My Wife Fucks a Black Man in the Community Pool


“Go ahead and take the car, I’ll walk home when I’m finished. ” I shouted to my husband as he walked out of the gym, wanting to get in a few more miles on the tread mill. Shortly after my husband left a tall handsome black man came into the gym and started running on a tread mill next to mine. He was about 6’5” in great shape with a muscular build, short buzzed dark hair and dark skin.

After jogging for a few minutes the man removed his sweat drenched t-shirt and tossed it on the floor behind him. I did my best to keep my eyes forward, but to no avail. I glanced over and saw his muscular chest and abs glistening as the sweat dripped down his body. As my eyes moved down past his waist I noticed a huge bulge in his loose fitting shorts. It was at stretched more than half way down his thigh and bobbed up and down as he ran.

“Hey there!” he said looking over to catch me staring.

“Um, hi!” I replied blushing red with embarrassment looking up at him.

“I’m just about done on here. Would you like to take a quick swim before the pool closes?” He asked in a friendly tone. I was caught off guard by his offer, but didn’t want to turn down a chance to see more of his gorgeous muscular body.

“Sure, I’d like to cool down before walking home. ” I replied by shutting down my machine to get off as he did the same.

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“Cool, I’ll meet you in there!” he waved disappearing into the men’s locker room. I ran into the women’s locker room and opened my locker only to discover I had left my bathing suit at home. I walked out to the pool to find the man sitting on the edge soaking his legs in the water.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t have a bathing suit to change into. ” I said informing him of the dilemma.

“That’s too bad! Unless you want to go skinny dipping, that is. ” He said in a semi sarcastic tone. My mind started racing with the possibilities of what might happen if I agreed.

“Are you serious?” I asked looking shocked by how forward the man was.

 “I’m down if you are!” he said looking at me his eyes full of excitement.

“There are cameras all over the place, and what if we got caught. ” I reasoned with him, even though deep down I would love to do something so daring.

“Lucky for us I work for maintenance. Be right back. ” He said before walking past me out the door.

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    I paced around the pool wondering what he was up to while I waited for him to return.  “Ok, the doors are locked and all the cameras are turned off!” he said walking back into the pool area.

“Oh wow! Are you serious?” I asked surprised he would do something so bold.

“Yes! I’ll go first!” He replied walking towards the pool. I watched as he dropped his shorts exposing the massive black dick that swung between his legs before jumping into the pool. “Come on in!” He shouted to me as I stood in shock from what I had just seen.

“I don’t know about this?” I said nervously.

“It’s ok; I’ll cover my eyes until you get into the water. ” He said making me a little more comfortable. I quickly removed my shirt and bra then slid my shorts and panties to the floor before jumping into the pool. I swam towards him underwater getting another look at his long black cock before coming to the surface.

“This water feels amazing!” I said enjoying myself as I began to splash around in the cool water.

“Let’s swim a few laps!” the man suggested. I looked over at him briefly before taking off as quickly as I could, making a race out of it.

“Catch me if you can!” I shouted as I swam towards the other end of the pool.

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   Once I reached the end I looked around to see if I had won. Seems it was my lucky night as he was still a few feet behind me. “I won!” I shouted throwing my arms in the air.

“I guess so, but the view from second place was worth it!” he replied with a wink, admitting he stayed behind me to check out my ass while I swam.

“You pervert!” I shouted playfully splashing water at his face.  He laughed and splashed back at me starting a small water fight.  He chased me around the pool as I floated backwards as I splashed him with water. He caught up with me and grabbed my hands. Unable to stand in the deep water he easily pulled me towards him.

As I got closer I instinctively spread my legs and wrapped them around him just above his waist to keep myself from sinking.

“Hello there!” He said staring deep into my eyes before leaning forward to kiss me. I’m not sure what came over me. I knew I should be pushing him away, but kissed him back instead. He wrapped his arms around me holding me tightly as we continued to make out in the deep end of the pool.  I felt the shaft of his dick slid up between my ass cheeks as I slid further down onto his waist.

