Boarding House Chapter 3


It was three in the afternoon before Sabrina finally was able to get back to her room. The last person Morgan had rented a room to had taken his own sweet time arriving at the house, and Sabrina felt like strangling the guy by the time he finally did arrive. If he’d been another woman, she probably would have done so. Or at least she’d have been less than professional when giving the tour of the house.
Before Carol had arrived, Sabrina only had to worry about casting the lactation spell on four women. Carol had caused the number to increase, thus making things a little more difficult since the spell had to be cast once for each individual rather than just once for everyone in the household. Not that it couldn’t be done that way, of course. The problem with casting it on the household, as the book had warned, was that houses typically didn’t lactate themselves. But if cast on a house it would do so for a week, which would be hard to explain and even more difficult to hide from everyone else inside. Then there was the other problem of the spell’s duration. Normally only about four hours to a day, though the book said sometimes it would last for upwards of four days, when cast on an individual. But while the house itself would only produce milk for a week, any woman who walked into the house over the next year would start lactating and wouldn’t stop for a month or two. Had their last tenant been female, Sabrina would have snapped just from having to find a way to cast the spell on six women. Worse, they had to be awake when she cast it and know she was in the room.
“Do you know whose down in the kitchen at this very moment?” Salem asked as he hopped up on the bed.
“Our new tenants,” came the huffy reply.

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   Sabrina didn’t really need Salem’s stupid guessing games at the moment. “I left Libby and Carol with what’s his name so they could get to know each other. And Libby didn’t look thrilled with the idea of sharing the house with a geek. ”
“Geek, yes. But a famous geek. Sabrina, that’s Greg Flengen!”
“Yeah, I believe that’s what he said his name was,” the young witch replied, paying the cat very little attention.
“Mortal realm to Sabrina, you’re new tenant is host of ‘Ghosts Today!’ You know, one of those shows where their out to either find ghosts or prove a place isn’t haunted. ”
Sabrina’s head snapped around, her eyes nearly bulging out of their sockets. It had been bad enough in high school to hide the fact that she was a witch, especially in her senior year when Brad had first returned to West Bridge and still had his witch hunting gene. But then when she’d gone of to college and had been roommates with Miles things had become worse since he was trying to prove the existence of UFOs and such. But Greg Flengen was renowned as a local ghost hunter, and he’d probably be able to find witches as well. Now she wished she had throttled him when he arrived.
“Salem, this is just great! How am I going to cast the lactation spell on five women with a ghost hunter in the house. And for that matter, what do you think he’s going to do at the end of this month?”
“Yeah, he’s going to think he found the other end of the rainbow with all the ghosts and goblins that are bound to come through the portal,” Salem chuckled, putting on a really bad Irish accent.
“This is serious, cat!” Sabrina retorted, flicking her finger in his general direction and sending him flying off the bed.

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   She then proceeded to conjure a breast pump. “It’s easy to cast this spell on myself in here because I’ve got my door closed and am by myself. But I’m sure he’ll get a little suspicious if I call all the women in this house into my room. Not to mention having us running around producing breast milk when none of us are pregnant or have babies. ”
“He’s not here all the time, Sabrina, so just cast the spell when he’s gone. Plus he’s never seen Roxie and Morgan, so he has no clue whether or not their already lactating. Besides, I heard him telling Libby and Carol he’d be leaving tomorrow and would be gone for a week.
Sabrina smiled as she turned back to her spell book. Having Greg in the house would make things a little more difficult, but at least she knew she could cast the spell on the others once he left. Nodding to herself as she began thinking of ways to cast the spell on the others, she stepped back from the book and pointed her finger at herself, reciting the words in the book.
“I know these breasts would like to rest, but I need milk so make it quick. ”
Sparkles shot from the end of her finger, striking her in the chest. She felt her breast tingle for a moment then the tingling subsided. Looking down, she expected to find a wet spot on her blouse, but there was nothing. Five minutes ticked by and still nothing was happening.

