Cyber Session with Leah

Cyber Sex

Note: The following story is a work of fiction.

Jeff Walker parked his car outside the front of his daughter, Hilary's, school. He tapped his hands on the steering wheel as he patiently waited. It was 3:02 P. M. and the afternoon sun was bearing down heavily through his car windows and the air conditioning was damaged so he decided to get out and get some cool fresh air.

Another car was parked beside his and the driver had vacated it, locking the doors. Jeff thought, whoever they are, they must be searching for their kid(s) on the campus.

After three minutes of waiting outside his car, a young girl came out from the school and walked straight to the car Jeff was parked next to. She tried opening the door on the passenger side and couldn't get it open; the door was locked. Dropping her school bag, she stomped her feet and said, "Ooh!!" in frustration. She turned and leaned against the door, just like Jeff was doing, her back to him.

Jeff said, "Hey. How's it going?" The girl turned around and gave him an inquisitive stare and said, "Hey. Nothing. .

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  . Just waiting for my dad. " She went back to looking straight ahead. Jeff said, "He locked you out, huh? Don't worry. He should be back soon once he finds out that you're not on campus anymore. I'm waiting for my daughter. My name is Jeff. What's your name?" She didn't turn to look at him this time as she replied, "Leah. " "Cool name. Like Princess Leia from Star Wars?" Still staring straight ahead, she replied, "No. Like Leah from the Bible, the Book of Genesis. Jacob, the son of Isaac. Leah was his first wife, but he loved his second wife, Rachel, more. "

"Wow," said Jeff. He had never read the Bible and this girl sounded like she had been reading it ever since she popped out of her mother's womb.

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   "So you don't like your name because of the person you were named after?" She shrugged and said, "Leah wasn't such a bad person. She just wasn't wanted like Rachel was. " Jeff told her, "Well, I think you're a really cool person and because of that, your name is an awesome name. People's names become great only because they're great people. " She seemed to be kicking her shoes on the pavement then she turned to look at him and asked, "And you think I'm great?" He said, "Hell yeah! Oops! I said the 'h' word. " He pretended to look shocked. Leah laughed and Jeff thought that was the sweetest laughter he had ever heard. A cool gentle breeze blew at that moment and Leah's long, copper-brown hair blew in the air. She looked like an angel. Both man and girl locked gazes for a brief couple seconds then looked away.

Jeff turned to look at the entrance doors of the school and saw that his little girl, Hilary, had spotted him and was heading in his direction. Walking a few yards behind her was Leah's father. Leah turned and saw Jeff smiling as his daughter crossed the distance between the school building and his parked car, and realized that he would be leaving soon, now that his passenger was coming. She turned to face him and said, "Uh mister-I-forgot-your-name, do you want to hang out some time? I don't have a lot of friends, that's why I'm asking. " He replied, "Jeff.

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   That's my name. I don't think it would be right if the both of us hung out alone with each other, but you could hang out with my daughter, Hilary. She's about your age. " "She's five grades behind me! No offense. I need someone like you who's nice to me. I'm a lot older in my head, you know. " "Uh. . . " She quickly took out a pencil and paper from her bag and scribbled something on the paper, then handed it to Jeff.

"What's this?" he asked, noticing that the last three characters were . com. Leah told him, "It's a website where people go to chat. It's very easy to log onto. Just type in your user name and click the log in button.

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  " "Okay. . . " "I'll be on there tonight, 8 o'clock. My sn, which means screen name, by the way, is 'LeahUnwanted. ' I'll be in the Teensters room. " She quickly turned away from him and pretended as if she hadn't been talking to him. Then she turned around as if she'd forgot something and smiled and said, "Oh and see you!" With that, she gave her back to him once again and acted like he wasn't even there.

Hilary got to where her father was parked, and after he gave her the customary hug, they got into his car and drove away. Leah and her father drove out of the school parking lot soon afterward.


8:07 P. M. Walker residence.

Hilary was watching a cartoon show in the living room and Jeff's wife, Helen, was giving him a massage as he sat by the computer in the spare bedroom where they kept stuff like Hilary's old toys, their filing cabinet, books, and certain household things that were too big to fit anywhere else.