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   I clenched my ass squeezing his thick black cock between my cheeks. He kissed me deeply as he started pumping his dick sliding it back and forth between my ass cheeks. My pussy started to quiver as I felt the shaft of his thick black cock slide across my pussy.

“No, stop!” I said pulling away from him. I started to come to my senses as I realized what we were doing.

“What’s wrong?” he asked struggling to hold me close keeping his dick buried between my thighs.

“I can’t do this! I’m married!” I replied trying to convince myself to do the right thing. I broke from his grip and swam backwards toward the shallow end until my feet could touch the ground.

“Sorry, I wouldn’t want you to cheat. I bet your husband keeps you plenty satisfied. ” He replied walking towards me once again.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had a good hard fuck. ” I replied starting to think twice about pulling away from him in the first place.

“That’s a damn shame girl! I’d make sure that pussy was satisfied 24/7!” he boasted confidently.

“Can I ask you something?” I asked timidly.

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“Go ahead. ” He replied swimming towards me.

“I could feel your dick rub against me when we kissed and it felt huge! How big is it?” I asked nervously not knowing how he would react.

“Eleven inches when I’m hard. ” He replied looking me dead in the eyes, making my pussy tremble.

“Are you serious?” I gasped in surprise wondering how it would feel inside my pussy.

“Go ahead and feel. ” He said guiding my hand down as I wrapped my fingers around the shaft of his cock. My jaw dropped as I slid my hand up and down the shaft of his enormous dick.

“Oh my God! It’s fucking huge!” I gasped looking into his eyes as I continued stroking his massive dick.

“Is it the biggest you’ve ever held?” He asked laughing to himself.

“Yes, by far! You’re more than twice the size of my husband. ” I confessed still sliding my hand up and down the shaft of his dick.

“He’s that small? No wonder he can’t keep you satisfied. ” He said shaking his head.

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“I bet you can make a girl cum really hard with this thick black cock. ” I said coyly gazing into his eyes.

“You know it! I’d make you cum all night long!” he replied with confidence making me quiver from head to toe.

“I want you inside me!” I moaned turned on by the feeling of his massive dick in my hand.

“But what about your husband?” he asked as he started fucking my hand with his thick black cock.

“Forget about him. I want to know what a real dick feels like. ” I replied staring into his eyes stroking his dick faster and faster.

“You poor girl!” he smirked.

“Fuck me right here!” I begged pressing my body against his squeezing his dick in my hand.

“I’ll show you how it feels to get fucked by a real man!” He said as he wrapped his arms around me to pick me up.  I wrapped my legs around his waist as he walked carrying me toward the corner in the shallow end of the pool until my back was against the wall. The man leaned in kissing me deeply once again as he guided the head of his dick into my pussy. He held me by the hips as he slid his big black dick into my pussy for the first time.

“Oh fuck!” I screamed as I felt his massive cock fill every inch of my pussy.

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   I grabbed the ridge of the pool with both hands as he started fucking like I’ve never been fucked before.

“How do you like that dick?” The man asked staring deep into my eyes as he pumped his dick deep into  my tight pussy.

“I love your big black dick! I’m going to cum!” I shouted at the top of my lungs as I felt his massive hard dick plunging in and out of my pussy fucking me deeper and deeper with each stroke. I started to cum as I felt his cock filling parts of my pussy that have never been touched by a dick before. I worked my hips up and down on his huge black dick meeting his strokes as he continued pounding my pussy. His big black dick made me cum harder than I ever have in my life.

“Cum on my dick!” he moaned plunging deeper and harder into my pussy. He buried every inch of his massive black dick inside my pussy rolling me into a second orgasm more intense than the first.

Just as my second orgasm faded I wrapped my arms around his neck as we kissed passionately once again.

