on my
shoulders! And he reached under me to play with
my rock hard nipples and kissing the back of my
neck! His dickhead still at my entrance I pushed
back firm and hard! Without any problem the big
head of his cock was inside me! At first I thought
my god he's huge as my asshole streched so
much it was burning as I let out a loud moan he
asked me if I was okay? Yes but please hold it
there until I can relax around your baseball bat
he gave a little giggle and I almost came right
then as his cockhead bobbed up and down inside
of me, I gasped and asked him to squeeze my nipples
which he did before raising me up and again sucked on
my ears and kissed my neck! I LOVE THAT! I said as I
pushed back onto his huge cock moaning uncontrolably
and starting to pant and breath really hard while he and
I really started to fuck eachother! The feeling of that
huge hard dick in my asshole! Was the best thing I've
ever felt in my life! Then he shout's out where do you
want me to cum? Inside of me where else baby! And
here it came and came and came! Flooding my ass
with a huge, hot, thick, sticky sperm load! I asked
him not to stop fucking me until I could'nt feel any
more sperm being pumped inside of me! Then I
asked that he not pull out of me! I really enjoyed
feeling his warm thick sperm deep inside of me.

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He just stayed there holding me by the waist!
After about ten minutes he asked if he could pull
out of me? I said yes but stay right there! As I
lifted my left leg and spun around sitting in the
seat right in front of him! I took him into my
mouth, sucking and licking his crotch completely
clean as the taste of his sperm and my asshole
was fantastic!
Needless to say the other six men wanted to
know if I was interested in anymore sex or
giving anymore head! I looked over at my new
6'4" 310 pound black boyfriend with an 11" huge
cock, and asked him what he thought sinse he's
the one that started it! He said it was up to me so
I told them I'd suck thier cock's and swallow until
I was full! The rest could jack off in the crack of
my ass, so I could enjoy it later.
They all agreed and I was in the mood to suck
The fat guy at the end was the best tasting and
I think he appreciated the most! I really wanted
him to fuck me! But I set the rules? Yeah! right
I had him fallow me and jess home and fucked
them both for the rest of the weekend! I'm all
the way hooked! on service of men, I LOVE TO
What can I say! I'm a butt slut!!

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