Radha Life after marriage – Part II (VJ now in UK ha..ha, I am alone at home)


After dropping VJ and after the wonderful ride back home from the airport was just the start of an amazing 3 months of my life. The next morning VJ called me just to inform that he had reached UK and the flight was on time and gave me his local number and hotel details.


It was now 15 days since VJ left for UK, we were regular on Google chat. It was now 12 mid night and VJ came online we talked for some time. Off the blue he made a strange request something that I never expected, “Radha talk off ur blouse” I was like “what …”,


VJ: “Yaa, take off ur blouse…, but slowly. . ”


I slowly dropped my pallu and unhooked the blouse and removed it. I was wearing a black bra.


VJ: “Play with them…”


I started paying with my breasts.   Suddenly a popup on the laptop


VJ: “Click the Accept button on the popup”


I did so and continued paying with, it went of for some time but now I was completely naked in front of the web cam playing with myself. When suddenly I notice a third person on the participants list, I did not recognize the name.   VJ had invited someone over to this and was happily showing of his wife to him. I now didn’t care I had totally become a slut. I told VJ do you want to see something more interesting….


VJ: “What …”


I : “One sec. .

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  ”  I took my cell phone and made a call and in 10 min there was a knock at my door. Totally naked I went and opened the door it was Sanjay. I brought him right in front of the web cam. .

I:”VJ how about some real action, want to watch, let me move the laptop to facing the bed. . ” so saying I turned the laptop to face the be. Sanjay was already on the bed waiting for me.


I went to him pushed him climbed on to the bed, he was wearing a lungi so it was easy for me just opened it and released his weapon out. It was in full form


I: “VJ want do you want me to do to ur bro. . ”


VJ: “Suck it. . suck it hard…”


I took Sanjay in my hand licked it on the base and slowly moved my tongue up his shaft. He was not circumcised so I pulled the skin down exposing his pink part.


   Started liking it like an ice-cream on a stick, once in a while putting my toung in the small slit… Sanjay’s body was, how do I discribe like some current was passing through him. . I don’t think he had ever experienced some thing like this before.


I now climbed over him, we were now in 69 position. Sanjay was now eating me, ohhhh he was really good, I would say has good experience I was enjoying his tongue exploring me. Sanjays cock was standing upright staring at my face seeking attention. I want to feel it all over my face and in my mouth. First I bury my face in his smooth balls licking and running my tongue all over them then gently sucking them into my hot mouth as I stroke that beautiful hard cock. It's looks so delicious with the big round head oozing pre cum already. I must taste it so I run my tongue up the back of the shaft to the tip of the head then grasping the shaft I rub the pre cum covered head all over my lips licking up his juices as his moans of approval get louder.


I purse my lips to make a tight entrance for his steel rod to penetrate. As my lips touch the tip I feel hands on my head. His hips buck and his hands shove my head down hard impaling my hot wet mouth with his rock hard cock making me moan in delight. He's in a frenzy fucking my face as hard as he can and I'm loving it so much. I want him to use me however he likes.

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   I'm his personal whore.


I could now see through the corner of my eyes both my audiences had started paying with their dicks.


Sanjay ‘s tongue stopped, he was in a different world with his dick in my mouth . I caress and massage his balls and suck like crazy as he thrusts his hard cock in and out of my mouth. Every stroke so deep he's hitting the back of my throat as I swirl my tongue all over that delicious cock. I push down even harder deep throating all the way.


Moving from his balls to his tight virgin ass I start playing with his unexplored territory. His moaning gets louder.   While stroking his shaft I tease that big head flicking the tip of my tongue in his slit as I gently insert one lubed finger into his tight clenching ass. I easily find his prostate already swollen and throbbing and massage his special spot making him let out a deep groan. I go after his cock and balls frantically giving them everything my hands and mouth have to offer. The room is filled with the sounds of raw sex, heavy breathing with moans of escastcy. I feel his tongue in me again and the violent thrusting into my mouth begins as I fuck his virgin ass so nicely. I feel his body stiffen and his cock is twitching in my throat. I pushes my mouth down on his big cock hard and deep as it will go and sends a huge blast of hot cum down my throat and filling my mouth.

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   Spasm after spasm his sexy ass cumming on my finger and his cock dumping load after load in my mouth. I love his sweet cum and suck every drop milking his cock in my mouth while squeezing his balls dry. As his orgasm subsides I bask in the after glow of knowing I've just given him his biggest, strongest orgasm ever. He is spent and completely relaxed now so I crawl into bed and hold and kiss my sexy hot man appreciating everything he has just given me. We fell a sleep, not sure when VJ and the other guy logged off or when did the laptop go in to standby mode. It was a wonderful night.