He walked us over and sat down on the pool stairs with me still sitting on his dick just below the water line.

“Ride my dick until I cum. ’ He demanded smacking my ass before squeezing my tits with both hands. I positioned myself placing my knees on the step where he sat. I leaned forward placing my hands on the step behind him as I started working my hips up and down the shaft of his dick. My big wet tits bounced up and down brushing against his face as I slid my pussy up and down his big black dick.

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“You dick is so fucking hard!” I moaned as I rode his massive cock. I sat all the way down on him taking every inch of his huge dick deep into my pussy as I leaned down to kiss him. I stared working my hips up and down only an inch or two as fast as I could, while sucking on his tongue.

“Oh fuck that pussy feels so good!” He moaned as I continued jetting his dick in and out of my pussy. His dick grew harder and began throbbing while I rode his dick faster and faster.

“Cum!” I demanded looking him in the eyes as I felt his dick throbbing harder and harder inside my pussy driving me closer to the edge.

“Oh fuck! I’m gonna explode!” He shouted as he grabbed me by the hips forcing me all the way down on his dick. His big black dick erupted deep inside me flooding my pussy with cum. The feeling of his hard throbbing dick filling my pussy with his thick cum drove me over the edge.

“Oh god yes!” I screamed as I started to cum for a third time. I pumped my hips up and down as fast as I could burying his throbbing hard dick deep in my pussy. He grabbed my hips once again holding me down on his cock forcing every inch of his massive black dick into my tight pussy as he continued filling my pussy with cum.  

“I’m gonna pump every drop of cum into your pussy!” He moaned as he kept every inch of his huge black cock buried inside my pussy. I felt his thick shaft throbbing inside my pussy as my orgasm raged on until he pumped the rest of his load into me, flooding my pussy with cum.

“Oh my god! That was incredible!” I sighed looking into his eyes with his dick still deep inside my pussy.

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“What is your husband going to think about another man flooding your pussy with cum?” He asked smiling up at me. A wave of guilt washed over me as I realized what I had done. I panicked at the thought of my husband finding out I had cheated on him with another man. What worried me even more is that I let him cum inside me. I stood letting his dick slide from my pussy before sitting down on the step next to him.

“Oh god! What have I done?” I sighed holding my head in my hands.

“There’s nothing to worry about. I won’t say a word to anyone. ” The man said sitting back and relaxing in the water.

“Nothing to worry about? I just cheated on my husband!” I shouted. I felt guilty about cheating on my husband, but at the same time I enjoyed it too much to feel any regret.

“It didn’t seem to bother you when you were cuming on my dick. ” He said.

“Your dick felt so incredible. When you were inside me I didn’t give a second thought about what my husband would think.

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  ” I admitted.

“I hadn’t cum so hard in a very long time. As guilty as I feel right now I would still do it again. ” I continued my head spinning with mixed emotions.

“Good!” He laughed looking over at me.

“I need to get home. ” I said as I stood before heading for the dressing room. I changed and walked out to the lobby hoping to catch the man before left, but it was too late. As I walked out the front door and down the stairs I heard him calling to me.

“Need a ride home?” He shouted from his car window. I paused for a moment not sure what to do. I was afraid of my husband seeing me with him, but my legs were still shaking from being fucked so hard. I walked to his car and got in deciding to take my chances. The car ride home was awkwardly silent with neither one of us speaking a word to each other.

“My husband has never made me cum so hard.


  ” I confessed looking over at the man as we pulled up to my house. Mixed emotions filled my head knowing our encounter was coming to an end. As I promised myself I’d never again cheat on my husband, I hoped this wouldn’t be the last time I saw him.

“I’m always around, just call maintenance. ” He said with a smile. I grinned back at him as I stepped out of the car. I could feel his cum dripping from my pussy and down my thighs as I walked up the stairs to my house.  As I got to the door I turned to wave goodbye to see he had already pulled away.



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