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   Had she cast the spell right? Was she supposed to have taken off her shirt and bra?
She started back towards the book when she began to feel her breast begin to swell. By the time she looked down it was clear they were already a size or two too big for the bra she wearing and still growing. She had to get out of the bra before it became any more uncomfortable. She tore at the buttons on her blouse so she could get it off, not able to think clear enough to even come up with the thought of zapping both it and the bra away. As she did so, she could feel pressure building up inside her chest, feel her nipples becoming rock hard and sore from rubbing against the increasingly too small bra.
Finally getting the blouse off herself, she ripped at the clasp of her front hooking bra, tearing the damn thing right off herself. And just in time too for as soon as it fell away her nipples began squirting out milk.
“Thar she blows!” Salem cheered, having jumped up onto her desk to see if she had indeed cast the spell right. He was right in the way of the stream of breast milk and quickly found himself covered.
Without the constraint of her bra and with the pressure having backed off a bit from what it was originally, Sabrina’s breasts stopped squirting like crazy. But her breast still felt awfully full, as if they needed someone to suckle them to ease the pain their fullness was causing her. Sabrina reached up and squeezed both her nipples, causing a second wave to spray over the black cat. And also causing her loins to begin stirring. Picking up the pump, she stuck it over her nipples and began pumping out breast milk, which caused her pussy to start getting nice and wet.
“Salem, this is incredible.

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   I’m getting so fucking horny just from having my tits pumped. ” This time she had the presence of mind to actually zap away her clothing rather than struggle with it. With the rest of it gone, she dipped a couple fingers into her snatch and brought them out for the cat to see just how wet she was. She sucked them clean before returning to playing with herself. “Wow, if I’d known lactating makes a girl this fucking horny, I’d have had Harvey knock me up years ago. ”
“Well young lady,” Salem said in his best professor like voice, once he’d cleaned himself up, “it says right here that the only known side effect of this spell when cast on an individual is that it makes her extremely horny until she stops lactating. While lactating might make some women horny naturally, what’s happening to you is a magical side effect. ”
Sabrina didn’t care at the moment, all she knew was that she needed some relief and she needed it fast. She quickly zapped open her bottom dresser drawer and summoned her chrome vibrator. It zipped across the room, landing in her free hand. Normally Sabrina would have started by rubbing it across her nipples, but as they were already occupied by the breast pump she decided it was time to go straight for her pussy.
Flicking it on, she ran the vibrator along her pussy lips, moaning as the vibrations sent tingles up her spine. She kept running it along her slit, teasing herself to increase the pleasure she was feeling. As she ran it up to her clit, Sabrina gasped in surprise. Normally it would take several long minutes before she was aroused enough for her little clit to come out of it’s hood.

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   But already it was out, and even more sensitive than she was used to. At the very moment the vibrator touched her button she had a mini orgasm, something she had never experienced this soon before.
Somewhat lost in the moment, she held the sex toy to her clit, the vibrations causing her to pass through a steady stream of mini orgasms. They were like a string of firecrackers, as one began dieing away she was hit by another. The feeling was incredible, almost as good as what she’d felt giving Libby her first orgasm. She wanted to scream, but nothing would come out of her mouth.
Finally after a few minutes of this she slipped the vibrator back down and began pushing it past her lips. Sabrina was so wet by this time that it was like sliding a hot knife through butter. Before she knew it, her fingers were resting against her lips, the thumb brushing across her clit. Grunting, she pulled it out until the tip just barely parted her lips then pushed it back in. Out, in, in, out, getting a nice rhythm going as she fucked herself. Each time she pushed the vibrator in, she made certain to rub her clit with the pad of her thumb at the end of the each stroke before pulling back out.
“That’s it girl, work that thing!” Salem cheered. For the millionth time he wished the council hadn’t turned him into a cat. At least when he was human he could have jerked off to the show the young witch was giving him, and maybe screwed her senseless if she’d let him.

