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I have always wanted to see my wife, Teresa, fuck some other guy. But I was resigned that this would never happen since she was a virgin when we married and raised a strict Baptist. I approached the subject of her playing strip poker several times in the past 20 years to at least get her naked in front of others but nope she wouldn’t budge. She is a strawberry blonde 5’6 125lbs and a 36C chest. Nice and firm tits. We’ve never had kids and to this day she still has very firm tits. In 1993 she got hired as a rookie police officer in my home town. Over the next 16 years she continued her career as a law enforcement officer. I continued to bring it up from time to time about my fantasy but the answer was always no. We moved away from my hometown 12 years ago and she got on at the local sheriff’s office. 2 months ago we got word that my boyhood friend had died. He had been my wife’s supervisor at the first police dept she worked for. We were reminiscing about things he did and generally just idle chat about him when my wife broke down crying and said, “I have a confession”. To say the least I was taken aback…she blurted out that she had an affair with him during the first year she was on the force. She went on to say it only happened twice and they stopped because she felt so guilty. She went on to say she had been trying to find a way to forget it and it haunted her to this day.

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   I was stunted…. I was also excited…now in my mind I was trying to find a way to get the dirty details. I figured if nothing else I could get a mental image of her fucking him to satisfy my perverted fantasy. She was blubbering about how bad she felt deceiving me and cheating on me and all the rest. Then she opened the door when she said, “please forgive me, I’ll do anything for you if you can just find it in your heart to forgive me!”There it was …the skies opened, the angels sang, and my fantasy was about to come true. I knew  I had to be very careful about how I worded this so I put the best dejected look I could must and looked at her and said, “If you really want to make up for this deception you’ll fulfill my fantasy and let me watch you fuck another guy. ” She stood there stunned for a long moment…then she said, “are you sure that’s what you want? Then you’ll forgive me?”So the next night we were sitting in the living room and she popped up and said, “Who do you want me to fuck”? Ok I was in total shock since A) she doesn’t use that word except when we are fucking and B) she seemed totally committed to this project. I made a list of friends of mine that I thought would give her a good boning. I had about 4 guys on it and she seemed ok with them then she said, “How do those websites work”? Well, let’s find out…, I said. I went online and created a profile for her on Hotmatch. com. Now let the games begin……. Over the course of the next month I monitored the profile and she would discuss the men who emailed her. The pros and cons of the perverts and hunks and what she found attractive and what she found ridiculous. She found one guy that piqued her interest and after exchanging a few emails they arranged to meet for coffee.

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   (Oh yea I agreed she could meet the guys by herself first to gauge whether they made the cut. ) So she met with this guy and unbeknownst to her I made contact with the guy as a precaution to see what he was into. He and I exchanged emails and phone calls and on the day they met he checked in with me after they met and from the tone of his voice he was very excited. He told me they chatted in the McDonalds for 30 minutes then they walked out to his truck where he invited her to chat a while longer in the truck. After getting in the truck he made his move and gave her a kiss…she responded and after a couple of minutes they sat back and she told him she would be in touch. I was tickled that this might be the one. . I was another step closer to my goal. Unfortunately he got a case of the high schools and started texting her almost hourly and it scared her off.  Scratch candidate #1……………. So a week later she found Bruce on the site and he caught her eye and again made a date to meet. I didn’t contact him. . I figure this was a dud just from his looks. She came home and said she was taken by him and he gave her a polite kiss before she left but it was his eyes that she couldn’t get past.

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  . one went left and the other went right…hmmScratch #2Enter Lucky number 3…. It’s been 2 months and I was ready to call it off. She would waver between 4 or 5 guys and not decide on 1. All of a sudden on day she said she was considering this guy named Jon. Jon had a picture of himself sitting on a righteous Harley. My wife is NOT a biker babe she hates them in fact. I own a bike and cannot get her on it. Anyway she decides she wants to meet this guy. I write him and we exchange emails and we hook up on messenger I asked him to let me know what he thinks after they meet and to keep it on the down lo. . he agrees…Well the day arrives (bet you thought I was gonna say cums) and he hits me on the IM and says he was very taken by her. Says he would do anything to get in her pants. My advice was simply “Patience”. She came home and had a twinkle in her eye and said “I think I found HIM!” So I played 20 questions about the meeting and she was just gushing.