Helen kept looking over his shoulder at the computer monitor, watching lines of text flow in the Java-based chat window.

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   She told Jeff, "I just don't understand how people can have so much fun discussing all sorts of weird crap online. Look at that. " She pointed to a line of text that was steadily moving upward due to other text rising up from below. "That guy just told this other guy to go fuck his mother because he was British. Jeff, I don't like places without rules where people are allowed to go out of control and be complete assholes. What's this friend of yours want to talk about anyway?" Jeff said, "He's not a friend of mine. Just someone who's got relationship problems and needs to talk to somebody else about them. I'm sorry, babe, I can't let you watch while this guy confides in me. I need to be honorable about this. " She rolled her eyes and said, "Oh, all right. " Then she kissed him and left him to go and wash the dishes in the kitchen.

Jeff waited for ten seconds after his wife left the room, then he got up and closed the door so that he would be alerted by the sound of the doorknob turning if someone accidentally walked in while he was chatting.

When he seated himself again at the computer, he left the room (chat room) he was currently in - All Ages - and entered the room called Teensters. His screen name was Jeff100. As soon as he entered the room, he got several lines of text addressed to him as welcome greetings from chatters in the room.

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   He responded courteously to all of them. Then, before he could begin scanning the list of screen names of the occupants of the room in the far left corner of the chat window, a message box popped up in the center of the screen. It said that someone was requesting a private chat (p2p) with him and the name of that someone was LeahUnwanted. Jeff clicked the person-to-person button and the message box disappeared to be replaced by a window.

LeahUnwanted: Hi!
Jeff100: Hi! asl?
LeahUnwanted: Ooh. I was thinking you had never done this before. Now you're asking me for my asl? Cool! You're a fast learner.
Jeff100: Thanks. Before I logged on here, I typed "How to chat online" into the Google search engine and struck gold on the first link I was given. It led me to a website that easily teaches dumb people like me about almost everything they need to know about chatting.
LeahUnwanted: You're not dumb! You're nice and smart.
Jeff100: Thanks :)
LeahUnwanted: Yw ;)

Jeff100: Whoa! That was a bit too advanced for me. *chuckles*
LeahUnwanted: Yw means you're welcome and the ;) is a wink. It's good that you learned the smiley, though. That's the first and most important one, as far as I'm concerned.

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   Oh, and if you want to say thanks, just say thnx or do the shorter version, thx.
Jeff100: Wow! Kids these days are so high tech.
LeahUnwanted: 15/f/uso. And its not just kids. Grown-ups also use that short text crap when they're sending text messages on their cell phones.
Jeff100: I prefer to use full text most of the time and damn! You're young.
LeahUnwanted: LOL!! Yeah, like duh, didn't you see me this afternoon?
Jeff100: Yeah, but now that you're actually telling me, it sounds so weird.
LeahUnwanted: You think I'm weird?:(
Jeff100: No. Of course, not!

LeahUnwanted: *pouts and goes to sit in the corner*
Jeff100: Oh, come on. I walk to you and tell you that I'm sorry.

"Holy crap!" Jeff said softly to himself. This was one strict little young bitch. I guess I just have to play by her rules, he thought. He began typing again.

Jeff100: Okay, I'm sorry:)
Jeff100: *gets up and walks over to you and asks you if you want to go over to that nice couch nearby and sit and talk* Is that okay, your highness?
LeahUnwanted: Don't call me highness, you bastard! *says "okay" and walks with you over to the couch and sits down*:)

Jeff spoke to the screen, "What a cunt.

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   A small one, but a cunt, none the less. "

LeahUnwanted: Asl?
Jeff100: 36 m uso
LeahUnwanted: Mmm. I'm younger than you. . .

Jeff wanted to type, "No shit, you little bitch!" but refrained and typed something else.

Jeff100: Yeah. I'm sorry if that worries you. Maybe I should go to the Adults Only room.
LeahUnwanted: Oh, you don't have to do that! Stop trying to piss me off :(

Jeff winced then smiled and thought, this pussy is going to be sweet and sour. What the hell am I turning into here? A child predator, the thought popped into his head. No! I'm not even asking her for her address or phone number. I don't even want to meet her. I'm just. .