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Panting, Sabrina started shoving the sex toy in harder, feeling her orgasm welling up inside. Her body was slick with perspiration, but she wanted more. She started angling the little chrome shaft around until she had it rubbing against her g-spot. That was all it took for the wave to slam into her. Sabrina screamed out in primal lust as her orgasms took control of her. She shook uncontrollably, feeling as if she’d never stop cumming. Her pussy walls were contracting around the vibrator, trying to milk it as if it were a real cock. She could feel her juices escaping around the battery operated invader, flow down her thighs and puddling on the floor under her ass. But she was too far gone to care, she just let go of the vibrator and started squeezing her tits.
She took of the breast pump so as to get a better grip on her nipples. Tugging at them, she squirted milk across the room as the vibrator slowly worked it’s way out of her tender pussy. She then bent her head forward, holding the left tit up so she could lick the nipple. Before that could happen, her fingers squeezed the nipple, shooting her in the face with her own milk.
Licking her lips, Sabrina decided she liked the taste and proceed to try and inhale her own nipple. But her breast wasn’t big enough to allow her to do more than lick it, so she settled for the next best thing.

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   Squeezing out a little milk, just enough so that it didn’t squirt but merely covered the nipple, and then lapping it clean. It was only after a few minutes of this that she finally realized her orgasm had stopped and she was feeling a cool breeze on her slit.
Getting unsteadily to her feet, Sabrina looked around at the mess she made. Her breast still felt full of milk, but at least she wasn’t as horny anymore and she didn’t feel like she needed to be milked. Her mind was clear enough that she could think up a spell to clean up first the room then herself. Once that was done she cast another spell so as to clothe herself, this time wearing a bra for women who were lactating.
“Wow, that spell’s really something else,” she announced, feeling a little flushed and sore from fucking herself so hard.
“I’ll say,” Salem panted, clearly worked up by what he’d just seen.
“Ah, poor kitty have blue balls?” Sabrina teased.
“Not for much longer,” Salem said, an idea coming to mind. He hopped from Sabrina’s desk to the open window, heading for the oak tree outside it. “Mrs. Arnold, you’re little Fluffy is going to have a good time tonight. ”
“Salem, you stay away from Fluffy, she’s a prize winning Persian!” But it was too late, the black cat was already on his way down the tree.
Libby prattled on and on about her life since leaving West Bridge as she moved about her new room.

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   Occasionally she’d stop after saying something that she now realized might offended Sabrina and cast a nervous glance at the young witch before offering a quick apology. Then she’d rush headlong into what she’d been saying again as if nothing had happened.
Although Libby had already put her clothes and valuables away earlier in the day, there was still things she had to do to the room to make it feel like home to her. When Sabrina had arrived in the kitchen shortly after her masturbation session, Libby had announced she needed to return to her room to finish unpacking and had given Sabrina an almost unnoticeable nod of the head as she left, blushing ever so slightly. Sabrina had given her fifteen minutes head start before following. Even with Greg still in the house, she couldn’t contain her desire to see Libby’s tits dripping milk. Maybe it was a sense of revenge for all those years of torment, or maybe she was still horny. It didn’t really matter to her. And besides, Gregg had made the very subtle comment just after Libby left that he figured she had given birth recently and given the baby up for adoption.
Carol had tried pointing out to him that Libby might either be really well endowed through genetics or had had a little surgery done to enhance her bust line. But the geek countered with the argument that he was getting a certain kind of vide of her, a kind he caught only off someone who was possessed or a woman who had given birth. He claimed that only the best ghost hunters could detect items of a supernatural nature without any equipment. Although there was something about women who had just given birth that felt almost like they were possessed when they weren’t.
Sabrina did have to laugh to herself about what he said, though at the same time it frightened her a little. Although he clearly had no clue what he was talking about, she did have to wonder if he could detect magic in some way and that, coupled with his own preconceived ideas, was why he thought Libby had given birth.

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   If so, it could make him very dangerous to have around. But at least it made him seem less likely to become suspicious of Libby if she suddenly started lactating.

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