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   She was stoked so I led her to the bedroom and we fucked like rabbits talking about how she was gonna let Jon fuck her. 2 days later I get an IM from Jon that he dropped by her office for a short visit and they decided to go for “coffee”. His words. Said they sat in his car in a vacant parking lot and made out for 10 minutes. Said he only kissed her and didn’t try anything just to test the waters. That night I got my eyebrows fucked off all the while hearing about what a gentleman he was and how wet she got kissing him. She was dying to know what he had in those jeans. I told her the best way to find out was to make a date for the 3 of us to get a motel room and do the deed. She agreed. HOLY COW I was gonna get my fantasy fulfilled!Well scheduling got to be a night mare and we couldn’t get the 3 of us together. He had a vacation scheduled and was going to be gone a week and we planned to get it done after the vacation. He IMd me 3 days before he left and said she had texted him and wanted to meet for lunch before he left. I knew about it and was excited to hear what went on afterwards. About 2pm I get a call from Teresa, she was giddy. I asked what was up and she said he met Jon and they went for a drive to a secluded park and started kissing.

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   They got hot and heavy and she would tell me about it tonight. We ended the call on a really high note. . 15 minutes later I get an IM from Jon…Now there is no way I can explain what went on without adding the actual IM thread so here it is:Me: Give me all the detailsJon : Had a really great timeJon : Some kissing to startJon : Things got hot really quickJon : I was gonna work out today so I wore loose shortsJon : I started rubbing her pussy through her pants and she rubbed my cock through my shortsJon : Then she got bold put her hand inside my shorts and started stroking meJon : I asked if it was ok to unzip her pants and she said yesMe: while you were kissing herJon : YesJon : I slipped a finger inside her and pumped it in and out for a few minutes then I licked my fingersJon : She was so wetJon : She pulled my dick out of my shorts and continued to jerk me off, I laid my head back and she leaned over and started giving me a blow job…Jon : I told her I couldn't take it much longer and I couldn't wait to feel my cock inside herJon : She said do you think your car is big enoughJon : And I said I think soJon : She unbuttoned her pants and slid them and her panties offJon : I slid my shorts off and she climbed on top. She rubbed my dick along her pussy lips. My head was spinning then she slipped it inJon : She was so tight. She humped me like she was possessed. I was in heavenJon : After a while I rolled her over and had her lay in the passenger seat on her back, I climbed on top and started fucking her deep. She wrapped her legs around my back as if to pull me inside herJon : It felt so good, I really didn't expect it. I started hammering her while I was kissing her I slid my hands under her blouse and for the first time fell her hard nipples and firm tits!Jon : She kept saying the text messages earlier that morning got her really hot and that she was so worked up she had to have my dick in herJon : She was biting her bottom lip moaning and groaning and then I felt her pussy begin to put a vise grip on my dick…that triggered my orgasm and I emptied my balls deep inside herJon : I hope I haven't overstepped any boundariesMe: no not at allJon : Good because I don't want to do the wrong thingMe: did she enjoy itJon : I think she did… she was screaming for me to fuck her harderJon : It was so spontaneousJon : I pulled out and saw a little river of cum start to seep out of her pussy. I had a box of tissue in my car so I reached over and wiped as much as I could. She leaned over and kissed me deep. I had blue steel in my pants and couldn’t wait for her to get home. At 6pm she came in from work and was just glowing. I waited to hear about the meeting and she grabs me by the hand and we ran into the bedroom.