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  . having fun. . . yeah, nobody's getting hurt here.

LeahUnwanted: Hello? Did you ditch me?:(
LeahUnwanted: Nobody likes me *pouts and sulks in the couch*:(
Jeff100: *comforts you and thinks you look really cute when you pout*
LeahUnwanted: Really?
Jeff100: Yeah. You're the cutest little girl I've ever seen.
Jeff100: Oops. You're not offended when I call you "little girl" are you? *gets worried*
LeahUnwanted: *stops sulking and brightens up* No. I think it's cute that you called me cute. lol:D

All right, Jeff thought. Time to take the next big step. He typed.

Jeff100: There you go, sunshine. *caresses your pretty face and touches your lovely brown hair to feel its softness* I hope you don't mind this either.

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LeahUnwanted: Mmmmmmmm. No. It feels great. ;)

Green light, Jeff told himself.

Jeff100: You're a really gorgeous little girl, Leah. Would you mind sitting on my lap?
LeahUnwanted: Um. Okay. :)
LeahUnwanted: *hops onto your lap*
Jeff100: That's really good. *pats your butt on his lap and likes its feel*
Jeff100: You've got a nice butt, Leah.
LeahUnwanted: Lol. I know. The boys at school are always checking it out.
Jeff100: Kids your age should be more concerned about their education than stuff like that. I don't blame those boys, though. Your butt is wonderful.


   *squeezes your butt*
LeahUnwanted: Mmmmm. Yeah. *hugs you*
Jeff100: *hugs*
Jeff100: What are you wearing, Leah?
LeahUnwanted: In real life or pretend?
Jeff100: Whichever.
LeahUnwanted: I'm actually in a shirt and shorts.
Jeff100: Good. I'm in a button shirt and long pants. Now that you're sitting on my lap, I was wondering if it would be all right if I touched you in other places. Is that okay?
LeahUnwanted: Er. . . like what other places?
Jeff100: *points to your tummy* What about there?
LeahUnwanted: LOL. Okay. Just be careful; I'm ticklish.
Jeff100: All right. *touches your tummy*

LeahUnwanted: Ooh! I gotta go.

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Jeff100: What? Go where?
Jeff100: ?

Jeff waited for a minute. He opened up a second tab in the web browser and went back to the web page that displayed all the short text definitions. He went down the list that was arranged in alphabetical order. Reaching the b's he saw that brb stood for "be right back", or more properly, "I'll be right back". As soon as he had locked that into his memory, another message box popped up in the center of the screen. Someone with the sn BiancaB wanted to have a private chat with him. Jeff wondered, is it possible for me to have two p2p windows open at the same time? Just one way to find out. He clicked the button to accept the request to p2p.

BiancaB: Hey there!
BiancaB: What you doing?
Jeff100: Oh just hanging around. Asl?
BiancaB: Sounds boring. 23 f canada.
Jeff100: 36 m uso. It's not so boring when there's a lot of delicious young girls to be had. Hehehe. ;)
BiancaB: Ew! You sick freak!
Jeff100: That makes two of us.

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   *wonders what a non-teenager like you is doing in Teensters as well*
BiancaB: I'm actually 16 years old so I'm supposed to be here, unlike you!
Jeff100: Why are you lying about your age?
BiancaB: So I can attract guys. Most of the boys in here only hang out here for fun, but they go to the Adults Only room for cyber so I've got to catch them before they waste their ecum on those mature sluts!
Jeff100: ecum?
BiancaB: Electronic cum! And don't tell me you want me to define cum for you as well!
Jeff100: Thanks for the vocabulary lesson and no thanks; I already know what cum is. I was only confused on the e part:)

Jeff clicked on the minimized window containing his p2p with Leah. He saw that she had returned.

LeahUnwanted: Okay, I'm back.
Jeff100: Welcome back. What took you so long?
LeahUnwanted: I had to brush my teeth:D
Jeff100: Oh. Wonderful set of pearly whites you have there.
LeahUnwanted: Thanks.
Jeff100: It's good you came back when you did. Something almost happened to me.
LeahUnwanted: What?
Jeff100: Eh, some lady wanted to have cyber sex with me or something. She was coming on like a real slut.
LeahUnwanted: Shit!! Who was she? Is she in here?>:(
Jeff100: Relax, dear. I closed p2p with her when she began taking her clothes off.

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LeahUnwanted: SHIT!!! I'll kill herrrr!!!

Time to move in, Jeff thought with a determined look on his face.

Jeff100: *asks you to bounce on his lap to make him forget about that slut*
LeahUnwanted: Fuckin' slut!! *bounces on your lap really hard so you can forget about that stupid bitch*
Jeff100: Yeah, that feels really good. You better bounce fast too. Go fast and furious. That slut tried really hard to get to me, saying all sorts of crap about you too.
LeahUnwanted: Oh she wouldn't dare!! Fucking slut whorrreee!!!
Jeff100: Oh she would.
LeahUnwanted: BITCH!! *bounces fast and furious on your lap* *bounce, bounce, bounce!!!* Forget that shithead, Jeff! Forget herrr!!
Jeff100: Keep bouncing. She's almost completely gone out of my mind. *thinks you're doing really good so far* ;)
LeahUnwanted: *bounces on your lap really really really haarrrrdd until her butt hurts and goes red* Oooh owie! It hurrts!:(

Jeff smiled, almost an evil grin, and said, "She's all mine!"

Jeff100: Okay, sweetie, let me fix that for you. Lie down on the couch.
LeahUnwanted: *lies down on the couch* What you gonna do?
Jeff100: Just look and see. *pulls off your shorts and panties*
LeahUnwanted: ?
Jeff100: *spanks your butt and then spanks it harder*
LeahUnwanted: Oowwiiee!!! You said you were going to fix it! :(*cries*
Jeff100: I am fixing it. Watch.
Jeff100: *softly rubs your butt and kisses it* You like that?
LeahUnwanted: *stops crying* Yeah, I guess.
Jeff100: *puts his hand between your butt cheeks and fingers your ass hole* It's okay if I do this?
LeahUnwanted: Mmmmm.

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   Please do that.

Jeff100: Take off your other clothes until you're naked. I'm going to do the same.
Jeff100: *takes off his shirt and pants until he is naked and sits on the couch*
LeahUnwanted: *takes off her shirt and is naked on the couch since you already took off her shorts and panties*
Jeff100: What do you normally do with your pussy, Leah?
LeahUnwanted: Pussy? Are you talking about my vagina?
Jeff100: Yes, that.
LeahUnwanted: I pee with it when I go to the toilet.
Jeff100: Good. There's also something else that you can do with it. Do you know what that is?
LeahUnwanted: Um. A boy can put his cock inside my vagina?
Jeff100: Correct. You're a smart girl. :)

LeahUnwanted: Thnx
Jeff100: I'm going to put my cock inside your vagina, Leah. Is that all right with you?
LeahUnwanted: Uh. Okay, but you have to go slow because I'm small and you're big. You might hurt me.
Jeff100: Don't worry, Leah.

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   I will not hurt you. I will go slow. You ready?
LeahUnwanted: Yeah
Jeff100: Come sit on my lap again. Put your legs over my arm and rest your back on my other arm.
LeahUnwanted: *sits on your lap and puts her legs over your arm and her back on your other arm*
Jeff100: *slides his cock inside your pussy slowly and gently*
Jeff100: Are you feeling all right?
LeahUnwanted: Yeah, I think so.
Jeff100: How does it feel?
LeahUnwanted: Good.
Jeff100: Well, I'm just going to have to make you feel better than good.

Jeff100: *pumps your pussy with his big cock and tells you that you're beautiful with your naked body resting in his arms while he fucks you*
LeahUnwanted: Mmmmmmmm. You're fucking me!!
Jeff100: Yes, I am. *cradles you in his arms and kisses your tiny tits, then sucks them* Mmm. I can taste some milk inside those nice boobs of yours. Your babies are going to have a lot of milk to drink. Lucky them.
LeahUnwanted: Mmmm. Yeah.