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   Foreplay no need she was soaking wet and I plowed right in. All the while I am pounding her pussy she is telling me about how they were kissing and she grabbed his dick and stroked it while he fingered her and how big the head of his dick was and then she starts telling me how she climbed on top of him and sank him into her all of a sudden she came on my dick and triggers my balls and I came deep inside her. Well for the next hour she tells me ALL the details just as Jon related in the IMs. They had been texting all morning the day they met for lunch and she was so worked up she had to meet him again. She said the minute she got in the car she wanted to fuck him and the heat of the moment carried her to do whatever it took to scratch that itch and she justified it that I had told her she could do whatever she wanted as long as she came home and told me about it. After he rolled off her she looked down to see his cum puddling on his leather seat. He pulled out a box of Kleenex and started cleaning her up. She said she felt so sexy. When Jon came back from his vacation she came home and told me he was back and wanted to hook up but this time she wanted a bed for more room. We arranged to meet on Sunday afternoon. Jon arrived and I stood up and shook hands with him. I remember thinking this hand would soon be feeling every part of Teresa’s body. I felt my dick get hard. We were all just standing there next to this big king sized bed and the silence was deafening. I broke the silence and said.

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  . . ”Enjoy” and I sat down in a chair next to the bed. Jon moved toward Teresa and they embraced and started kissing deeply. They were making out like a couple in a romantic movie. Standing there hands moving slowly and gently about each other. Jon’s right hand snaked slowly up her right side til it came in contact with her left breast. He cupped it and I could see Teresa melt. He massaged her tit for a few moments and circled her nipple thru her blouse. He dropped his hand to her waist and began to move her blouse up as he did Teresa helped him remove it and all the mystery of what her breasts looked like was revealed. Jon moved his lips down to one nipple and almost in a worshipping fashion began making love to her tits. First one and then the other. Teresa let her head fall back a bit enthralled in the sensation. Jon moved back to feast on her lips and began to work her waistband on her sweats. He slipped his hand inside and maneuvered his fingers into her pussy while keeping her mouth covered with his.

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   Finally the kiss broke and he knelt down and lowered her sweatpants down and off. He kissed her mound thru her black bikini panties while reaching to pull them off. Now my wife stood there completely naked in front of me and Jon. He stood up and moved her one step back her knees bent and she laid down on the bed with her legs hanging off the side. Jon parted her legs and began to kiss from her left knee up to her thigh and rubbing the outside of her legs. When he reached her pussy his tongue took over and he began to eat like a starving man. For the next 30 minutes Jon used his tongue like a small dick. He tongue fucked her pussy and asshole like a man possessed. Teresa laid there with her eyes closed and her hands on the back of his head urging him on the do more. He inserted a finger inside her pussy as he nursed her clit bringing Teresa to her first orgasm. Jon held on and continued his oral assault on her. She was riding the wave of her cum when I noticed he had 3 fingers in her sawing back and forth at high speed and her clit was now engorged to the point that it stuck out begging to be sucked on more and Jon didn’t disappoint. He continued to lick and such her pussy for some time until I heard her whisper, “Please fuck me”. He moved his hand down to the button on his jeans and stood up to take off his pants and shirt. There was the tool that soon would be fucking my wife while I watched.

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   It was at full mast and at least 9” cut and thick as a baby’s arm. Jon kissed his way up her body till he found her mouth and kissed her as lovers kiss. I could see the glistening of her juices on his face as she kissed and licked his face off. I glanced down and saw his dick just an inch from the entrance of her enflamed pussy. Teresa took her left hand and caressed his cock stroking it slowly to get a feel for it. Then she began to rub it up and down her slit to smear her juices on the head. It was such a rush to see her wedding ring moving up and down on this huge dick. He slowly moved forward and as it touched her pussy she moved her hand and Jon sank his dick in her to the hilt. He stopped for a moment to let her get used to this baseball bat sized dick being hidden in her. He was kissing her and his hand was caressing her tit again. He leaned down and began to suck her tits and his hips began to piston in and out of my wife. All this time I am sitting there with my dick in my hand hoping not to cum before I can fuck her. He really took his time stroking in and out of her and she was moaning and fucking him back. For the next 15 minutes they worked like a well oil machine fucking like minks in the missionary position. Jon stopped and turned her over and took her doggie…Teresa loves doggie and I could see that fat dick pounding her pussy and her slamming back to try and get him deeper…both of them were moaning and the sound of them fucking had my dick as hard as I can ever remember.

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   They fucked in several positions and I knew from the sounds Teresa had cum twice already when I heard Jon let out a loud groan and slam deep and hold her hips as he emptied his huge balls deep inside my wife’s pussy.