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   I always wanted babies!! Cute little babies!
Jeff100: *sucks your tits* *suck, suck, titty suck, titty suck suck* Am I the first person to suck your titties?
LeahUnwanted: Yep!
Jeff100: I hope your future babies don't mind?
LeahUnwanted: There will be lots of milk for them by the time they're born. Go ahead and suck me dry tonight.
Jeff100: It would be my pleasure. *sucks your tits like a maniac* Mmmm. Lots of milk. Tasty milk! *suck suck suck suck suck milk milk milk suck milk suck milk*
LeahUnwanted: Mmmmm. *pushes her boobs further into your face so you can suck them all you like*:)
Jeff100: You're very kind and generous. I was right when I said you're a great person because you are. This proves it!
LeahUnwanted: Thnx:)

Jeff100: *lays you on your back, on the couch, and gives your pussy more of his cock*
LeahUnwanted: Wow! I'm doing it with a grown up! This is fun!
Jeff100: Glad you like it. Maybe this experience will help you when the time comes for you to really do it with somebody.
LeahUnwanted: I'm sure it will. *looks at what your cock is doing to her pussy* Mmmmmmm. Feels soooo fuckinnngg gooood!!
Jeff100: *shoves his cock harder, back and forth inside your pussy because even though you're small, you're a tough little bitch so you can take it*
LeahUnwanted: Of course, I'm tough! Fuck me harder, Jeff!! Haaarrrdd!!
Jeff100: *gives you what you asked for* *fucks you really hard and harder until you scream because you're a little slut*
LeahUnwanted: Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!! *screams like crazy* I'm your slut, Jeff! Make me your slut, even more!!

Jeff100: *puts two fingers from each hand on either side of your pussy lips and opens them really wide so his cock can slide in and out of your pussy without too much hindrance*
LeahUnwanted: Oooohhh!! Aaaaahhhh!! *feels her pussy hurting because of your BIG FAT COCK!!* Fuck me yeah!!

Jeff100: You know what you should do in order to really be my slut?
LeahUnwanted: Tell me what I should do, please please! *gets on her knees and begs*
Jeff100: Well, you've done the first step already. You're on your knees so that's good. Now all you have to do is suck my dick.

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Jeff100: *stands before you and puts his dick close to your mouth* What you gonna do now, wannabe slut?
LeahUnwanted: Don't call me wannabe slut! I AM a slut! Watch this! *takes your cock and owns it with her mouth* *suck suck cock suck cock suck sucky suckilicious sucker cocker sucky cock sucker sucking suck!!*
Jeff100: *groans with pleasure at what you're doing* Mmmm!! That's it. You really are a slut. A fucking dirty whore slut!!!
LeahUnwanted: Yippeee! *sucks your cock really good and nice and makes you feel good* *suck suck cock sucking cock suck cock suck suck suck*

Jeff100: Now I'm going to eat your pussy. Do you like that idea?
LeahUnwanted: Um. . . I guess. :/
Jeff100: I see you're not so sure. Just lay back into the couch and open your legs for me.
LeahUnwanted: *scared*:(
Jeff100: Don't be scared. I'm not going to eat as in really eat your pussy. That would be mean. I'm going to kiss it and lick it and make it feel good. :)
LeahUnwanted: Oh! Why didn't you say so? LOL!
Jeff100: Haha. Okay, so you ready?
LeahUnwanted: Yup:)
Jeff100: *kneels before you on the couch and tries to eat your pussy but your legs are still closed*??
LeahUnwanted: Oh, sorry :)
LeahUnwanted: *opens legs wide for you*;)
Jeff100: That's a good girl.

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LeahUnwanted: *gets angry* You mean "slut", don't you?! I'm not a good girl; I'm your dirty slut!! Say IT!!!
Jeff100: My bad. . .
LeahUnwanted: *closes legs and doesn't open them until you say it*>:(

Jeff100: You're my dirty slut! Open those legs of yours and let me eat your pussy, NOW!!
LeahUnwanted: Okee! *opens legs* You can eat my pussy now.
Jeff100: *dives his face into your pussy and bites it angrily* Bitch! That's what you get for closing your legs to me!
LeahUnwanted: What?!!!Oowwwwiieeeee!!! That hurts! *screams and cries*
Jeff100: *bites and munches on your soft pussy* I'm going to ruin that cute young pussy of yours!! It won't look so cute when I'm finished with it! >:)
LeahUnwanted: Nnooooooooo!! Ooohh it hurrrttsss!! Ow ow owwwiieeee!!!
Jeff100: *stops biting**spanks your ruined pussy really hard, making it even worse* I hope that reeeally hurts!!
LeahUnwanted: It does!! You're so mean! Owwwieeee!! *cries and is hurting reeeeaaally bad*:(

Jeff100: Okay. You've had enough punishment.
LeahUnwanted: ?
Jeff100: *cuddles with you on the couch and gently strokes your hurting pussy* There there. Don't cry. *kisses your pretty face and tells you that you're a super-gorgeous, cute slut and that your pussy belongs to him because it's got his teeth marks on it* Your pussy is mine, bitch! You hear?
LeahUnwanted: Yup!:)
Jeff100: All right. Never ever say no to me again when I ask you for pussy, tits, or anything like that, okay? *looks sternly at you*
LeahUnwanted: Okay. *looks back at you, afraid*

Jeff100: Now put my hand on your pussy!
LeahUnwanted: *takes your hand and puts it on her pussy*
Jeff100: *shoves his hand into your pussy and pulls it out, then shoves it back inside your pussy really hard and keeps shoving it back and forth inside that tiny cunt of yours* How you like that, slut?
LeahUnwanted: Aaaaahhhhh!! You're hurting me again! *cries* Oowwwieee!!
Jeff100: *closes your mouth with his other hand and continues to hand-fuck your pussy*
LeahUnwanted: !!!!! *can't talk because you've shut her mouth* *muffled cries*
Jeff100: *hand-fucks your pussy for 15 minutes, then puts his cock inside your pussy and fucks you really bad for an hour* Yeah, slutty whore!!
Jeff100: *lets go of your mouth and grabs your tits and ass instead so he can fuck you really hard*

Jeff100: *stops fucking you* You can be quiet now, little slut!
LeahUnwanted: *stops shouting and crying*:(
Jeff100: *kisses you and cuddles you*
Jeff100: Sorry if I hurt you. You're the best slut in the whole wide world!
LeahUnwanted: *bounces up and down on the couch with joy* Yaaayyy!:)
Jeff100: Heheh. Hey, come and bounce on my lap. I like that naked body of yours when it's bouncing on me. :)
LeahUnwanted: Yaayy!! *bounces on your lap* *grinds a little bit on your cock**then bounces on your lap again*lol.

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  This is fun!

Jeff100: Yeah, it is. I have to go now, though.
LeahUnwanted: Awww!:(
Jeff100: We can meet again here, the same time tomorrow night if you want?
LeahUnwanted: Yaaayyy!! Woopeeee!!
Jeff100: Hey, don't pee on me. lol
LeahUnwanted: *pees on you* Oops! My bad. LOL
Jeff100: *wipes the pee off* That's okay.
LeahUnwanted: Lol
Jeff100: Give me a kiss and we will call it a night.
LeahUnwanted: *is sad but gives you a kiss* Mwaa. You like that?
Jeff100: Best kiss ever. *kisses you and squeezes your cute butt*
LeahUnwanted: Lol. Niiice;)

Jeff100: Oh and change your name. You're not unwanted anymore. You're mine and I want you. ;)
LeahUnwanted: Okeee!

She changed her name.

LeahWanted: How about this?
Jeff100: Perfect!
LeahWanted: Lol. :)
Jeff100: Bye for now.

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   See you tomorrow.
LeahWanted: Cooool! Thnx for the chat and see you tomorrow!

Jeff closed the p2p box, logged off the chat application, and closed the web browser.